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Versatile Nano Ring & Nano Bond Tip Hair Extensions US

Introducing Cliphair’s REMY ROYALE Nano Ring Hair Extensions Range – our most discreet hair extensions available! With Nano ring hair extensions everyone can enjoy the versatility of pre-bonded hair extensions without worrying about damage. Nano ring extensions are suitable for every hair type, and are undetectable even under the finest hair. Unless you tell someone the secret of your sexy locks they’ll never guess you are wearing nano hair extensions! Cliphair’s REMY ROYALE nano ring hair extensions are probably the best nano ring hair extensions on the market. Find your desired length or colour and order online today!

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Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano Ring Hair Extensions


Cutting Hair, Not Corners from Our Remy Nano Ring Extensions

For our most discreet nano rings hair extensions we wanted to make sure every aspect of the product was top quality. As with other Cliphair products, we only use Remy real human hair where all the cuticles are intact and aligned. This alone means our hair extensions maintain a natural shine and silkiness because all the hair flows in the same direction. For our Nano rings we wanted more, and were not content with just using real Remy hair: All of our nano ring extensions are 100% double drawn Remy human hair to make sure our nano ring extensions maintain the same thickness and lusciousness from the root to the tip. Only the best quality hair is used in our REMY ROYALE range so we know that when you see it, you will just have to buy nano ring hair extensions!

So Small You Might Forget You’re Wearing Nano Bond Hair Extensions

At around 90% smaller than our micro rings, our nano bond hair extensions are much smaller than any other micro-ring system! While our micro ring extensions are suitable for most people, the rings may be too large to hide if you have very thin hair. Micro ring hair extensions can also be difficult to cover if you wear your extensions close to your face. With nano rings, hair extensions are so small they are virtually undetectable. Nano tip hair extensions are not just small, they are also extremely light!

Versatile, Reusable and Damage Free - Nano Bead Human Hair Extensions Tick Every Box

Nano extensions are held together with a keratin bond, just like other pre-bonded professional hair extensions. The nano tips are threaded with a tiny loop, or ring, that attaches to your natural hair. With 50 strands in a pack, weighing at 50g, 1 per nano tip strand your stylist has a lot of choice in creating your new look.

  • Strand by Strand: Nano bead hair extensions are applied in 1g strands, directly to your natural hair, so your stylist can use more creativity in comparison with wefts.
  • Reapply and Reuse: Nano ring human hair extensions can be used for multiple applications. Every 8-12 weeks your hair will need maintenance appointments where your extensions will be reapplied. With the right aftercare products you could use the same extensions for 6 months!
  • No Heat, No Chemicals, And No Damage: While U tip hair extensions require heat to apply, nano bonds are applied and removed using only pliers. Combined with their light weight, nano bead extensions are completely non-damaging.

There really are no downsides – order today and we’ll deliver your Nano ring hair extensions in the US or abroad!

Make Real Remy Nano Ring Extensions Last By Keeping the Keratin Intact

Correct aftercare is important to keep the keratin bond intact in your nano ring extensions. The nano rings are not going to get damaged; it’s the keratin bond and the Remy human hair that you want to keep in top shape. If you do, then it can be re-tipped and reapplied to last you up to 6 months!

  • Protect the Hair Extensions: Sulphates strip the oil and moisture from your real Remy hair, causing fraying, split ends and dry hair. Avoid shampoos that contain sulphates to keep your hair in good condition.
  • Protect the Keratin Bonds: Nano ring extensions give you great flexibility for styling, but keep the straightening iron and curling tongs away from the keratin bonds of your extensions. If the bonds melt you can lose strands of hair, not to mention having a sticky mess on your head!
  • Protect Your Natural Hair: Wear your hair down for at least a week after having extensions applied, and loosely braid or put your hair in a pony at night. This will stop your hair extensions getting pulled, as too much force can damage your natural hair!

As nano tip hair extensions suppliers, Cliphair also has a wide range of aftercare products. We want your hair extensions to last you as long as possible, so check out our store now!

Get the Best Nano Ring Hair Extensions Price in the US with Cliphair!

With such high quality, you might expect our nano ring hair extensions price to be through the roof, but it isn’t! While nano tip hair extensions micro rings come at a higher price than our tape in extensions, you’ll find they compare very well to other suppliers. We wanted our REMY ROYALE range to offer the best nano tip hair extensions in the US, not the most expensive. With a no quibble, refund or exchange policy and free shipping, there’s no reason to avoid buying nano hair extensions in the US! Order right now from Cliphair’s REMY ROYALE range!


What are nano ring hair extensions?

Nano ring hair extensions are an incredibly small type of ring hair extension. The strands are keratin bonded and attached strand by strand to your natural hair by squeezing a small metal ring flat. There are no chemicals and no heat treatments needed!

How long do nano ring hair extensions last?

With proper care, nano ring hair extensions should last you up to 6 months. As your hair grows you will need maintenance appointments roughly every 8-12 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. During these appointments the extensions are reapplied at the roots of your hair.

Can you reuse nano ring hair extensions?

Yes! Nano ring hair extensions can be reused 2-3 times if you take good care of them. Unlike micro rings, the nano tips will need replacing after each application, so make sure your hairdresser knows you want to reuse them.

How often should you wash nano ring hair extensions?

Never wash your nano ring hair extensions daily. This will quickly strip the oils and moisture from the extensions. We recommend about 2-3 times a week is the right amount. After washing, apply aftercare products to keep the extensions shiny and smooth!

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