Quick And Easy Boho Hair Style – With Clip Hair Extensions!

by ABBEY WILSON / 3. JUN 2014


    So today I am going to be showing you a super easy and quick boho inspired hair style, which is great for summer especially with this head band I’ve found in New Look! Its so easy that it only takes 5 minutes and looks like you’ve taken a lot of time, when you haven’t!
    So first I start with putting in my extensions I got sent from Cliphair, you can check out their website here. They have so many amazing products and a variety of lengths, colours and types of extensions too! As you can see mine are a lot lighter than my actual hair, but my hair colour is just too awkward to find the perfect match. I got the 20″ Inch Full Head Remy Clip in Human Hair Extensions, and the great thing about these is that you can straighten, curl them but not too much of course! Also you can dye them if you change your hair colour too which I might do with mine to make them darker.
    I am wearing two one weft and two of the smaller 3 weft hair extensions, this is because I only have a small head and they seamed to fill up my head nicely and it looks even throughout. I curled my hair and the extensions first, and curling the extensions were super easy and too really well to the styling.
    • First I put on my head band which I got from New Look for only £3.99 they have so many cute ones for so cheap too! You can totally do this look with out a head band too.
    • You want to section off 2 pieces either side your part for a fringe, I like to have these pieces of hair to frame my face nicely.
    • Next take a section of hair about an inch wide, this should be the hair in front of your ear.
    • Then with that hair plait it, but do it going away from your face this so that when you pull it back it lies flat and smooth.
    • Before I pin the plait I too pull at it gently to make it bigger and more prominent.
    • I then bobbie pin it over the band so that you can not see it. You will also have to pull and pin it tight so that it dose not slip and fall down.
    • I do this to both sides of my head and then you will be left with a little strand of hair.
    • With this strand I tucked it behind the other plaits so that you can’t see them.
    I then just sweep it to the side a there you go! You can also do other styles with the hair that’s down, for example…
    Plait it to the side or…
    So if your looking to get hair extensions for the length or to add thickness defiantly check out Clip Hair, like I said they have amazing products and the customer service is brilliant everyone is super nice and very happy to help. So if you have any questions just email them because they will email you back straight away!

    The extensions I got – Medium Ash Brown #8

    So I hope you enjoyed this post, it’s a little different to what I normally do so I hope you like! If you would like to see how I curl my extensions let me know because I will happily do a video and blog post for you guys! So until next time have an awesome amazing day…

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