Collection: Professional hair extensions Remy Royale Flat Weft Hair Extensions

A brand new take on the classic weave weft, our Flat Weft hair extensions got an improved design for an even more discreet, seamless, and natural-looking finish. First of all, the weft's seam itself: we swapped our classic lace for a new material that combats odour, has a sturdier hair retention, and tangles less easily - for you to enjoy luscious, voluminous tresses without bulkiness. Discover the revolution in our range of permanent hair extensions!


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Made of 100% double-drawn Remy hair, the Flat Weft is made of hand-selected strands that share the same length. This range, also known as Remy Royale here at Cliphair, is a luxurious option that features unmatched shine, softness, and manageability - always guaranteeing a fuller, thicker finish.

Perfect to create custom-made hair extensions, LA weaves and classic sew-ins, flat weave hair extensions are the future of weave hair makeovers!

Why Buy Cliphair's Flat Track Hair Extensions?

Supreme quality, little prices, and the unique experience of shopping with Cliphair make choosing our flat weft weave extensions a no-brainer. Cuticle-aligned and hand-picked to have the same thickness from root to tip, Cliphair’s flat track hair extensions know no rivals. Add free colour matching and personalised hair advice to the recipe, and there you have it: the reason why we are chosen by hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.

Styling Tips, Haircare & Maintenance

Here are some essential tips for maintaining your hair extensions in shape, so that they can be re-used for a maintenance/refitting appointment.

  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair extensions
  • Prevent tangles, knotting, and matting by using a hair extensions-friendly brush
  • Ensure your hair is secured in a loose braid or ponytail when sleeping
  • Prior to styling, apply a generous amount of heat protection spray to safeguard your hair from any heat damage


How long do flat weft extensions last?

If taken care of properly, the flat track weave extensions can last from 6 to 12 months!

Can you wear your hair up with flat weft extensions?

Yes, thanks to the super-discreet flat seam, flat weft hair extensions stay hidden even when you wear your hair up.

How do you apply flat weft extensions?

Flat weft extensions can be used for different purposes. Some crafty hair stylists cut them and customise them to create one-piece hair extensions (sometimes even by using clips!), whilst some others stick to more traditional applications such as the sew-in, or modern makeover techniques such as the LA weave (or celebrity weave).