The Best Graduation Hairstyles With Hair Extensions

by BRENDA L. / 27. JUN 2023

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    If you’re graduating this year, chances are you’re going to spend most of your day with a graduation cap on your head – after all, you’ve worked incredibly hard to get where you are right now, working your way up through countless hours of studying, reading out loud, highlighting text, skipping hours of sleep, and more. So, on this special day, it’s only fair that you want to close this chapter of your life in style. How can you achieve a gorgeous graduation hairstyle for cap? Don’t worry – these hairdos will have you looking fab as you receive your beloved diploma. Let’s have a look together at how you can recreate them.

    The Sleek Ponytail

    Whilst you may not want to pair a high ponytail fiercely sitting on top of your head with a grad cap, the low pony is a perfectly valid alternative. As sleek hairstyles are still having a moment, why not try this exquisite hairdo for your ceremony day? If your hair isn’t long enough to slay your ponytail goals, you can always rely on a clip in ponytail hair extension to boost your mane’s thickness and bless it with precious inches of extra length.

    Wispy Bangs

    Youthful, peppy and edgy: how many different looks can you achieve by cutting your bangs? Whilst the options are numerous, not everyone is ready to commit to such a chop – especially if they’re looking for a temporary change for a special occasion. That’s where clip in bangs come into play – gifting you with natural results with no strings attached. Just pop them on and off whenever you’d like for an instant makeover!


    Summer is the season of highlights and balayage hairstyles, the perfect techniques to achieve a sun-kissed look for the hotter season. If you’re looking for a great way to spice your mane with a graduation cap hairstyle, who said that you need to be looking for a new specific blowout or haircut? Sometimes the answer is in changing hair colour instead! If you’d like to get glowing results without the pain of bleaching your tresses, opt for balayage hair extensions instead.

    Classic Blowout

    Sometimes less is more – the fans of the classic blowout know this better than anyone else. If it ain’t broke don't fix it, am I right? However, there are ways for you to elevate this timeless classic. You can either add accents such as microbraids at the front in pure Y2K style, or even boost volume, bounce and thickness in your tresses with the help of clip in hair extensions – to achieve salon-like results in the comfort of your own home!

    Hollywood Waves

    This gorgeous, glossy hairstyle inspired by the divas of the silver screen is as popular as ever. Chosen by people all over the world for occasion hairdos and glamorous events, Hollywood Waves can often be spotted on the red carpet and on blushing brides. Your diploma ceremony is the perfect opportunity to show off this fabulous classic as your designated graduation hair do.

    Natural Curls

    For my textured-hair beauties out there, let your curls explode in all their natural beauty! If you’ve been neglecting your ringlets, chances are you’re going to have to give them some good old TLC weeks (if not months) before your graduation. Hair plopping, using microfibre towels, avoiding hair straighteners and keeping your tresses plump with moisture and nourishment are the first steps to gorgeous curly hairstyles for graduation. Looking to give your hair an extra boost? Then check out curly hair extensions.

    Low Bun

    Updo’s aren’t considered the best graduation hairstyles as they can get in the way of your mortarboard – however, a low chignon or a low bun can go a very long way. You can either embellish it with flowers or hair jewels, or braid it for an extra glam finish. Using hair extensions is a clever way to achieve more thickness and volume in your bun! Last but not least, consider leaving out a few strands or tendrils for an effortlessly chic result.

    Long & Sleek

    If long, silky-smooth tresses are what keep you going these days, know that you’re not alone in this. Many celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Lourdes Leon, and others have been seduced by the alluring beauty of this Y2K trend – and rightfully so. If you’d like to give it a go, arm yourself with seamless hair extensions and get on our blog “Friday On Trend: What Is Glass Hair And How To Get It” to find out how to achieve the perfect long and sleek graduation hairdo.

    Crown Braid Cap

    What if a braid wasn’t just a gorgeous part of your hairstyle, but also a clever way to hold your cap in place? A crown braid can be both – so why not give it a go? Also known as the milkmaid braid or the boho braid, this trendy hairstyle has been around for centuries. Originating in the Middle Age and holding its place in the top ten best hairstyles ever across the decades, the crown braid could be just what you need to finish off your graduation look.

    The Braided Do

    What about a single braid that holds your hair together in a glamorous manner? You can opt for a trendy fishtail braid, a classic plait, a bold Dutch braid or a romantic French braid to protect your tresses and look fabulous in the meantime. Adding hair jewellery to your braid can be the final touch you’re looking for – or you can keep things youthful and trendy with a silk scrunchie (you could potentially match this to the colour of your cap as well!).


    Looking forward to holding your diploma in your hands? As you start this new chapter of your life, do it in full fashion with these incredible, trendy and practical hairstyles for graduation.

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