Why is everyone crazy about Red Hair Extensions?

by SHOPIFY API / 4. JAN 2012


    With the fascinating fact that Red hair are naturally owned by only 4% of the total population of the world, you might have a little idea why it’s so popular. Even Hollywood’s most desired women Julia Roberts, Diane Keaton, Nicole Kidman, Lindsay Lohan and many other, they all have been redheads.

    But there are more reasons of this glam that every girl should have. I tell you why,

    Red is a show stopper

    The colour red has always been a show stopper. When it was introduced in hair extensions, it got a high rise and appreciation in the matter of short time. Fashion industry and music world gave it a little more boom and because of that, every redhead woman in the party is ten times special. She gets an instant attention and applause because of the aura of colour red. Did you try ever?

    Red comes with wide range of shades

    You might be thinking if red is the one colour shade. Well, no, red hair extensions are extensively available in wide range of shades. So you have all the options to go with darker to mildish ones, as according to your skin colour or maybe eyes.

    Red makes you different

    I am sure, you’re aware of the blonde craze in the girls’ heads. Are you? And this has made it a bit too common. It’s not that blonde has lost its charm, but it’s just the matter of mass and individualism. Many women still hesitate to wear red hair extensions, because maybe they can’t handle the instant attention. So have little guts, red hair is going to be the turning point. It makes the famous, credible and unknown girl a star overnight.

    It’s all about how much attention you get to feel special. Now you know the reason why everyone is crazy about Red Hair Extensions, because Red is wicked

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