Celebrity Hair News

by SHOPIFY API / 6. SEP 2012


    This week everyone has been talking about Celebrity Big Brother… The two flirts in the house, Danica Thrall and Rhian Sugden both have long luscious locks, which can both be recreated with ClipHair clip in hair extensions. Rhian is a classic blonde bombshell with her peroxide long poker straight hair. To recreate her hair, use number #613 hair extensions, in either length 20″ or 22″. Rhian’s style is very eye catching and seductive – you’re bound to turn heads!
    Danica is a more subtle beauty, with slightly dip dyed hair. The roots of her hair are a more caramel blonde, which gradually fades to a more ashy blonde – in an ombre effect. This style can easily be recreated without actually dying your own hair, thanks to ClipHair. Simply use the two different shades and layer them. To get Danica’s style, I would reccommend going for 20″ in #22 (Light ash blonde). These should be played along the lower half of your head. When you reach halfway up your head, you should switch to 18″ in #14 (dark blonde). This will give you the effect of having dip dyed hair, without actually using any harmful dyes or chemicals. This technique can be applied to all colours and is a great way to switch up your look, especially if you get bored easily.
    Cher Lloyd has also been in the press alot recently, after she was the victim of bullies whilst performing on stage at a festival. Some cruel partiers threw bottles of urine and at the pretty songstress, but in Cher’s typical feisty style, she didn’t let it get her down. Cher was spotted a few days later jetting off with her boyfriend to enjoy some quality time in the sun. Cher is a star famous for her ever changing hair styles. She loves to keep up with the current trends, and this means frequent changes in lengths and colours. Clip in hair extensionsare extremely handy for someone like Cher, especially with the recent fashion for shaving sections of the head. If you followed this trend, you may be finding it hard to put up with the regrowth as it stands out against the rest of your head. It would be a good idea in this case to give clip in hair extensions a go, as they can be repositioned as you need them and are great for covering thinner patches of hair!
    Another star who has decided to escape the disappointing British summer, is Hollyoaks Mercedes, Jennifer Metcalfe. Jennifer has been spotted showcasing her stunning beach body, with her hair slicked up into a tight ballerina bun. You may notice that celebrities always seem to have thick and healthy looking buns. This is thanks to ‘hair doughnuts’ which can be picked up in Boots or Superdrug for under five pounds. To recreate this look, you simply need to clip in a few hair extensions (I use roughly half a full head pack) and wrap them around the doughnut. Check out the ClipHair youtube channel for a tutorial on how to recreate this simple look. It’s a lifesaver when you’re in a hurry but still want to look chic and sophisticated.
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