10 Shoulder Length Hairstyles For An Unforgettable Summer

by BRENDA L. / JUL 25, 2022



    Is your mane still recovering from a big chop? Then chances are you are now left with a shoulder-length haircut and don’t know what to do with it. Everyone out there seems to be having fun with braided tresses and edgy haircuts - and whilst you don’t really want a pair of shears to come close to your hair anytime soon, you’re wondering how to style your hair to get that shoulder-length glamour. Don’t worry - there are quite a few cute hairstyles for summer to rock even when length is not exactly your superpower!

    Tousled Hair

    Tousled hair is all the rage, and on shoulder-length layered haircuts, it’s one of the best hairstyles to rock. Edgy and glamorous at the same time, this hairstyle is the artsy version of your “bed head”. Invented for Hollywood superstars and rockstars alike, with the right products and styling you can make this style yours, for you to rock whenever you’d like. Read more about how to get tousled hair on our dedicated blog.

    Beach Waves

    Who said that beach waves are only for long hair? Flirty and peppy, this hairstyle is perfectly suitable for shoulder-length hair. If unfortunately, you can’t get that beach texturized style by swimming in crystal clear water, you can use sea-salt spray to crimp your strands naturally or a hair waver to get perfectly structured beach waves - just like at the salon!

    Half Up, Half Down

    Did you know that half-up, half-down hairstyles are the most popular option for formal events, bridal looks, and even seasonal celebrations? Curl it, braid it, twist it, embellish it with a diamante hair clip or add a claw clip for a trendy summer look; your half-up, half-down hairstyle has never looked cooler!

    Baby Braids

    Baby braids, also known as braided tendrils, are breaking the internet. I mean, after celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid gave it a go, it’s not hard to see why this cute trend has gone viral. This quick and easy hairstyle can be worn as it is, without any accessories for a boho-chic finish, or paired with colorful hair ties for a trendy and youthful effect.

    Curtain Bangs

    Also known as the face-framing layers, curtain bangs can truly change the way your hair looks, frames your face, and sits around the edges of your cheekbones. This hairstyle is a versatile option that works on any face shape and can make your dull, grown-out shoulder-length haircut glamour and trendy in a matter of minutes. If you feel like giving it a go, you can either put yourself in the hands of a hairdresser or follow the tutorial on our dedicated blog “The Face Framing Bangs Everyone Is Talking About And How To Get Them” to give yourself yet another homemade haircut.

    Switch Parting

    This is a good idea to try before getting a haircut, especially if you’re just looking to experiment temporarily prior to committing to the scissors. Switching the way your hair parts can be a good way to find out how a side-swept fringe would look on you, for example. But not only: it can give a brand new flavour to your regular long bob!

    Waterfall Braid

    This simple and cute hairstyle looks way more sophisticated than it is - pinky promise! You can work your way through your hair by braiding it loosely, for a more laid-back effect. Even though it looks so curated, this romantic look is incredibly easy to realise - and it fits shoulder-length hair magnificently.

    Blunt Bangs

    Maybe cutting your hair any further is not exactly what you’re thinking about, but don’t worry - there’s still something you can do to get that Cleopatra-inspired vibe. Did you know that you can get and remove a fringe whenever you please? No, no miracle-serum hoaxes here - just good old hair extensions! A clip-in fringe serves this and many other purposes. Pop it on and in a matter of seconds you’ll be serving a bold look. Get your clip-in fringe hair extension here.

    Retro Ponytail

    You don’t necessarily need to have long and thick hair to rock a killer ponytail - and trust me, I know what I’m talking about! After seeing the results you can get with a clip-in ponytail, I am now a believer. But I get it - wearing a long, sleek ponytail can seem unrealistic on shoulder length hair. So, what’s the deal with a clip-in ponytail hair extension? Well, one thing you can try: you can get a short clip-in ponytail here, and recreate the iconic retro pony that Bella Hadid made the whole Internet go crazy about.

    Dutch Braids

    This is not the easiest type of braid to achieve, but once you’ve mastered this skill there’s no going back. Dutch braids are cute, fun, trendy, and will keep your hair away from your face. Also dubbed a fan favourite for festival hairstyles, Dutch braids can be pepped-up with the aid of funky colored hair extensions. You can get a one-piece clip-in hair extension and apply it horizontally, to fit in your braids.


    Who said that short haired people have no fun? With the right styling technique - and the right hair accessories, even short haired people can switch things up and rock a different hairstyle this season. Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your hair away from your face or to look trendy and glamorous for a summer festival or a wedding on the beach, I hope this list helps you to make the most of your shoulder-length hair as it grows.

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