Change your look for Christmas

by SHOPIFY API / 11. DEZ 2010


    Office parties, family get-togethers, celebrations with friends; Christmas is an action packed time of the year when you always want to look your best.

    For an extra-special look, hair extensions are a popular choice as simply adding a few can transform your appearance and you can easily do this yourself at home. Having hair extensions doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of time and money having them professionally added as temporary clip-in extensions are one of the easiest ways to add volume and length to your hair.

    Clip-in hair extensions are an inexpensive and effective way to change your overall look and add a touch of va-va-voom for the party season. Whether you want your hair to be straight and shiny, long and lustrous or cute and curly, clip-in hair extensions can help you to achieve the look.

    For a dramatic effect you can opt for a full head of hair extensions, which will add volume and length all over. For a more subtle look which you can alter as you wish, look out for smaller sections that can simply be clipped in wherever you need them. Clip-in hair extensions can be bought in different lengths and breadths to suit your individual requirements and there are also several shades to select from.

    If you want the flexibility to alter your hair extensions for different looks, choose clip-in extensions made from human hair. Not only do these type of extensions look most natural, they can also be curled, washed, straightened and dyed to suit your mood.

    When it comes to wearing your clip-in hair extensions, remember to attach them beneath your natural hair so there is no way of telling them apart from your real tresses.

    When adding your hair extensions, follow the contour of your head and clip the extensions in a u-shape all the way around. It is important to get a neat parting as you don’t want any loose hairs to get caught in the extensions as this can be uncomfortable and can loosen the extensions.

    Clip-in extensions are usually just snapped shut after you have positioned them in place. The removal process is easy; simply pull backwards gently on the extension until you hear the clip release.

    Taking good care of your clip-in hair extensions will ensure you can wear them for many more Christmases to come. The extensions can be washed every four to five uses and you can use the same shampoo as you would with your natural hair. Comb your extensions gently with a wide tooth comb before washing so you get rid of any knots or tangles.

    To prevent damage and prolong the life of your hair extensions (, do not brush or comb them when wet and let them air dry after washing if possible.

    It is worth noting that some extensions made from synthetic materials and cannot be washed whereas those made from natural hair can so remember to check what type of extensions you have before opening the shampoo.

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