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    »Pastel Hair«


    pastel hair

    A big trend of 2013 that looks set to continue into 2014 is pastel hair. Celebrities led the trend, with stars such as Kelly Osborne leading the way. Pastel hair is now easier than ever to achieve, so if you want to get involved and give your locks some candyfloss charm keep reading…

    How to achieve pastel hair:

    What You Need
    This is based on dying light blonde hair
    – Mixing bowl (a clear bowl is best so you can see the colour)
    – Hair colour brush/applicator
    – Gloves
    – Cheap conditioner (white in colour)
    – Coloured dye of your preference

    pastel hair2 – Pour the conditioner into your bowl with enough to cover all of your hair thoroughly

    – Slowly add the desired colour, not much to achieve a light pastel. The colour you make in the bowl is the colour that will come out on your hair.   Always do a strand test first to check results.

    – Get someone to help you apply the colour, starting at your roots and massaging into your hair wearing gloves. Leave on for around 30 minutes depending on how light/dark you want the shade to be.

    – Rinse the colour out of your hair with cold water.







    Is your pastel shade too bright? Anti Dandruff shampoo speeds up the process of fading.

    Is your pastel shade fading too fast? Pastel dyes can fade quicker as they are diluted.

    pastel picture3

    You will need to touch it up more often than natural hair colours. You can increase the time it lasts by avoiding TOO much sunlight, chlorine and sea water, reducing how often you wash it in a week and avoiding dandruff shampoo.

    pastel hair4

     These days there are also lots of great products on the market if you’re after a wash in/wash out effect which are super easy to use. We love the range from Bleach London ( which come in a selection of gorgeous shades.

    pastel hair5
    Have you got pastel hair? We’d love to see if you do – share photos with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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