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When you want to completely change the look of your hair, a clip in fringe is a great way to switch things up in seconds. Read More


A Clip On Fringe Lets You Try A Fringed Hairstyle

Let’s face it. Every woman has sat in a salon looking at bangs hairstyles and wondering whether to take the plunge. But the problem is, while a fringed hairstyle can take years off your face and be flattering and face framing, natural fringes can be a pain. They need daily styling, regular trims, and if you decide they don’t suit you, you end up in the awkward ‘growing out’ phase for months on end.

A clip on fringe allows you to get bangs in seconds, whenever you want, without the commitment of a real fringe. If you’re on the fence about getting a fringe, consider buying a clip on fringe and giving it a try at home. You can vary the length and see what works for your face, without needing to take the chop.

Want to experiment more with your style? Considering adding some of our tape in hair extensions to see what you look like with longer hair, or one of our clip in ponytail extensions to see if a sleek ponytail suits you.

Get The Perfect Colour Match With Our Clip In Bangs

One of the most important things when choosing clip in bangs is making sure you get the right colour. Our colour matching service is free, so you can be sure you’re getting a shade that complements your natural colour. This will ensure your fringe blends in seamlessly with the rest of your hair. At Cliphair you’ll find everything from clip on bangs for black hair to a blonde hair fringe and bright, bold colours, so there’s bound to be one to match your natural hair. If you feel confident to match your desired fringe colour yourself, always look for a colour that is closer to your roots and mid-lengths than your ends

Clip In Fringe Bangs Can Completely Change Your Look In Seconds

Sometimes, you want a new look without too much fuss, especially if you’re in a hurry in the mornings. Since fringe bangs can change your look so much, our clip-on bangs can be an easy way to introduce something new. With just three clips, you can get fringe bangs in seconds and be out the door.

Human hair fringe bangs extensions aren’t just for those with long hair, although they do look great with long locks or bobs. Those with short haircuts can also suit a fringe, and our clips work with shorter hair strands too.

Clip-in Bangs Let You Try Different Types Of Fringe

If you’ve had a fringe before, but found it didn’t suit you, then our clip-in bangs can let you experiment. Different fringes suit different face shapes, and clip-in bangs allow you to try longer or shorter fringes to see what works. Because they only take seconds to clip in and you can experiment whenever you like.

Because our bangs are made from real human hair, they can be styled easily. If you need textured bangs to work with wavy hair, then you can curl our bangs. You can try long side-swept bangs or short, blunt bangs, each style suits different face shapes.

If you already have a fringe that’s too short or thin, then clip ins work well as fringe extensions. Full fringes are currently on-trend, and they allow you to easily get a full fringe by adding volume to your natural hair. Fringe extensions for thinning hair can be good for those who want to cover a hairline that is slightly thinning, and it frames your face nicely.

When people have had the same haircut for years, it can be difficult to take the plunge and try something new, especially something dramatic like a fringe. This is an excellent way to quickly change your style whenever you feel like it and can be done whenever you’re heading out the door.

A Clip In Human Hair Fringe Gives You A Natural Finish

Your fringe is one of the things people notice first about your face. That’s why, when you are choosing a clip in fringes, the emphasis should be on getting a natural look. A clip in human hair fringe is the most natural way to get a fake fringe, so you can be sure nobody can tell it’s a clip-in.

Human hair is the best choice for any sort of hair extensions, and a clip in human hair fringe is no exception. When you look for a clip in fringe in the UK, you’ll find lots of inexpensive options such as false fringes that are made from acrylic hair, but these can be stiff, uncomfortable, and look obviously fake. It’s better to shop for a human hair clip in fringe in the UK from Cliphair and get the most natural look possible.

One of the other reasons why our bangs clip on hair extensions also look natural is that they aren’t just cut straight across. These fringes are shaped like natural bangs, with framing tendrils at either side, so they are flattering and look like they’re part of your natural hair.

Fringe Too Short? Our Fringe Hair Extensions Save Face

Every woman has suffered a disastrous haircut at some point in their life, and unfortunately if your fringe is cut too short, this can be particularly unflattering. That’s where fringe hair extensions can help. You can wear real hair fringe extensions over your own natural hair until it grows to a more flattering length.

The great thing about our real hair fringe extensions is that they are easy to wear and comfortable enough to keep in all day. Just clip in our fringe hair extensions and head for work or a night out, without feeling self-conscious about your fringe.

A fringe that’s too short can have the opposite effect of the usual flattering properties. Blunt, too short fringes can accentuate the wrong features, so it’s worth considering a false fringe until you can grow it out a little.

Clip On Bangs Can Give You A More Youthful Look

Fringes can suit a wide range of face shapes and our clip on bangs can give you a more youthful look. Add clip in fringe extensions and you instantly cover forehead lines and wrinkles, as well as bringing out your eyes and accentuating your cheekbones. If you want an age defying haircut, try our clip on bangs made from 100% human hair and see how they can take years off in seconds.

A fringe can also make you look younger, as it simply makes your look more put-together and sleek. Fringes are high maintenance, which is why a lot of women do not bother with them, so when you have a fringe, people assume you’ve put a lot of effort into your looks. However, you’ll know the truth, that you’ve simply spent some time clipping in your fringe in the morning.

Shop Cliphair For A Remy Clip In Fringe Hair Pieces Today

At Cliphair, it’s easy to find a real hair clip in fringe. Available in a range of colours and shades, it’s also easy to find a Remy human hair clip in fringe to match your natural hair, and we offer free, easy shipping, so you can get your product as quickly as possible. Browse our range of fringe hair pieces above and add to your cart today.


Can You Style Customise A Clip-In Fringe?

Yes! As our clip in fringes are made from human hair they can be cut, styled, washed and dyed just like your own hair. The only thing you must not do is bleach or lighten the extensions as this can damage the quality and reduce the lifespan.

How To Put In Clip In Fringe?

The Fringe piece has 3 clips and a mesh seam that is positioned at the front of the head. As the pieces all come in one size you may need to trim or style the fringe to fit your head shape. For more details check out our guide to using our Clip In fringe here.

Can You Wear A Clip-In Fringe With Side Parting?

Yes! You can wear your fringe piece however you like it, as its made from human hair you can cut, brush or heat style it to achieve your desired look.

Do Clip In Fringes Look Natural?

Some patience and practice is all it takes to get your clip-in fringe to blend with your own hair. You can wear as a full fringe, a side fringe or as curtain bangs. Many people also like to style their fringe piece with a bandana or a headband to disguise the seam even more.

How To Fix A Receding Hairline?

If you are struggling with a receding hairline a fringe piece can be used to cover the very front section of the head. For the most natural, blended result its best to get a close colour match so the extensions merge seamlessly.