Jessie J’s Comic Relief Countdown! Star Rocks Long Black Locks

by SHOPIFY API / 15. MÄR 2013



    Jessie-j-shaved-her-head-for-Comic Relief
    Jessie J Flaunts Her Hair One Final Time Before She Shaves Her Head For Charity (Comic Relief).

    Jessie J is the name on everyone’s lips as she nears the occasion everyone has been anticipating for months. Jessie promised to shave her head for Comic Relief! To celebrate Jessie’s courageous move we take a look at a few of her best styles so far…



    We love this full fringe on Jessie. An eye skimming fringe can look really striking and looks edgy and stylish with a high ponytail seen here on Jessie. This look can be great for nights out as well as day wear. Cutting a fringe can be a daunting prospect – why not try our fringe hair extensions for a quick image update! They’re easy to apply and transform your look in seconds, best of all you can take it out and reapply it as you please!



    Jessie is known for her eye catching looks and here she shows off a daring style with a bright purple dip dye effect. Again, if you aren’t feeling brave enough to take the plunge and dye your locks this vibrant colour, try some of our streaks and highlights hair extensions in Purple. Alternatively put your own spin on the style and choose another funky colour – with extension being so easy to apply you can choose a different colour to suit your mood!


    While Jessie is known for her more outrageous looks, she looks sweet and girly with these classic waves. Jessie is a fan of hair extensions as she has previously cut her locks into a sharp geometric bob. This look is easy to recreate with the help of Cliphair clip in hair extensions – just use a strong heat protection spray (such as GHD thermal protection) and curl your extensions in small sections using curling tongs or GHDs.
    We’d recommend our black hair extensions to get Jessie’s look – Jet Black #1. Pair with a pale complexion and voila – you’re halfway to getting Jessie’s look!

    Jessie looks bang on trend with this slicked back top knot. It’s likely she’s created the look with the help of extensions as the topknot is fairly large in comparison to how long we know her natural hair really is. Wearing extensions with this style is not as tricky as you may think. Simply clip in the extensions upside down to avoid any lumps or bumps and to ensure they can be smoothly swept into the style. It’s a good idea to use a hair doughnut to retain the style and of course plenty of hairspray to hold the look in place.


    Possibly our favourite look of all on Jessie – this super sleek high ponytail. This looks incredibly sophisticated and allows the focus to be on Jessie’s face and clothes. Whilst Jessie’s ponytail looks edgy and fashion forward, you’d be surprised how quickly you can recreate the look. Simply use one of Cliphair’s ponytail extensions, ensuring you have straightened it thoroughly before to get a poker straight look. Comb back your natural hair into a neat bun, running a water based gel into your scalp with a fine toothed comb in order to make the style extremely smooth like Jessie’s. Once you’re happy with the tightness of this part, attach your ponytail and you’re good to go!

    We love Jessie J and hats off to her for choosing such a brave move to raise money for Comic Relief. Would you ever consider shaving your head? What’s the wildest thing you’ve done for charity? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, as usual we would love to hear from you!

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