Coachella Hairstyles – Past Celebrity Looks

by SHOPIFY API / 2. APR 2013


    If you’re one of the lucky ones who has managed to snap up tickets to the legendary Coachella festival taking place in LA in just a few weeks, then this blog is for you! If you aren’t off to soak up the sun, then fear not – these hairstyles will look fab throughout the summer, on the beach or at any festival!

    To celebrate the Coachella countdown we’ve taken a peek at our favourite celebrity looks from past Coachella’s to give you some inspiration…


    Katy Perry

    Here Katy goes for a relaxed and pretty style, but vamps it up by choosing a rock n roll purple shade. Cliphair offers a wide range of crazy coloured human hair extensions for you to choose from – put your own spin on Katy’s look by choosing your own wild shade and lightly curling your extensions. Go for a centre parting and pin the front two strands either side to the back of your head – this gives a stylish Grecian edge to the look. Don’t forget to finish with lots of hairspray to give your hair some staying power for all the partying!


    Vanessa Hudgens


    Accessories are the key to Vanessa’s look and are a great way to make yourself look a bit more ‘hippy’. Vanessa’s look is so easy to achieve – simply part your hair in the centre (a popular look for festivals) and backcomb slightly at the crown to give it a more ‘worn-in’ look. Then gather your hair and pin it together at your nape. Head to a local craft store where you can pick up feathers and braids for a small price, and start accessorising!

    Paris Hilton

    This socialite looked up to date and on trend at Coachella with random strands of brightly coloured hair. You can get this look easily without dying your natural hair. Check out Cliphair’s Streaks/Highlights extensions which come in a wide array of bright colours. Simply pick your favourite and clip them in at random – a fun and stylish way to perk up your hair with zero commitment and mess!


    Beyonce looks relaxed and stylish with these perfect ringlets – a gorgeous look for summer and the perfect way to make an edgy festival outfit look slightly more feminine. These are easy to achieve at home – but make sure to use plenty of hairspray, you don’t want your curls dropping halfway through the evening! Simply clip in your human hair extensions and part starting at the base of your head into small sections. Spritz with a thermal protection spray before curling with a medium barrelled tong. Work through your head, until you get to the top layer, where you should just curl the ends. Finish off with a cute trilby or summery straw hat and you’re good to go!




    Lea Michele

    Lea Michele has to look the most polished out of all the celebrities we’ve checked out so far – but fear not, her look can also be achieved by us mere mortals at home! Try our Medium Brown hair extensions (#4) and get a loose wave to them by gently twisting around your straightening irons. To get a healthy sheen to your hair like Michele’s add a spritz of shine spray. If you don’t have a fringe and don’t want to cut one, why not try one of Cliphair’s clip on fringes! These are a great way to update your look and add a boho touch to the style instantly.


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