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Invisible even in the finest of hair, Nano hair extensions make the ultimate technology in hair makeovers - giving maximum performance and results with whatever hairstyle you decide to wear, including ponytails and tricky updos. Read More

Why Choose Cliphair’s Nano Extensions?

Our mission is all about confidence. You know that feeling you get when your hair looks amazing, and you walk out of your house feeling like you own the world? Make it your starting point every day, with an inclusive range of over 60 shades available, in lengths spacing from 16 to 26 inches long: luxury quality, high-end results: it’s a no-brainer that our human hair extensions are a great investment for users, and a popular salon choice.

Save Money By Investing In The Right Hair.

Supreme quality means longevity. Our hair extensions are a long term investment because we carefully select our hair to always be double drawn. This means our hair has the same thickness from root to tip, making it stronger than average hair extensions. Our human hair extensions are 100% Remy-quality, meaning the hair's cuticles are aligned - resulting in shiny, healthy hair, frizz-free and reusable. In other words: superior locks that will last even longer.

Nano Tip Hair Extensions For Length & Volume

If you’re looking to add some inches to your hair, the ultimate technology of nano tip hair extensions allows you to give more length and volume to your tresses in a discreet way.

The nano-beads make the perfect attachment for hair extensions, resulting in a silky finish that is nearly impossible to tell from your natural hair. Because of this, nano hair extensions are practically undetectable, even in the shortest of hair. What if we told you you can turn your pixie haircut into mermaid's hair in just a few hours?

Each pack contains 50 strands of hair, and each strand weighs 1g. For optimal results and blending, we recommend using at least 2 packs to add volume, or 3 to 4 for extra length and volume. Get in touch with us for a consultation, or speak to your hair extensions technician!

Nano Ring Hair Extensions For Volume, According To Your Hair Type.

Your hair type and length play an essential role in choosing how many grams of hair you’ll need to get the look you want. If you've been blessed with thicker hair, we would recommend exploring our Tape-in Hair Extensions or Weaves - as they can be applied in half the time. Nano rings are specially designed for fine and medium hair, hence their minuscule size and ultra-precise application. A full head fitting on fine hair can take 2 to 4 hours, on thick hair even longer! A great alternative if you have thicker tresses but still want the discreet look of nano tip hair extensions is to use them only on the sides, and stick to something faster on the back - unless you have the most patient hair extension technician in the world! Looking for something temporary instead? Ultra Volume Clip-in Hair Extensions are a great alternative that you can pop on and off in a matter of minutes.

Each pack contains 50 strands of hair, and each strand weighs 1g. For optimal results and blending, we recommend using 1 or 2 packs (50 to 100g). Want to go a little extra? 3 or 4 packs (150 to 200g) will get you the ultimate, big, glamorous makeover. Get in touch with us for a consultation, or speak to your hair extensions technician!

Nano Bond Hair Extensions For Colour

Whether you’re looking to add a few strands of pop shades to your mane for a playful, colourful look, or looking to give your hair more depth and texture with highlights and lowlights, you don’t need to commit to hair dye or bleach in order to do so.

Strategically applied nano bond hair extensions can be used to blend colour in your tresses without damaging your natural hair. Finding your perfect match has never been easier, thanks to our inclusive range of black, brown, blonde, red, highlights and balayage colours. Come and chat with our hair experts for hair colour advice and let us help you find the perfect shade to step up your hair game.

Shipping & Returns

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