Thanksgiving Hairstyles 2013

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    »Thanksgiving Hairstyles 2013«



    Whether you’re out and about celebrating with friends this Thanksgiving Day, or tucking in to a turkey with your family – it’s a great excuse to get dressed up and look glamorous. We’ve created a collection of our favourite hairstyles for you to recreate at home this Thanksgiving. Best of all, they’re quick and easy – giving you gorgeous hair with minimum effort!

    The Ballerina Bun

    The ballerina bun is the perfect easy and chic hairstyle to wear this Thanksgiving. It only takes minutes to create, and can easily be accessorised with a cute bow or funky hairpiece. Adding a green or red velvet ribbon around your bow adds an instant festive feel – or you can coordinate with your outfit!


    To create the perfect, even ballerina bun, you can use a hair donut. These can easily be picked up in your local drugstore, and are inexpensive. Begin by brushing your hair into a high ponytail, and securing with a hairband. Take your hair donut, and weave your own ponytail through the centre of it. Next, spread the hair from your ponytail evenly around the doughnut, hiding it completely. Use bobby pins to secure the hair in place. You can then style the front of your hair as you choose, whether you prefer to have it back from your face, or with a few strands loose for a pretty and relaxed look. Finish off with a spritz of hairspray to keep your style in place.

    The Fabulous Fishtail

    Once you’ve mastered the art of the fishtail, there’s no end to the possibilities of hairstyles you can create. Celebrities are always recycling this style, creating fresh new looks such as fishtail pigtails, which look cute and stylish. Fishtails can either be worn tight, for a sleek finish, or you can pull the strands loose for a relaxed vibe. Divide your hair into two large sections and comb them properly if you want a neat fishtail braid. Leave it messy for a more behead style. If it’s your first time creating a fishtail braid, it might be a good idea to do a side fishtail braid, so you can see what you’re doing. Pull out a thin strand from the first section and pass it on to the second section. Like cross stranding. The skinnier your strand is, the better your fishtail is going to look. Pull out a thin strand from the second section and mix it with the first section. Do it just how you did it before. Repeat these steps until you reach the end of your hair. Once you’ve perfected fishtail braiding, you’ll be able to create a range of gorgeous styles quickly and easily – practice makes perfect!

    The Perfect Ponytail

    Thanksgiving hairstyles - ponytail

    Nothing looks more sophisticated than the perfect, smooth and neat ponytail. To achieve this look, your hair needs to be super soft and manageable, so wash it using a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Use a leave in treatment to ensure your hair is in prime condition – we recommend the amazing Moroccanoil for guaranteed softness and shine. After drying your hair, straighten it section by section to ensure it’s totally frizz free. Using a medium sized comb, tie your hair up at the crown of your head, ensuring no bumps or lumps appear – you may have to try this a few times until you get the perfect finish! You can either finish the look here, with a spritz of hairspray, or you can add a clip-on ponytail for the ultimate long and luscious look. Cliphair sell 20” long human hair ponytails which look perfect in this style. Simply attach the ponytail over your own, using the grip to secure it in place before tying it with the two ribbons provided. Voila – in seconds, the perfect pony!

    Wonderful Waves

    wavy hairstyle - Thanksgiving ideas

    Pretty relaxed waves look gorgeously natural and stylish, as well as being super easy to recreate! If you don’t have any straighteners or curling tongs, you can easily get subtle bouncy waves by plaiting your hair – just make your hair damp, and plait it into three. You can then either leave the plaits to dry – overnight is best – or blast them with your hairdryer if you’re short on time. When you remove the plaits, you’ll be left with beautiful soft waves. The finishing touch is to add lots of volume to your hair, to help the waves look really natural and striking. You can add volume by backcombing at the roots, and also by using a texurising powder. These are super cheap and can be found in most good drugstores. Simply sprinkle a little powder on to your roots and tease them to get added volume! Finish the look with a little shine spray for a healthy, glossy style.

    Straight and Sleek

    Gorgeous long and straight locks with a mirror shine set off any outfit to perfection. The key to this look is in the preparation, so make sure your hair is well conditioned. It’s a good idea to use a deep conditioner such as Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, which will ensure your hair is really soft and easy to work with. After washing your hair, spritz it with some heat protection spray and blowdry it section by section, with the diffuser facing downwards to ensure all your hair is facing in the same direction and to minimise stray hairs and flyaways. Separating your hair into small sections, straighten section by section. Now would be the time to add hair extensions if you’re after a really sleek and luscious look. Finish off with a frizz banishing serum, not too much or you could be left with greasy locks!


    We’d love to see your Thanksgiving hairstyles – so please share them with us on our Twitter or Facebook pages. Have a great time!

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