The Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Hair Extensions Lovers

by BRENDA L. / 13. DEZ 2022

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    Do you have a hair addict in your life? If you’re running out of ideas for presents for that one person that is into hair extensions and trying new hairstyles all the time, sorting out Christmas gifts will be a little easier this year – have a look at this list, and find the perfect gift to make them go “wow”!

    1. Curling Ribbon

    To a hair enthusiast, styling is not a joke at all. Perhaps this can be a subtle invitation for them to go easy with curling wands and irons, and adopt a kinder styling technique. The curling ribbon is all the rage now, after going viral on TikTok – thousands of positive reviews make it a beautiful addition to any roster of styling tools worthy of the name; a new, comfortable way of getting salon-worthy curls with no heat damage, no rollers and no flexirods. When picking your gift, always remember that a good curling ribbon is made of 100% silk, for gentle styling and a frizz-free finish. In other words: this is the protective hairstyle that leaves you with shiny and healthy curls, making you look effortlessly expensive!

    2. Hair Waver

    Beach waves have dominated the scene throughout the year, and they're not going anywhere. This gorgeous style can be obtained in a number of ways, depending on the hair type, but why not make things easier? With a waver, getting that wavy, gorgeous look has never been quicker – and it doesn’t require any particular expertise. The BaByliss Deep Waves Styler is my favourite - you can use it to create soft waves to get that gently tousled look, or deeper ones for a more sophisticated, glamorous finish.

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    3. Clip In Ponytail

    What if your favourite hair enthusiast has been struggling with half-up, half-down hairstyles? Or what if they’ve been longing to get that Ariana Grande-style ponytail? Available in three different lengths, Cliphair’s ponytail hair extensions allow you to recreate your favourite hairstyles in a matter of minutes. From the 90s retro pony to longer and sleeker hairstyles, this accessory is a true wonder. Ideal also for those struggling with greasy hair and day 2 hairstyles, to buy some time in between washes. Made of 100% Remy-quality human hair, Cliphair’s clip in ponytail hair extensions can also be used to make stylish buns and plaits, and can be added to a full head of hair extensions to achieve a voluminous half-up, half-down hairstyle.

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    4. Mermade Hair The Pony Kit (Various Options)

    What if the person in particular is already a ponytail enthusiast? In that case, this gift set will make them happy. The Mermade Pony Kit set contains ponytail gel to get that slicked-back effect that is oh so trendy, coily hair ties, thin hair ties for those fancy bubble braids and thicker nylon hair ties for ponytails and pigtails. On top of that, the package includes a clear claw clip, a satin scrunchie to keep your hair together in a gentle protective hairstyle, and a super cute pink comb. The gift set offers different color options, such as black, brown and light to match the tone for blondes, brunettes and jet-black-haired individuals.

    Shop Now: The Mermade Pony Kit

    5. Color WOW Glass Hair Box

    Speaking of trendy hairstyles, how could I not include this awesome gift-set box? Made famous by Chris Appleton and his celebrity clients, Color WOW developed the Supernatural Dream Coat - a product that rapidly gained fame on social media under the nickname of “glass hair juice”. The “glass hair trend” became popular thanks to Kim Kardashian, arguably Appleton’s most famous customer. Over time, many have recreated this style: poker straight hair and lots, lots of shine. Dua Lipa, Lucy Hale and even Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, have been seen rocking this very Y2K look – originally seen on top model Adriana Lima almost two decades ago. Now you can gift this dreamy, silky hairstyle to your favourite person, with the Color WOW Glass Hair Box. The set contains shampoo, conditioner and a finish spray to achieve the ultimate glass shine.

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    6. Olaplex Hair Repair Treatment Holiday Kit

    Perhaps your hair enthusiast in particular was a hair enthusiast, until they damaged their tresses beyond repair. What if I told you that there’s something else they can try before committing to a big chop? Sure, if their hair has gone dry and brittle a good trim won’t hurt, but after that, implementing Olaplex in their hair care routine might just do the trick. The Olaplex Holiday Kit contains: No.0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment, No.3 Hair Perfector, No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and last but not least the No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner. I have talked more in detail about some of these products in our blog: Olaplex Review: Can You Use Olaplex On Hair Extensions?. Give it a read if you’re curious about Olaplex products and how they can be used on hair extensions!

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    7. How To Be A Redhead Box

    What if the person in particular is a natural ginger? They may need to pay extra care to their red hair, and this isn’t always easy – especially as the majority of the products available on the shelves of high-street retailers don’t offer that many options for ginger-haired people. The famous blog How To Be A Redhead offers a yearly or quarterly subscription with redhead-friendly beauty products that aim at taking care of red hair in style. From toning hair masks to makeup products and skin care, the How To Be A Redhead Beauty Box contains everything they need to show some love to their natural tresses.

    8. Silk Bed Sheets + Pillowcase Set

    If you don’t mind raising the bar a little, this is the perfect gift for hair care and skincare fanatics. Why? Silk or satin pillowcases do more than just feel heavenly on your hair and skin: the naturally sleek, smooth texture of silk and satin has been proven to work wonders in preventing hair breakage caused by friction, which you are likely to deal with during your sleep. And no, cotton isn't as gentle I'm afraid! What's more? Ah, yes, sleeping on a silk pillowcase will improve your sleep quality preventing the build-up of dust mites and other allergens, all of this whilst being soft and gentle against your skin, preventing wrinkles. What's not to love?

    9. New Hair Extensions

    If you know exactly what they are using, or if you know they are considering getting hair extensions, go for it: get them a new set, or even better, get them their first set and make them fall in love with their gorgeous mane! Buying hair extensions can be quite the challenge if they never tried them before: there are so many products and so many options depending on the hairstyle they’d want to achieve and their hair type and scalp conditions! The best thing to do in this case is to get them a gift card so they can get in touch with us and choose the best product to achieve their goals. Cliphair offers E-Gift Cards to help your loved ones buy their favourite products and get the glow-up of the year!

    10. Dyson Airwrap

    If your budget allows it, the Dyson Airwrap is the ultimate hair craze. Heatless styling is the ultimate goal for anyone that loves their hair, and if they tend to struggle with frizz or can’t be bothered sleeping with a curling ribbon on their head, this product might be the perfect gift. Whilst this isn’t completely heatless, this product is gentle to your hair and doesn’t even come close to the damage caused by traditional curling wands and irons. There are many ways to achieve heatless curls and waves, but none of them does it quickly like the Dyson Airwrap, requiring instead to sit on your hair for hours or even overnight. This product definitely stands on the premium side of things, but it will surely be an appreciated Christmas present.

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    11. Conclusion:

    If you want to make someone that loves their hair very much quite happy this year, gift them the experience of trying new hairstyles and taking care of their natural tresses with one of these cool ideas! From trendy glass hair to heatless curls, killer ponytails and newly found volume and length, these ten Christmas gift ideas for hair lovers will inspire you to get them the perfect holiday present!

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