The real difference between fused and clip in hair extensions

by SHOPIFY API / 21. OKT 2009


    Many people are not yet clued up about the various types of hair extensions available to you today. Chances are that you have heard of the fusion hair extensions and the clip in ones but do you really know what the difference is between them?

    If you go to a hairdresser and ask advice they might just tell you to opt for fusion extensions. Can you really trust the advice of someone who is out to make money off you? Hairdressers make money every time they recommend fused hair extensions and the client has it done by them. So why should they recommend the clip in ones when they are not going to make any money by doing so?

    The truth

    The truth is that fused hair extensions can be very bad for your natural hair while clip in ones are much kinder and safer to use. Fused or glued on hair extensions make use of a protein bond that holds the extensions to your own hair.

    This process of gluing on the extensions can go very wrong if done by an inexperienced person. There are plenty of horror stories out there about glued on hair extensions and the consequences they can have for your hair.

    Not only can they pull your natural hair out, but they can severely damage the strands of hair as well. Clip in hair extensions hold no danger for your hair and are kinder too. They simply clip in and out of your hair and the best part is that they look amazing too.

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