Celebrity Lookbook: Doja Cat

by BRENDA L. / JUL 28, 2022

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    After breaking the internet following her recent argument with Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp, Doja has quickly turned the tables and made everyone talk about her for a whole different reason - 2022’s most glamorous buzzcut!

    Whilst this incredibly fierce and elegant haircut might not be an option for everyone, I decided to celebrate Doja’s fresh new look with a celebrity lookbook, in true Cliphair’s style.

    It hasn’t been easy, and although some of Doja’s hairstyles are truly iconic, I decided to keep it real and selected only the ones you could actually recreate at home. If you’re looking for unconventional glam, Doja Cat is your go-to inspirational person!

    The Sleek Ponytail

    Short and sweet, this ponytail is an emblem of elegance. The rest of her hair is straight and slicked back, and the ponytail flows silky down to shoulder length, ending in a subtle flip. Bella Hadid paired the flipped-out short ponytail to a side part for a retro vibe, and this iconic hairstyle has rapidly grown in popularity amongst celebrities and non-famous people alike. You can easily recreate this look with a wrap around ponytail hair extension. Available in three lengths, you can get your clip-in ponytail hair extension here.

    Rosé All Day

    Rose gold hair isn’t a new trend at all - its popularity peaked around 2015, which already feels like it was a lifetime ago! - but it’s still going strong. A popular choice for festival looks, ombre hair and summer hairstyles, this funky coloured shade is delicate and flirty, and it’s been a prime choice for many celebrities - including Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Megan Fox. Doja sported this hairstyle with a pointy fringe, which gives the look an edgy touch. If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair pink, you can also get matching pink hair extensions here.

    The Ginger Waves

    A soft, wavy hairstyle on its own can make you stand out with elegance and beauty - but when you pair it to a gorgeous, flaming hot red shade? Then you know you’ll have all eyes on you! Doja and her stylists know this very well, and for this photoset with Creative Director and Image Curator Jacob Webster she decided to rock a long, wavy ginger hairstyle - that she also brought on stage to stun her screaming fans. Going red? Then check out our range of red hair extensions and natural ginger hair extensions to give your mane more length and plump.

    Blonde Bombshell

    So many celebrities are adopting this look now, but Doja has to be one of the pioneers of 2022 that decided to rock platinum blonde tresses and a glamorous, light and wispy fringe! This pin up-inspired yet modern hairstyle is usually paired with a sun-kissed makeup look, light and natural when possible, with a focus on defined and glossy lips. Doja didn’t fail this aesthetic at all, an instead served a yummy photoset with Jacob Webster right before rocking this hairstyle on stage, paired with a see-thru black outfit. What an awesome pattern here… Check out our range of blonde hair extensions here.

    Tousled And Wet

    Tousled hair has been all the rage at some point - perhaps, we all just got very tired of spending an hour on our hair only every morning. By definition, tousled hair is the glammed-up version of a bed-head (you know, that hot mess aesthetic that looks so good when you wake up from a night of shenanigans), but turns out - it also makes a hot night out look (playing the anticipation game?). In this set, Doja crimped her hair with a waver and styled it for a wet finish to give it more of a beachy vibe, which I’m here for. Check out our blog to find out more about how to get tousled hair.

    The Sara Bellum Edit

    If you thought that Heidi Klum was the one celebrity that takes Halloween very seriously, then think again - Doja Cat is here to show that she enjoys the occasional cosplay too, and rightfully so! From her Kida costume (that literally broke the internet and sent her fans wild) to her Sara Bellum 2021 cosplay, the singer knows how to portray a fictional character in style, remaining loyal to its original looks. As red seems to be one of her most fitting colours, Doja’s big fluffy ginger hairdo for her Sara Bellum’s costume remains an iconic style to wear any time of the year (yes, even after the spooky season)!

    Strawberries & Cream

    It’s giving Y2K aesthetic, it’s giving Barbie, it’s… Simply iconic! This hairstyle - a sweet combination of platinum blonde and baby-pink streaks - is the perfect look for summer! And although Doja is rocking it with furry boots and what looks like a pink, furry ushanka, it’s impossible not to think of summer parties, frozen yoghurt and strawberries and cream.
    If you’d like to add pink streaks to your hair, you can buy hair extensions in single pieces and add them to your hair. Check out our funky coloured hair extensions range here.

    Y2K Princess

    Baby bangs, free-falling tendrils, a belly chain, a pair of half-up, half-down pigtails, hot pink crop top and butterfly clips. Is this 2003? Well, unfortunately no - we’re still in scary 2022 - but this Doja Cat’s photoshoot is the closest thing we could get to a time capsule! Let’s talk about hair: this jet black shade is glossy, trendy and youthful -  an absolute marvel when paired with this type of hairstyles, such as bright and colourful butterfly clips and thin, elegant face-framing tendrils. If you’d like to give this a try, you can get a pair of clip-in wrap around ponytails here and then read our blog post on everything you need to know about butterfly hair clips.

    Baby Braids

    This hairstyle has been rising in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Especially now that summer’s striking heat makes everyone want to put their hair up, any excuse to braid your hair is valid. So why not give a go to this internet trend? As the Y2K and 90s fashion takes over runways, social media and even music videos, more and more artists and celebrities are brushing the dust off some of their childhood accessories and magazines for inspiration. Baby braids have already been seen on celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Margot Robbie too!

    Money Piece Hair

    A bold Money Piece hairstyle was Doja’s choice when she hopped on the hottest trend of the past two years. Some say that face-framing highlights started off as a look designed for celebrities; some others say that when applied properly it gives your mane a naturally expensive-looking finish, hence the name. There’s no exact way to trace the precise origin of this hairstyle, but either way, the name stuck around and has eventually been adopted by stylists and magazines to describe this gorgeous two-toned look! Find out more about this hairstyle in our Money Piece Hair Blog. 


    Doja Cat is one of the most talented artists of the past five years, keeping on top of the charts with her talent and, most importantly, keeping it real with her fans and followers. This double threat singer and dancer always knows what’s up when it comes to trendsetting, stunning looks and musical artistry. Her songs have characterised more than a summer and made it to countless playlists, finally making it also to iconic soundtracks such as the one in the film Birds Of Prey and, more recently, Elvis.

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