Get an instant fringe without cutting your hair this lockdown!

by SHOPIFY API / NOV 20, 2020


    The first lockdown showed us all that boredom can take it out from our hair. We have seen many unfortunate hair cuts on all around the internet.

    cur your fringe
    While some just tried to fix the split ends, some went all in and tried to cut fringes.
    Let’s not to the same mistake this time!

    Fringes are one of the best ways to change your look.

    Why fringes are amazing, you ask?
    - A 5-inch hair cut may not show itself immediately but a new fringe will always shout that something is different about you.
    - There is always a fringe style that will work for everyone. Some may prefer it short; some may leave it longer. Or even more layered. Wear them as curtain fringes and show a bit of your forehead. Or cut them straight and curl.
    - Fringes make even the simplest hair glam! Don’t you have time to do your hair? Just fix your fringes and make a messy bun. You will look a million dollars!
    - One other reason some people prefer to have fringes is that they can hide their problematic skin. Especially if you are having pimples on your forehead, fringes are great to hide them.
    - Fringes also balance out your face perfectly. Your hair will always frame your face as you wish. And fringes just give you that amazing flexibility to play around.

    But a wrong cut can cause you to be enemies with the mirror.
    Our best recommendation? Don’t cut your hair, use fringe clip-ins!
    Even expert hairdressers don’t cut their own hair! So, you may not want to risk your being have to stay hidden under a hat for a month.


    Our fringe clip-ins come in many colours to match your hair! And if you are not sure about which colour would fi the best, our experts offer free colour matching.
    Simply contact us, get your free colour matching, and order your fringe clip-ins. No one will know you are wearing hair extensions!

    If you don’t take our word, look at some of our amazing customers.



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