Curling your Cliphair Extensions without heat – Step by Step Tutorial

by SHOPIFY API / 22. APR 2014



    Curly hair is always an instant way to glam up your look and add that va va voom element, when you feel like loads of volume and texture.  However, over styling your hair using heating tools can cause havoc to your hair and extensions.  Cliphair extensions are made from real, high quality hair, and can be styled using heating tools, but I prefer to use minimal heat, both on my natural hair and extensions, to make sure I don’t dry out either.  Today I will be sharing with you the method I use to curl my hair and my straight set of double-wefted extensions in #01 Jet Black.


    This is basically what you will be needing


    Brush, Bobby pins, Soft foam spiral curlers, Hairspray


    These Soft foam Spiral Rollers can be found at all leading beauty supply stores. I suggest you get yourself two packets if you have naturally long hair – they are really cheap, and extremely comfortable.


    Soft foam spiral rollers



    These spiral rollers usually come in a packet which contain different sizes.  I suggest using the larger rollers on the extensions which you clip in at the bottom, so that your curl will be less tight at the bottom, and using the slimmer rollers on the extensions you use at top part of your head and at the sides.  All you have to do is tightly roll your extension hair towards the clip and when all the hair is wrapped, bend the roller into a doughnut and clip the ‘teat’ into the opposite hole.  The diagram below illustrates what your how your extension should look like, wrapped around these spiral rollers.




    As you can see in the fourth picture, in the lower right, your extensions will resemble ringlets, once the curler is removed.  Do not forget to spritz some hairspray over the extensions once you wrap them up in the roller, and add some more spray once you remove the rollers.  I also suggest leaving your extensions in the rollers overnight for a tight, and longer lasting curl.


    If your hair is short, you can completely skip curling your natural hair, however if your hair is past shoulder length, you will need to curl your hair in order for it to blend in with your extensions.  Use these spiral curlers in your own hair, again using the slimmer rollers around the crown area, and on the hair sections which frame your face.  These rollers are so soft and comfortable and I like using them overnight, so therefore I spritz some hair spray into my hair, wrap it around in a scarf, and remove the rollers the following morning.


    Once your rollers are removed, gently tousle your hair with your finger tips and open up your curls.  Clip in your extensions as you would normally do, however making sure that you gently pull your hair apart when creating your partings, as not to mess up your curls.  Once your extensions are in, pass your fingers through your hair, gently shaking it, in order for your natural hair and extensions to blend in!  And viola’, you have gorgeous, natural looking curls, loads of volume, and what’s best – no damaged hair and extensions!





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    Davi Gouder

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