Who’s got the Rihanna Hairstyle? Come grab the deal.

by SHOPIFY API / 16. NOV 2011



    In the world of fashion and glam, hairstyles of women change every now and then. All the hottest celebrities, be she some mellow singer Rihanna, heart throbbing actress Kate Winslet or our very own gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes, are overwhelmingly observed and followed by their admirers. This behaviour of admirers, without any glimpse of doubt,  can be witnessed everywhere. Go check out clubs, your college cafeteria, you might like to turn on the TV. But ohh wait, why don’t you just google it? Favourite time-pass gossiping topic for girls definitely is talking about celebrities’ latest hair styles. And it’s so much fun to talk about it. This is just not an overstatement. You got to trust me darlings, because at times, when you see girl, entering with some amazing new hairstyle, restlessness to know  about the celebrity she has actually grabbed the idea from, becomes the obvious. The curious case of ‘who is she becoming’?

    So, hang on the conversation and check out this year’s sexy hairstyles of the most  sizzling celebrity Rihanna. Did I tell you the fact that she has always been popular trend setter in hairstyles? If not, she certainly is. Rihanna kept on changing her hairstyle throughout the year and as expected, all of them were so well admired in girls.

    Here we go,

    Short-curly Hairstyle

    Short wavy Hairstyle still holds feminity

    Short Hairstyle with sexy fringes

    Short Hairstyle cupping the boyish looks

    Long Silky Hairstyle

    Short Hairtsyle with forehead covering fringes

    Short blackcat hairstyle

    Short blackcate hairstyle

    Long voluminous curly Hairstyle

    Short wavy red hairstyle

    Long silky red hairstyle

    If you have got any of these hairstyle of sizzling Rihanna, send your picture, mention the post details, style name and get 20% discount on any purchase of our new range of hair extensions. Style and money saving, the double treat is just around the corner. Spread the word and let your beautiful girlfriends know about it. So, who’s got the Rihanna’s Hairstyle? Come grab the deal.


    1.  This deal is applicable from November 15, 2011 to December 15, 2011.
    2.  Style has to be the replica of any of Rihanna’s style that was mentioned in this post.
    3.  Submissions will only be submitted on our Facebook wall. Here goes the link https://www.facebook.com/Cliphair.Limited
    4.  Our hairstyle expert will be the final decision maker.

    So good luck beautiful. Till next week, better stay stylish

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