How to Achieve Kelly Osborne’s Lilac Hair

by SHOPIFY API / 6. DEZ 2012


    How to Achieve Kelly Osborne’s Lilac Hair

    With the current trend for brightly coloured hair showing no signs of easing up, it’s time to embrace your wild side!

    If you love keeping up to date with the latest trends, but can’t face the hassle of permanently dying your hair a wacky shade when fashions change so frequently, then Kevin Murphy colour bugs are perfect for you.

    The colour bug is simply a wipe on, wipe off colour, which washes out easily. They come in four gorgeous colours, pink, purple, orange and white, and are super affordable at £12.95. It works well on both dark and light hair. If you have very light hair, there’s no need to worry as the bug washes out easily and doesn’t cling to bleach in hair. You can make the colours as intense, or as pale as you like by either applying more or less of the colour – so whether you’re looking for a pastel lilac, or a fierce purple shade you can achieve either easily. It’s a good idea to leave your hair until it’s been washed a day or two ago, freshly clean hair will not hold as much product. Otherwise, use a dry shampoo or textures spray on the ends of your hair. Cover your clothes, either putting a towel over your shoulders or wearing something old. Then hold the container carefully, as it can be easy to drop due to the awkward shape. Then simply wipe the product wherever you want the colour, layering it for a more vibrant colour! You should wear gloves or wash your hands as soon as you’ve used the product. To help set the colour, add hairspray over the coloured areas. Don’t wear white, in case the colour does come off on your clothes. Don’t worry if it does though, the colour will wash out.

    If you’re brave enough to permanently dye your hair, then a great website to check out is as they stock a large variety of affordable brightly coloured hair dyes.


    Getting lilac hair like Kelly Osborne is quite easy when you know how. Firstly, you must start with a very light base. If you have a yellow base then lilac will tone your hair, not always dye it – so it’s recommended to start as light as possible. If you want to get a very pale lilac sheen, you can use a toner or toning shampoo, such as the Fudge Violet shampoo. All you need to do is leave the toning shampoo on for about ten minutes, instead of the recommended two.

    The lilac in the shampoo will then cling to your hair, leaving it with a lilac tone. The best way to get lilac hair, rather than buy a lilac dye is to buy a very pigmented purple dye. This will give you a better colour, and make results faster and cheaper. Next, buy a white conditioner – any brand will do, as it is simply used to mix the colour, like mixing white paint and purple paint to dilute the colour and to create a lighter shade. This is exactly the same. Squirt the amount of conditioner you think it will take to dye your whole head into a clean plastic container, such as a mixing bowl. Into the conditioner, add a very small amount of purple dye. By adding a little at a time, it’s easier to get the perfect colour. Usually it takes far less than you’d imagine to get the perfect colour. After each small amount of purple, mix the dye and conditioner together until the colour looks right for you. Next, dampen your hair and paint on the lilac with a tinting brush. Make sure the hair is saturated with dye. Then leave for an hour or more, wrapping your head in cling film or a shower cap to help the dye develop. Wash off your hair with cold water to close your cuticles and lock in the colour.



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