The Top 10 Hair Color Trends To TryThis Autumn 2023

by BRENDA L. / 31. AUG 2023

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    Summer has come to an end, and as we enter the new season, it’s only natural to feel the need for a change. But how to identify the upcoming trends? Fashion enthusiasts around the world and beauty experts are all showcasing their own lists as they observe new trends arise and establish themselves on runways, social media platforms, and street fashion picks. As the leaves turn color and a cosy breeze fills the air, this is the perfect time for you to change your hair color and freshen up your wardrobe accordingly. Looking for inspiration? Then this is the blog for you! Let’s have a look at the 2023 autumn hair color predictions.

    Gemini Hair

    For those that love a bold color, the Gemini hair trend isn’t going anywhere. Dual-toned hairstyles are still trendy, and they make the perfect choice for individuals that enjoy standing out from the crowd and experimenting with multiple shades at once. Celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Dua Lipa and Kesha have all played around with this trendy hair coloring technique to express their visual art and serve outrageously cool looks during their performances. Could you be next?

    Dark Ash Balayage

    Aiming for a sophisticated look that is still connected to your holiday beach vibes? Don’t worry – some balayages are forever, just like diamonds. It is the case indeed for dark ash balayages, as ash blonde colors have exploded in popularity this past summer and are still going strong for the winter. You can enhance its vibrancy by occasionally boosting your ashy tones with purple shampoo, and make it look fuller and bouncier by adding balayage hair extensions. This could also be your opportunity to add a highlighted touch to your hair without any bleach damage!

    Natural Black

    Sometimes, simplicity steals the spotlight – less is more isn’t just a minimalism motto, it’s also a beauty concept that can be applied to hair. Natural black hair and natural black hair extensions are spiking in popularity, without all the fuss of keeping up with highlights or flashes of color fading in your tresses. Deep, lustrous, and sultry, this natural shade is experiencing a resurgence for the colder season. You can pair it with a sleek cut or curl it in soft waves to add dimension to your blowouts, depending on your style.

    Money Piece

    Who knew that the Money Piece hairstyle would be making a sudden comeback so soon? After dominating the scene around 2021 and during summer 2022, I genuinely thought that the Money Piece craze was done and dealt with, and would potentially pop back in ten years or so – like many other Y2K trends did. But I am pleased to announce that I was wrong – still going strong among TikTok stars, this simple hair touch can add a splash of vibrancy to any hair color. You can use it as an excuse to try a bold look with funky shades, or to bring some light to your complexion by picking natural hues that are slightly lighter than the rest of your mane.

    Auburn Hair

    Autumn wouldn't be complete without the warmth of auburn hair – and after seeing redheads dominating the scene in 2023, I’m not surprised to see fiery shades still going strong as we slowly say goodbye to summer. Cinnamon-streaked tresses, light auburn highlights and spicy chestnut colors are to be considered a must for those who’d like to experiment with the red side of things when choosing a new hair color. Adding red hair extensions to the mix will elevate your look in an effortless, natural manner, giving your auburn tresses a glamorous boost in thickness, volume, bounce and dimension – perfect for a new seasonal hairstyle.

    Pastel Pink

    Dreamy pastel tones are an optimal choice for those who want to try something trendy without falling in more classic looks such as highlights and lowlights, experimenting instead with something more playful and whimsical. As seen on celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski, Kylie Jenner, and Megan Fox, pastel pink has regained its popularity after nearly a decade of quietness, taking a break from its most successful era – the idyllic period between 2014 and 2016. This autumn, if you’d like to try something different, embrace the softness and playfulness of pastel pink hair! If you’re not ready for a full bubblegum mane, why not add delicate streaks of pink to your natural hair instead? You can do this by using pastel pink hair extensions, so that your hair won’t need to deal with any bleach drama.

    Platinum Blonde

    Also known as “white chocolate hair”, platinum blonde is still an optimal choice. Ask Kim Kardashian, Ava Max, Jennifer Lawrence, and Billie Eilish: the power of a bright platinum mane is unmatched. And although it is a high-maintenance color indeed, this shade is a timeless classic – never truly leaving the stage after Marilyn Monroe made it famous. Platinum blonde hair extensions can elevate your look with added length and volume, perfect for those who’d like to recreate bouncy curls and soft waves as their go-to look for a glamorous, bouncy finish.

    Chocolate Brown

    If you’d pick a treat over a trick anytime, then perhaps it’s only fair that you indulge in chocolate-colored tresses too. This gorgeous hue, as seen on celebrities such as Kaia Gerber and Bella Hadid, is rich and intense – usually accompanied by subtle highlights and lowlights to give it depth and dimension. Perfect for those who’d like to experience a change in their hair without going too crazy, keeping things cosy and natural. Flattering for the warmer complexions, this color is guaranteed to keep you looking classy and sophisticated throughout the colder season.

    Dark Purple

    Looking for a change that is a little more obvious? The arrival of spooky season might inspire you to try something more whimsical rather than the classic brown, blonde, and red hues. And if something edgy such as a gemini hair dye job doesn’t quite cut it, or if pastel pink still feels too summery to you, then let me present you with an alternative option: infuse a sense of mystery into your look with dark purple hair! This intense shade is rich in depth and complexity, making it a perfect choice for those who want to captivate with their tresses in an effortless, fashionable and sultry way. Whether you go for an all-over color or incorporate it as highlights, dark purple is sure to turn heads wherever you’ll go. Add purple hair extensions to your hair for a more daring finish!


    Looking for a brighter shade of red to illuminate your complexion and step into the new season with style? In that case, going for copper is a no-brainer. With its lively tones and versatility, this hue is a go-to for many people independently from their complexion and skin undertone, as copper shades are universally flattering. Radiant and yet not too far from natural ginger hair, this glossy and vibrant color has a peppy, fiery flavour to it without ever missing out on being glamorous. For a luxurious finish, copper hair extensions can be added to your hairdo to achieve dreamy blowouts!


    As autumn approaches, these exciting hair color trends are the top ten choices gaining popularity among celebrities, influencers, and hair enthusiasts alike. Whether you're drawn to edgy color combinations or the mystical allure of more natural shades, there's a hair color for you to match your go-to autumnal style. Shop your Remy hair extensions now to take your hair game to the next level!

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