Butterfly Hair Clips - 90s Vibes For A Perfect Summer

by BRENDA L. / JUL 8, 2022

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    If you’re a millennial and always had medium to long hair, it is likely that at some point you found yourself experimenting with butterfly clips - and you might have mixed feelings about them coming back, too. But the truth is, fashion - just like history - repeats itself.

    After the edgy girl era, seeing this overturn in the world of hairstyles and fashion is refreshing - and I’m a huge fan of these colours and trends taking over the internet!

    One of the cutest trends making a comeback from the naughty 90s is the butterfly hair clip. But what are they and how do you use them? If you’d like to know more about how to style your hair with butterfly clips, this is the blog for you.

    1. What Is A Butterfly Clip?

    Well, simply put: a butterfly clip is the smaller cousin of a claw clip (also known as jaw clip) - a must-have hair accessory that recently resurfaced from the depth of the 90s/early 00s just to go viral on Instagram and TikTok. You can read more about this topic in our How To Put Your Hair In A Claw Clip.

    2. How To Put Butterfly Clips In Hair:

    Depending on what hairstyle you’re trying to achieve, there’s many ways you can wear butterfly clips in your hair. But realistically, it’s not a hard concept at all. Just like any claw-clip, you just press on the ends (usually the “wings” of a butterfly clip), pop them on your strands and release them. They will automatically close and hold onto your hair for dear life. Cool, quick, and easy!

    3. Butterfly Clips For Hair - As Seen On…

    If you’d like more inspiration, check out these celebrities and how they used butterfly hair clips to create iconic looks.

    Addison Rae

    The “He’s All That” star and social media sensation rocked her butterfly clips to seal her fashionably braided tendrils - another 90s hairstyle everyone’s talking about. This makes a perfect hairstyle for your summer. Need more inspiration? Have a look at our dedicated blog: Twisted Ideas: 15 Braided Hairstyles For Summer.

    Addison Rae

    Megan Thee Stallion

    Megan Thee Stallion

    Sleek side-swept fringe and pigtails are Megan’s go-to hairstyle to channel her retro vibe. This is an easy look to recreate - all you need is a lot of hair wax and patience. Most importantly, if your natural hair doesn’t allow you to recreate this glossy, thick pigtails you can always resort to wrap around clip-in ponytails. Check out our ponytail collection to get yours now!

    Dua Lipa

    Dua’s take on the classic butterfly clip hairstyle is extra, but always elegant. Her accessory of choice is a bigger, metallic and glamorous version of the classic small, plastic butterfly clip. You can easily recreate this look by adding clip-in hair extensions and give them soft waves for a more sophisticated finish. Get your new hair here, and learn how to curl hair extensions with our blog.

    Dua Lipa

    Chiara Ferragni

    Chiara Ferragni

    Fashion mogul Chiara Ferragni decided to give it a go too - so it must be cool, right?. The best thing you can do with a retro hair accessory like this is to style it the proper way. One of the mos popular ways to wear butterfly clips in your hair is very simple - simply pull your frontal strands away from your face and secure them with these cute little butterflies.

    4. Conclusion:

    From the infamous 90s and the looks that, until yesterday, seemed to belong to a forgotten era in the world of fashion and beauty, to red carpets and even the Met Gala (yes, Olivia Rodrigo’s butterfly clip hairstyle was one of the best… check it out on our dedicated post!). Who would’ve predicted this?

    Give it a try now, and tag us on your photo for a chance to be reshared.

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