Bridgerton Beauties: 7 Gorgeous Hairstyles To Try At Home


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    Dearest readers, with the second half of Bridgerton Series 3 now on our screens, Cliphair has been dying to take pen to paper and jot down all of this season’s stunning new hairstyles. Paired with dewy skin and rosy cheeks, these 19th century, regency-inspired hairdos are perfect to replicate for weddings, graduations, parties and more, from sultry curls, high chignons and romantic half-up half-down hairdos to endless feathers, tiaras, jewels and other lavish accessories stealing the spotlight. But more importantly, which Bridgerton hairstyle are you? Stay tuned as we explore 7 gorgeous Bridgerton hair looks that you can try at home with our hair extensions.

    7 Bridgerton Hairstyles To Try At Home

    Penelope Featherington

    We have to start with this season’s star, Penelope Featherington, the endearing wallflower with a heart bursting with secrets. By now, it shouldn’t be a spoiler that she is in fact Lady Whistledown herself! Known for her fiery, cascading red curls, Penelope has finally been freed from her old ways, from her colour palette to her hair, she now has the courage to express herself fully. Her hair parallels her emotional journey as she becomes more confident, causing her curls to become looser, no longer sitting in a tight, half up half down updo piled on top of her head. Instead, she wears a deep side part, opening up more of her face, and lets more of her locks fall gracefully down her back.

    For Penelope’s look, begin by applying Heat Protection Spray and curl your hair with a medium-barrel curling iron. When curling, divide and pin up each section to ensure flawless, equal curls. Once the curls have cooled, gently brush them with our Wave Comb for a softer look. Gather the top section of your hair and secure it at the back with bobby pins. Adorn the hairstyle with small, delicate flowers or decorative pins to complete the look. Cliphair has a variety of auburn and ginger hair extensions to choose from for our beloved redheads. If you want a temporary transformation, or simply want to test out a new shade, clip in hair extensions are ideal for creating a theatrical look like Penelope’s. A shade not for the faint hearted, we match her with our vibrant and luxurious Flaming Ginger #350

    Eloise Bridgerton

    Eloise, the spirited and sharp-witted Bridgerton sister opts for a more understated yet equally captivating hairstyle that reflect her practical nature and intellectual side. Her shoulder-length hair often sits simply on her shoulders either half pinned back or twisted in an elegant updo with her bangs framing her forehead.

    To emulate this classic Bridgerton hair, begin by parting your hair down the middle. Gather your hair into a low bun at the nape of your neck, securing it with bobby pins. Leave a few strands loose to frame your face, giving the look a soft, romantic touch. For added authenticity, accessorise with a simple ribbon or headband. If you’re unsure of whether to make the chop, our clip in fringe is guaranteed to make you the diamond of the season. This flattering, versatile option can give you either a full fringe, curtain bangs or retro side fringe to completely elevate your look.

    Colour palettes and hairdos were often indicative of one’s lifestyle, personality or social status, and to this day, still are in many ways. Flashforward to now, hair extensions can also reflect the same. Read our blog Which Clip In Hair Extension Are You? for a deeper insight into which clip in extensions from our range are best suited to you!

    Francesca Bridgerton

    Francesca, the serene and composed Bridgerton sister, showcases hairstyles that are the epitome of sophistication. Her hair, often styled in sleek chignons or braided updos, exudes an air of quiet elegance. To recreate Francesca’s look, start by smoothing your hair with a straightener for a sleek finish. Create a low chignon by twisting your hair and securing it at the nape of your neck. Alternatively, braid your hair in a simple plait and wrap it into a bun, securing with bobby pins. Finish the look with a spritz of medium hold hairspray to maintain its sleekness.

    Kate Sharma

    The ravishing Kate Sharma often wears her hair in voluminous waves that cascade down her back, often accompanied by a crown braid. Her hairstyle, both bold and sophisticated, perfectly compliments her regal presence. Use a large-barrel curling iron to create loose, voluminous waves. Once the curls have set, gently brush them out to achieve a more natural look. Part your hair to the side for added drama and elegance. Finish with a light hairspray to ensure the waves hold throughout the day. If you’re planning on choosing our permanent extensions, our Remy Royale Invisible Tape Ins are a dream when it comes to long hair transformations, particularly for special occasions, as they blend seamlessly and are virtually undetectable.

    If you need a little help deciding on what option is best for you, you can read our expert guide: Clip In VS Tape In Hair Extensions: Which Is Better For You?, giving you the confidence you need for everyday elegance.

    Hyacinth Bridgerton

    The youngest Bridgerton, Hyacinth, often has her hair styled in playful ringlets, reflecting her mischievous nature. To recreate Hyacinth's ringlets, use a small-barrel curling iron to create tight curls. Once all the hair is curled, gently separate them with your fingers for a more playful look. Pull back the front sections of your hair and secure them with a ribbon or decorative clip. Add a touch of hairspray to keep the ringlets bouncy and full of life.

    Cressida Cowper

    Cressida Cowper showcases hairstyles that often take on a life of their own. Nothing short of majestic, her elaborate updos, adorned with sparkling accessories, feathers and more, make it known that she always wants to be the centre of attention. To recreate Cressida's iconic updos, begin by curling your hair to add volume and texture. Gather your hair into a high bun, leaving a few curls loose to frame your face. Secure the bun with bobby pins, ensuring it is tight and high. Decorate the updo with embellished hairpins or a tiara for that extra touch of glamour. For Cressida’s cool blonde shade, try our Ice Blonde clip in hair extensions for dramatic volume and length. 

    Daphne Bridgerton

    And of course, how could we forget? Daphne, the original diamond of the series. She embodies the definition of elegance, with a collection of romantic chignons throughout the first season that are the epitome of grace and beauty. Her hairstyles are often feature soft, romantic elements to match her personality and cool, blushed tones. To recreate Daphne’s locks, gather your hair into a low chignon at the nape of your neck, securing it with bobby pins. Leave a few tendrils loose to frame your face for a romantic touch. Complete the look with a delicate hairpiece or floral accessory.


    Each Bridgerton hairstyle offers a glimpse into a character's soul, capturing the essence of their unique personalities and drawing inspiration from their Regency-era charm, all of which simply would not be possible without the volume, thickness and beauty of high quality hair extensions. Whether you're attending a grand ball or enjoying a quiet evening at home catching up on your favourite Netflix show, these hairstyles are sure to make you feel like royalty.

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