Cliphair's Essential Hair Accessories For Hair Extensions

by BRENDA L. / 6. FEB 2024

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    Want to know how to achieve the flawless hairstyles of celebrities and influencers? Besides purchasing the perfect hair extensions for the job and the right hair care range to take care of your tresses, the perfect blowout needs the right tools to be crafted.

    That’s right: impeccable hairstyles wouldn’t exist without the right hair accessories. If you’ve just put the hair extensions of your dreams in the cart, don’t forget to add these Cliphair staples to your haul to achieve endless possibilities with your new tresses. Blowouts, plaits, waves, curls, and more; let’s have a look at the essential hair accessories launched by Cliphair! 

    The Wet One by Cliphair

    wet brush

    Let’s start from the shower. You just washed your hair and hair extensions with your Quench The Thirst: Deep Moisture Shampoo, and now you’re slathering a generous amount of conditioner onto your tresses. Time for detangling, am I right? Make sure you do it the right way. This is where your boar bristle brush should NEVER come into play, or you’ll seriously damage your hair and hair extensions alike. To help you make the right choices for your wet hair, we designed The Wet One by Cliphair: a detangling hair brush that gently glides through your strands whether they are wet or dry, whilst being kind to your hair extensions attachments and avoiding frizzy, unruly hair. Its bristles are flexible and rounded, perfect for use on both clip in hair extensions and professionally applied products such as nano ring hair extensions and such. Its design is ergonomic and comfortable in order to reduce any tugging and pulling – and its anti-slip grip ensures stability and precision as you go and get rid of knots and tangles.

    Use on wet or dry hair, starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots.

    Should You Brush Wet Hair?

    Not with the wrong type of brush. But The Wet One by Cliphair is perfectly safe to be used on wet and dry hair alike – matter of fact, it’s designed to gently detangle your hair and you can use it under the shower to evenly distribute conditioner or hair mask on your tresses!

    Can You Use The Wet Brush For Styling?

    If you’re looking to create a bombshell blowout, The Wet One by Cliphair isn’t recommended. Use a round brush instead, or try velcro rollers! You can read more about these products and how to use them in our dedicated blog: Curls For Days: The Ultimate Velcro Rollers Guide.

    The Wave Comb

    wave comb

    The stunning tool that gently opens up your curls and waves, bringing to life the most amazing wavy hairstyles with unmatched bounce and texture. Bye-bye frizz, and hello, gorgeous waves! Whether you’re going for a glamorously bouncy look, vintage-styled Hollywood waves for a special occasion or trendy beach waves, this comb is the ultimate hair accessory that you’ll want to carry with you wherever you go. Coming in a fashionable PU leather, faux-croc style pouch, the Cliphair wave comb has a dreamy marbled design in the classic Cliphair lilac. Its edges are entirely smooth, ensuring a seamless combing process without snagging and pulling. Let it glide through freshly curled or crimped hair to loosen the movement and give life to the most perfect waves you’ve ever worn in your tresses! 

    What Type Of Waves Can I Create With The Wave Comb?

    Any sort of curly or wavy hairdo can benefit from using a wave comb! Even if your hair is naturally wavy, you can take care of knots and tangles once you’ve dried it without damaging the natural pattern of your tresses.

    Alligator Clips

    alligator clips

    Say no more to hair sections that fall out and ruin your hair extensions application! Cliphair’s alligator clips come in sets of 4. Unlike your average sectioning clips, they can hold more hair – allowing you to comfortably keep sections of your tresses away from your face or up on the top of your head, for a seamless application process when it comes to clip in hair extensions. And for stylists and hair extensionists out there, why not use them to fit professional hair extensions on your client in a quicker, easier way?

    With their anti-slip technology and double-hinged mechanism, the Cliphair alligator clips are a true hair styling and extensions essential, and they already are a favourite for salon professionals.

    Are Alligator Clips Bad For Hair?

    No. Alligator clips are a styling essential used by professional hair stylists and hairdressers. They are perfectly safe to use on your hair, and Cliphair’s alligator clips are designed to be kind to both natural hair and Remy hair extensions!

    Pintail Comb

    cliphair pintail comb

    The pintail comb, also known as the rat-tail comb or simply tail comb, is another hair extensions essential. The duo-ended comb has a sturdy and creative design making it less likely to snap when compared to standard rat-tail combs. The pointy end of the comb has just the right amount of sharpness to ensure precise sectioning, helping you create neat partings that will make your clip in hair extensions fitting a breeze. The Cliphair pintail comb’s teeth are super-fine, perfect for an unmatched backcombing job that will help your clip-ins to get maximum grip for long-lasting, secure wear. Get styling with this nifty hair extensions essential, and make the most of your hair extensions! Small, practical, and sturdy, you can carry your pintail comb wherever you go in case you need a quick fix – and don’t worry, it won’t snap on you under pressure. Cliphair-loving hair stylists and hair extensions enthusiasts are already swearing by it – so why not pop it into your cart?

    What’s A Pintail Comb Used For?

    Technically speaking, a pintail comb is used to separate very small sections of hair with high-precision. This includes the application of permanent hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, and braiding. It is also used to create neat partings for more polished looks.


    Now that you know everything about hair accessories, why not explore our collection? Whether you’re after the perfect wave comb to take care of luxurious curls and soft waves or a wet brush that can help you detangle your tresses under the shower, make sure you do it in true Cliphair style – so that your hair and hair extensions are always safe and taken care of.

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