Steal Her Style: Jennifer Aniston

by SHOPIFY API / 24. APR 2014


    Currently ranked by Forbes as the 64th most powerful star in all of Celebland, Jen-An is one fierce diva you don’t want to mess with! We can’t help but think whimsically of her beloved years in our favourite TV show of all time – Friends – and it’s come to our attention that perhaps we haven’t quite dealt with our unrequited love for the very special Rachel Green. So, to celebrate the approaching 10 year anniversary (shock!) of Friends leaving our screens, we thought we’d dedicate our Hair Crush of the Week to Jen.

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    Nobody does honey tones quite like Miss Aniston, and this wavy ‘do with a sort-of-but-not-really middle parting is her trademark look. She’s rocked this fabulous blonde tone for years, and it compliments her skin tone perfectly. Teamed with a relaxed half-curled finish and casual parting, she exudes effortless glamour. Achieving the look yourself is no trouble – let your parting fall roughly so as not to look too groomed. Tease gently with straighteners, sometimes curling, sometimes not, for a randomised wavy look. Finish with natural hold hairspray.

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    Jen always receives top marks from us for managing that hair look that says “I haven’t even bothered today” – but, of course, still looks absolutely gorgeous. To achieve this style, we recommend curling at night with a barrel tong, and leaving out any finishing products. Sleep on it, and when you wake up you should have that naturally messy look that Miss Aniston carries off so well. Re-curl where necessary and add a squirt of hairspray before you leave the house. Lazy locks, but lots of hair points.

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    It wouldn’t be a Jen hairdo if it wasn’t rough and ready, and this ponytail is the perfect example of red carpet hair being super achievable at home. Not famed for her up-dos, Jennifer chooses a relaxed mid-height ponytail to mix up her look. To do the same at home, simply pop in one of our amazing ponytail extensions and wrap a section of hair around the base of the ponytail. Team with a side ponytail and you’re done! The key to getting this look right is to avoid being too neat, so use your fingers to comb your hair back instead of a brush. Like Jen, you can choose to pull strands of hair our around your temple and tuck behind your ears if desired.
    Take a leaf out of Jennifer Aniston’s guide to casual hair and your Friends (sorry) are sure to be jealous of your gorgeous new styles.

    Written By Ula Haris

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