Winter Wedding Hairstyles

by SHOPIFY API / 25. OKT 2013


    Wedding hairstyles for long hair can be truly beautiful – the hairstyle can complement the outfit, or be the centrepiece. Your guests will be dazzled as you walk down the aisle with long, luscious fairytale hair. A woman’s wedding is her one chance to shine and for the focus to be totally on her.
    This is the one day where it’s imperative to feel truly stunning. Choosing the right hairstyle is very important, and shouldn’t be rushed – these photos will stay with you a lifetime and it’s important that every aspect of the hairstyle, from the colour to the finish, is absolutely perfect.
    Which sort of wedding are you having? A traditional wedding? If so you may like a traditional up-do, or long feminine curls down your back. However, if your wedding is more of a modern affair, you may prefer a simple low chignon. A chignon can either be a smooth or a tight hairtyle. It can be high on the back of your head, or low on your neck. It is also extremely versatile in that it can be sharp and tight, for a modern look, or loose and relaxed for a pretty and classic look. Pulling hair away from the face can really show off your beauty and leelfance and works well with most facial features. A popular hairstyle is the ‘half up-half down’ as this allows you to combine both looks, hair away from the face showing off the features, yet you can still achieve a pretty and feminine finish with loose hair flowing down your back.
    If you are having a more retro wedding, then a simple smooth ponytail is the perfect solution. Your wedding ponytail can be high on your head or low. You can also create some interesting yet simple futuristic styles with a ponytail, such as coiling it round or down your neck, or creating a braid with it. Cliphair sells clip-on ponytails in 20″ which are perfect for weddings as they can be used to create a bun or for braids.
    Wedding up-dos look stunning when complemented with jewelled hair clips. You can get some really stunning ones that complement the hairstyle perfectly and made it look stunning from both the back and the front.
    It’s very popular for brides to have their hair down on their wedding day. This looks gorgeously feminine and most brides will have their hair styled by a hairdresser on their big day. However, some brides prefer to stick to a budget and style their hair themselves.
    Clip-in hair extensions are perfect for either of these options, as they are so quick and easy to clip in, and can either be styled professionally,
     or simply styled yourself! Getting the colour match for a wedding is imperative, as the camera won’t lie! Why not get a free colour match before ordering to ensure your hair is looking perfect.

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