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Level up your Ponytail game with our range of real Clip-In Ponytail Extensions that promise to give you an instant length and volume boost. Read More


Why Buy Our Clip In Ponytail Extensions?

We know that not everybody has the time to visit the salon when they want a professional look, which is why we only source high-quality and simple-to-use ponytail extensions in the UK. Removing and refitting our Remy human Ponytail hair extensions only takes a matter of minutes, so you’ll be ready to hit the town on a moments notice.

Here are some of the advantages of buying Clip In Ponytail Extensions:

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  • Instantly add length and volume to limp or thin ponytails.
  • DIY option – Super easy to apply and remove yourself, no need for professional help.
  • Blends flawlessly into your own hair remaining undetectable.
  • Stable and secure due to the robust clip and wrap around technology. Stays put in even the windiest of UK weather!
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Advantages of Buying Remy Human Hair Ponytail Clip Ins:

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  • Freedom to style and wash your Ponytail. Unlike cheaper synthetic alternatives, our human hair ponytail extensions won’t burn or discolour when straightened or blow dried.
  • Hair pieces made from genuine human hair that can retain their colour, volume, bounce and beauty for months, even after multiple washes.
  • You can find a real hair ponytail extension that’ll match your real hair colour and texture, we even have highlighted shades for that salon-quality look!
  • Human hair extensions last much longer than synthetic options
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Styling and maintaining a Clip In Ponytail:

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  • Style the extensions however you like, whether you want a perfectly straight pony or a tousled fishtail, as the hair is human you have the freedom to style it.
  • You can even dye it if you need to however this will effect the quality and lifespan. We advise using only semi-permanent dyes.
  • No need to wash after every use, every 15-20 uses is fine.

As mentioned above, you can dye all our Ponytail Extensions, but they should not be bleached or lightened. That means if you change your hair colour you can change your ponytail to match too! Read less

Wear your Clip In Ponytail Hair Extensions With Pride Wherever You Are

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Manufactured to the highest standards, your ponytail hair extension promises to make you look like a style connoisseur no matter where you are, whether it’s at work, in the club or simply out and about.

Our experts can provide information on fitting, maintenance and styling. We can also give you a rundown of our full selection of clip in extensions that enable you to achieve any style.

Because we boast one of the largest collections of clip in ponytail hair extensions the UK has to offer, we really can help you achieve any hairstyle with ease.

At Cliphair, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence over the years thanks to our expertise, reliability, great-value prices and unrivalled range of quality ponytail hair clip extensions made from genuine human hair. On top of being affordable, we also offer a range of payment options to make sure we can cater to any budget. If you don’t want to pay in full now, you can select our pay later option. Read less


How long do Ponytail Extensions last?

When ponytail extensions are made from human hair they can last up to 18 months! This will also depend on how well they are looked after and how often they are used. As the extension does not directly come into contact with the scalp the need for washing is reduced which in turn gives the hair a longer, happier life.

How do you style Ponytail Extensions?

Genuine human hair ponytail extensions can be washed, dyed, and straightened just like your own hair. This gives you the freedom to switch up your ponytail look each time you wear it! Braid it, Wave it, Curl it or even twist it into a bun the choice is yours, just remember to use heat protection spray before heating.

How much do Ponytail Clip In Extensions cost?

Synthetic Ponytails are cheaper than those made from human hair. This is because they do not last as long and have a more unnatural appearance, its worth investing in a human hair ponytail as you will get more use from it and it blends better with your own natural hair.

What are the most popular Ponytail Extension lengths?

The most popular ponytail length is 20” which gives a long but natural looking finish. At Cliphair we also have a 14” option for a short and sweet ponytail, perfect for thinner hair and a 24” option for those looking for a dramatic transformation.

How many shades and colours can you get in Ponytail Extensions?

We have a wide range of colours in our Clip-In Ponytail collection including browns, blacks, blondes, reds and even highlighted shades. If you need any help at all in choosing your perfect shade feel free to use our FREE colour match and advice service. Our experts can also provide information on fitting, maintenance and washing that can all help to extend the lifespan of your human hair ponytail extension. For an easy to fit, natural looking, long lasting and undeniably beautiful human hair ponytail extension, look no further than Cliphair.

How often can you wear Ponytail Clip Ins?

Our clip in hair extensions for ponytail styles can be worn every day. If you want to make them last as long as possible, you can save them for nights out. Removing and refitting our ponytail hair extensions only takes a matter of minutes.

What’s the difference between the Wrap Around Ponytail and the Classic Ribbon?

Our Classic Ribbon Ponytail was our first ever Clip-In Ponytail Extension that has a slide clip with ribbons to attach the ponytail. The Wrap Around Ponytail is a new and improved version of this which is 3x more secure, less visible and uses a thick strand of hair instead of ribbons to hide the attachment.

Real or Synthetic Clip in Hair Extensions which is better for ponytails?

Ponytail extensions are usually made from either synthetic or genuine human hair. If you choose an acrylic hair extension ponytail, you might be able to save money on the initial purchase price. However, you can take it from us that cheap acrylic extensions don’t last long. Even worse, they are often easily noticeable, which is the last thing you want when strutting your stuff around town. Most importantly of all, you won’t find any ponytail extensions that look as authentic as our quality products.