Stupid Myths about Hair Extensions :D

by SHOPIFY API / 19. JAN 2012



    The other day I was messing around internet and I found some really stupid stuff about Hair Extensions. I couldn’t believe in this mind-blowing age of fashion, people have created such myths about them and which, of course, is entirely based on fallacy. Well, I had good time reading them and they might give you a good laugh too. Here you go

    Myth # 1 Your Hair will not grow if you apply Hair Extensions

    HAHAHA. This was the funniest. Please excuse my abrupt laughter.

    Well, it’s totally not right. Hair extensions have nothing to do with your hair growth. Your hair certainly continue to grow in both cases i.e. while you have applied hair extensions or when you remove them. To keep your hair healthy, you need to follow the guidelines when you apply them.

    If you still have tiny doubts, you can measure the length of your hair to verify.
    Myth #2 All Hair Extension can damage your hair

    Again, it’s kind of silly

    Not all. Ok? If hair extensions are of good quality, there is NEVER a single possibility that hair get damaged. But in case you have made the bad deal by purchasing Hair Extensions from unreliable company, you might get a scary boo.  But I say it again not ALL Hair Extensions.

    Myth #3 You need to visit a Hair Stylist on regular basis

    We are not living in 80’s or 90’s. Oh come on.

    Clip Hair Extensions are very easy to use and you don’t really need a ‘Hair Stylist’ when you actually can do it with the help of illustrations and instructions. And, NO, you don’t have to see your damn hair stylist on regular basis. I MEAN WHY ONE HAS TO WASTE TIME, ENERGY AND MONEY WHEN SHE CAN DO IT HERSELF. Tell me why. Oh God, it pissed me off.

    Can you do regular brushing? That’s pretty enough.

    Myth #4 Hair Extensions are made of dead people

    This just cracked me up. HAHAHA.

    Hair Extensions are taken from either living people and are called Human Hair Extensions. Yes, I said LIVING PEOPLE. In other case, they are synthetic hair that means they are not human hair and actually produces artificially. But in either way, NO DEAD PEOPLE HAIR, girls

    Myth #5 You can’t curl, straighten or stylize your Hair Extensions

    Really? Well, this is sheer nonsense.

    You can easily curl, straighten, dye, cut and do whatever with your hair extensions.  That’s why they are popular because you can give them any shape and style. So all Hair Extensions controversy propagators must bring something SENSIBLE: D

    I hope you had a great time reading them. Do share on your walls if you heard any of the stupid myths before

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