Celebrity of the week : Kim Kardashian Hairstyles & Hair Extensions

by SHOPIFY API / 27. MÄR 2013




    Kim Kardashian has been all over the press recently thanks to the well documented ups and downs of her life, all played out for the world to see on the reality show based around her family – Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kim is arguably the most glamourous member of the Kardashian crew, always looking flawless while she sports a range of fashionable styles. Recently Kim has sparked excitement among the media after announcing her pregnancy with infamous rapper Kanye West.
    Here we take a look at some of Kim’s best looks to date. Which one is your favourite? Would you like to look like Kim? Let us know what you think on our Facebook or Twitter pages – we would love to hear from you

    This sleek and glossy hairstyle is blowdried from root to tip to achieve a simple yet sexy style which suits a variety of face shapes. This look is easy to re-create at home using Cliphair hair extensions – just blow dry your natural hair using a large paddle brush and add in your extensions – straightening them and pulling the hair under as you do so, this creates a healthy bouncy look.


    Kim is a big fan of a sleek ponytail. She uses this look to draw attention to her striking features and to let her fashion choices do the talking, whilst still looking super sexy and stylish. Kim is a big fan of hair extensions and ponytail extensions like the ones stocked at Cliphair. Cliphair’s clip in ponytail extensions are really easy to apply and unlike some ponytail extensions which can look plastic and synthetic, they are made from real human Remy hair, so don’t have any unnatural plastic shine. You can curl them and straighten them to recreate Kim’s look.



    Ever notice how one day Kim has a fringe, the next it’s completely grown out!? Kim has admitted her love for clip on bangs, which she uses to regularly change her hairstyle for photo shoots and nights on the town. Cliphair stocks a product similar to the one used by Kim Kardashian – our clip on fringes are super quick and easy to apply! You can snip them and straighten them as you choose whether you like a full look or a more wispy one!


    Kim loves a sleek bun to show off her gorgeous features. These buns are such an easy and quick look to pull off, check out the tutorial on our YouTube page (click here).
    All you need to recreate this look is a comb, a hairband, grips and a hair doughnut (which can be found in any good beauty store). Simply tie your hair into a tight ponytail and pull it through the doughnut, before twisting your natural hair around the doughnut and securing with grips. Finish off with plenty of hairspray to secure your look and give it shine.

    Our favourite look of all on Kim has to be big bouncy curls. They look seductive and feminine and compliment Kim’s pretty face. Achieve these with your Cliphair extensions by curling them with a large barrelled tong before applying them. Backcomb your own hair at the roots to ensure a voluminous and super sultry look! Finish off with shine spray to stop any frizz and keep your look glistening all day!

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