Celebrity Lookbook: Kylie Jenner

by BRENDA L. / AUG 4, 2022

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    As Kylie’s birthday approaches, how could I not dedicate our weekly celebrity lookbook to Queen Kylie? Her new matte lipstick collection is in the making, her style and glamour are over the top, and she is looking fabulous six months after giving birth to baby Wolf.

    So, let’s have a look at her most iconic looks for the past year.

    1. Kylie Jenner Hairstyles: Criss-Cross Mini Ponytails

    Kylie is an innovator, and we all know that. She takes what has been around for decades and reinvents it, adapting it to her style and aesthetic - and, obviously, making it an instant trend. With this crisscrossed hairstyle, the top of her hair is tied up with micro hair ties, riding the wave of modernized Y2K hairstyles.

    2. Kylie Jenner Hairstyles: Messy Bun

    When it comes to Kylie, even something so popular and over-seen such as a messy bun turns into a classy, effortless-looking hairstyle. Curly and romantic, this bun - with a single, tousled tendril left out - looks expensive on its own. You can easily replicate it by inserting one-piece clip-in hair extensions to achieve more volume in your bun! Get your one-piece hair extensions here.

    3. Kylie Jenner Hairstyles: Mermaid Hair

    How to celebrate your 24th birthday? Well, many people would probably think of a club, a good restaurant, or a cake big enough so that all of your friends can feast on it. Kylie has to think about that too, and much more - starting with her looks! For her 24th birthday, she arranged waist-long beach waves to look like a proper mermaid. If length isn’t your hair’s strongest feature, you can always incorporate full-head real hair extensions to achieve the length you need to look like the queen of the seven seas.

    4. Kylie Jenner Hairstyles: Baby Braids

    We’ve seen them on Hailey Bieber, Margot Robbie, Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, Millie Bobby-Brown, and Dua Lipa… Will we ever have enough of this Y2K fashion return? Probably not. Baby braids are cute, comfortable, and easy to replicate! Kylie gives them a twist (pun intended) by wrapping them together instead of plaiting them. Try before you deny, with our baby braids tutorial.

    5. Kylie Jenner Hairstyles: Redhead

    To some, red is the color of fall, to others, it’s a natural shade to wear with pride, and to some others again it’s a lifestyle to live and breathe. It doesn’t matter what category you fall into, if you’re thinking of trying red hair for the first time, this sultry auburn shade is a must-try! Interested in red hair? Then check out our range of red human hair extensions to give your tresses more volume and length.

    6. Kylie Jenner Hairstyles: Wheat Blonde

    Some say blondes have more fun - but I’m sure Kylie knows how to have her daily fun regardless of the shade she’s wearing. Known for being a bit of a chameleon, Kylie Jenner likes to switch hair extensions and wigs every now and then to spice her looks up. As a blonde, she looks absolutely stunning! This wheaty blond - a shade worn by fellow celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Lucy Hale, and Cara Delevingne - compliments warm and neutral skin tones perfectly. If you’d like to know more, check out our blog about how to choose a new hair color.

    7. Kylie Jenner Hairstyles: Half-up High Ponytail

    This hairstyle is absolutely iconic, and more and more celebrities are giving it a go. Flirty and playful but also incredibly classy, the half-up high ponytail is a sleek look that can give a huge kick to any outfit. Feeling brave? Then give it a go by applying a wrap-around clip-in ponytail hair extension. Quick and easy to apply, this human hair clip-in hair accessory is a must-have for any trendsetter and fashionista.

    8. Kylie Jenner Hairstyles: Flipped Out Ends

    You’ve probably seen this look breaking the internet at some point - and although it isn’t too easy to realize on longer tresses, it can rock the world of shoulder-length haircuts.

    Classy and trendy at the same time, it is still classified as a Y2K trend - something that we saw taking over fashion magazines’ covers and Instagram feeds altogether. You can also use this technique on a mini wrap-around clip-in ponytail, pairing it with a deep-side part to recreate the infamous Bella Hadid’s retro ponytail.

    9. Kylie Jenner Hairstyles: The Fluffy Blowout

    Love it or hate it, the big 90s blowout is back. Kylie gave it her own personal touch, pairing it with a side part and slightly flipped inwards ends. This hair color, a “darkest brown” type of shade, suits her complexion perfectly - making her own signature lipstick stand out.

    If you’re thinking of surrendering to this lovely look and giving it a go - but you’re also afraid you lack the manual skills with blow dryer and hairbrush, you can always resort to jumbo Velcro rollers to achieve it. Check out our ultimate Velcro rollers guide to know more!

    10. Kylie Jenner Hairstyles: Yellow Light

    A bright yellow shade isn’t exactly easy to rock, but when you’re a member of one of the most influential families in America there’s not much that can scare you in terms of fashion and beauty. And if you own a cosmetics empire too, then the world is your oyster! Kylie is one of the few brave celebrities that have worn lemon-colored tresses with incredible class, making it a trendy hairstyle no matter the occasion. If you’re thinking of going yellow too - or even just adding a touch of color to your tresses, then feel free to add a few bright strands with hair extensions (so you don’t have to commit to bleach and hair dye!). Get your funky-colored hair extensions here.

    11. Conclusion:

    Kylie is one of the most followed influencers and trendsetters in the world, and it’s easy to see why. With her impeccable sense of fashion and her adaptability to trends and fashion, she slays any look she tries - without even trying. Are you a fan of the Kardashian-Jenner family? Then check out our celebrity lookbook dedicated to her sister! Click here to read about Khloe Kardashian hairstyles. Happy styling - and happy birthday Kylie!

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