Everything You Need To Know About The Flat Weft

by BRENDA L. / OCT 19, 2023

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    Hey, weave fans! There's a new contender in town – we just added the Flat Weft Hair Extensions to our roster of Remy Royale tresses. These extensions have taken the hair and beauty world by storm as an improved, sturdier, and more discreet option compared to the classic lace weave weft. But what is it about the flat track hair extensions that makes them so special? Who is it for, and how is it different from the classic weave weft hair extensions? Let’s take a closer look at this new entry in the Cliphair range. 

    What Are Flat Weft Hair Extensions?

    Uniquely redesigned with a brand new material, the new Flat Weft is significantly less bulkier on the seams when compared to our classic lace weft. Whilst they are both great options, people with finer hair may prefer the flat track hair extension as they stay virtually undetectable even in thinner manes! Remarkably versatile, the new flat weft hair extensions stand out as a more inclusive type of weft, ideal for achieving gorgeous sew-in makeovers, or the ever popular LA weave transformation. Whether you have fine or thick hair, these extensions seamlessly blend in, adding both volume, thickness and length to natural hair. 

    What does Remy Royale mean?

    Remy Royale is how we decided to name our double-drawn collection. It is made of Remy hair, but higher in quality and… Well, they are simply deluxe, hence the name. This luxury selection is 100% made of carefully selected, high-quality strands that are cuticle-aligned to fight frizziness and tangling, for hair extensions that look fuller, thicker, shinier, and simply healthier. 


    Why are they called “flat”?

    The new and improved design on the seam and the new material make it thinner than the classic lace seam – for a finish that is less bulky at the roots, and overall more discreet.  Flat track hair extensions remain hidden and virtually undetectable even in finer tresses, becoming the most versatile option for weave fans all over the world.


    How long do flat weft hair extensions last?

    This type of weft hair extensions is quite versatile and can be used for many different hair extension jobs – so the re-fitting appointments would vary depending on what you use them for. They can be glued, sewn in, used to recreate glamorous LA weaves, or even get employed to become crafty custom clip ins. The same hair can be reused for multiple appointments, given that it’s properly looked after! Double-drawn, 100% Remy human hair that can last from 6 to 12 months and keep you (or your customers) looking gorgeous for a very long time. 


    Can you reuse flat track hair extensions?

    Yes! With a longevity that spaces from 6 to 12 months, flat weft hair extensions can be reused for multiple hair extensions appointments.

    Flat Weft Hair Extensions Suitable For Everyone

    How are flat weft extensions so popular? Well, the main reason is within the range of hair types they cater to. From fine, medium, and even thicker tresses – flat track hair extensions are the perfect tool for a complete makeover. Short to long, or simply to add some bounce and volume to your natural look, the choice is yours.

    Flat Weft Extensions For Short Hair

    Tired of your trendy long bob or midi cut? Say no more – you can now transform it in a day with the help of a super glamorous weave, thanks to flat weft hair extensions. This type of extensions can be used for short to long makeovers without ever being too obvious. Style it however you prefer: silky smooth for a sleek appearance, or all curled up for a bouncy and elegant finish.

    Flat Weft Weave For Thick Hair

    Thick hair? No problem – with its double drawn gorgeousness, the flat weft will seamlessly blend in with thicker hair, for a big and full look that is simply too good to be true. If you’re a fan of glamorous hairdos that don’t lack in dimension, depth, and thickness, this hair extensions type is  definitely for you.

    Weave Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

    If you’ve got finer hair, how can a type of permanent hair extensions that works wonders on short, blunt cuts or thicker tresses be for you? Don’t worry, this is where the beauty of flat weft hair extensions comes in so handy! A thin yet sturdy seam that hides seamlessly in your natural hair, and double drawn tresses that replenish your mane with body and fullness from roots to ends will bless you with the makeover of a lifetime.

    Minimal Shedding And Tangling: The Weave Weft You Can Trust!

    What’s worse than hair extensions that tangle easily and shed copiously every time you brush your tresses? When you invest in a fresh hair extensions makeover, seeing your precious new hair falling off from flimsy seams can be discouraging. Whilst we worked hard to keep our lace seam up to the expectations and standards of our customers, when developing a new, thinner and more discreet option for fine-haired beauties we decided to improve our seam even further. This is why we went all out and picked a new material that is sturdier and retains the hair even better, all whilst being so thin you won’t even notice it. 

    Double Drawn Hair Extensions: Cost-Effective And Long-Lasting

    Investing in quality hair extensions can be a game-changer for your look, and we know it. This is why all our flat weft hair extensions are made of 100% human Remy Royale hair – double-drawn from thickness from root to tip, guaranteeing a hair transformation that looks fuller and healthier, with unmatched shine, softness and manageability: having gorgeous tresses doesn’t need to break the bank! Take care of your Remy Royale hair properly, and it will love you back. In fact, the hair in our luxury Remy Royale collection can last for up to 12 months!

    Versatile Application For Your Unique Style

    How many things can you do with the new flat track weave? The world is your oyster, thanks to its incredible versatility. Whether you're a fan of the LA Weave, prefer the classic Sew-In for a total transformation, go all the way with a Micro Ring weave for a faster application, or even opt for a Glue-In Weave that will pass the test of time, the flat weft weave will be up for the task. These extensions can also be used for crafty custom-made hair extensions jobs, or to create your very own clip-ins for a specific hair transformation.


    The flat weft hair extensions are a revolutionary addition to the Cliphair ranks, and we are excited to see how you will employ them for your next best hair transformation! Cost-effective, long-lasting, and performing like the luxury product that it is, this type of extensions is significantly growing in popularity all over the world, and we are proud of being finally able to provide it to our customers and partner salons. Check out our range and place the order that will change your hair game forever. What are you waiting for? 

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