How Long Do Nano Hair Extensions Last?


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    The lifespan of Nano Ring hair extensions depends on many factors including the quality, colour, length, how well they are looked after and how they are applied. In today’s blog we’ll be sharing the secrets of long lasting, healthy hair extensions and how long you should expect your nano hair extensions to last.

    What Are Nano Hair Extensions?

    Nano Extensions are the smallest and most discreet semi-permanent method of applying hair extensions to enhance the length, volume or thickness of natural hair. There are two types, Nano Tip or Nano Ring Extensions and Nano Bond Extensions, both are applied in the same way by threading them through a tiny bead and clamping them to the hair without the use of any heat or glue, making them a gentle and safe solution for those with fine hair. Nano Tips also known as Nano Rings, are fitted with a miniature metal loop at the tip and Nano Bonds are topped with a flexible, transparent silicone string, both have their own advantages which you can read more about in our blog “Nano Rings VS Nano Bonds”.

    The Life Span Of Nano Hair Extensions Explained

    The most important factor in preserving the life span of any hair extension type is how they are cared for, using incorrect products, tools or neglecting your hair extensions will decrease their life span significantly regardless of the quality. Providing you stick to our helpful care guide “Nano Ring Hair Extensions 101” you should expect your Remy Royale Nano Hair Extensions to last from 6-12 months making them super cost-effective. All of the permanent hair extension products in the Remy Royale collection are made from luxury AAAAA grade, double drawn, human hair with the same life expectancy of up to a year, however, very light shades such as Ice Blonde or Lightest Blonde tend to deteriorate slightly sooner due to the chemical processing they go through during manufacturing. Neglecting repositioning appointments can also have a negative impact on the longevity of your hair extensions as well as your own hair, so it's vital to stick to your stylist’s advice and schedule.

    What Is A Hair Extension Reposition And Why Is It Important?

    With both Nano Bond Hair Extensions and Nano Rings, they will need to be repositioned every 6-8 weeks to prevent matting, slipping and to ensure the extensions remain discreet. Like all professional extensions, Nanos are attached at the roots so as your own natural hair grows as the extensions move with it. After 6-8 weeks, a gap between your root and extension bond will start to form where other hair can become tangled, causing tension to your scalp. The purpose of a reposition or maintenance appointment is to remove the extension and push it back up to close this gap and keep your extensions secure and discreet. It’s also an opportunity for your stylist to check your own hair and suggest any changes to your hair routine. With Nanos, a reposition should take place every 6-8 weeks and providing the hair is in good condition, it can be reused for 6-12 months. However, the beads should be replaced at every maintenance appointment.

    How To Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

    Great care and regular maintenance are the number one way to increase the life span of your hair extensions. This includes avoiding harmful products such as shampoos with sulphate and products with alcohol. Our Quench the Thirst collection consists of a Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Conditioning Hair Mask all specifically designed to prolong the life of hair extensions, made with zero sulphate and enriched with Shea Butter for supercharged moisture and hydration which is crucial for extensions.

    Using the correct tools will also protect your hair from damage, this is especially important with Nano Extensions as they are fragile and can become loose in finer hair types. Although Nano Bonds are more secure, it's still best to use the right brush to avoid fall out. The Wet One by Cliphair is the perfect Hair Extension Brush for Nano Rings as the teeth gently glide over attachments without causing any pull.

    Heat damage is another cause of deterioration for hair extensions, the best way to combat this is to avoid overusing heated tools where possible and to always use a Heat Protection Spray. This will apply a invisible barrier on the hair that prevents the heat from penetrating to deeply into the hair shaft causing breakage.


    If Clip-In Hair Extensions are your thing, you can find everything you need to know on increasing their lifespan in our blog “Making Your Clip In Extensions Last Longer”.


    So, how long do Nano hair extensions last? 6-12 months with the right care and attention! This makes them one of the most long-lasting, cost-effective methods on the market, not to mention the most discreet thanks to their miniscule size. If you’d like to know more about the lifespan of our other Remy Royale permanent hair extensions such as Invisible Tapes or Weaves, check out our blog “Ever Wondered How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?”.

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