Prom Hairstyles 2013

by SHOPIFY API / JUN 20, 2013


    Every girl wants to look fabulous at her prom, and having gorgeous hair is essential! Prom is a great excuse to get glammed up and experiment with your hairstyle. Whether you go for a stylish up-do, or loose, flowing locks, extensions are a great way to make an impression. Cliphair’s 100% Remy human hair extensions can be styled just like your own hair, and are great to boost volume, thickness and length.


    Funky Shades and Streaks


    Why not take an edgy twist on the traditional prom style and rock some on trend colourful streaks in your hair?

    With Cliphair’s range of streaks and highlighted hair extensions, you can create a funky style without the need for hairdye. These come as a set of eight two inch wide pieces, in a range of bright colours. You could even match your hair to your dress! Best of all, you can take them out for school or work – saving the time and effort of using hairdye.

    Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera both pull off this look to perfection.


    Futuristic Ponytail


    A great versatile style is the simple ponytail, which can be adjusted whether you want the style to be soft, pretty and elegant or sharp and futuristic.

    For a gentle style, adjust the front of your hair, perhaps wearing the front sections in soft curls framing your face. For a more sophisticated look, you could slick your hair back with hairspray and wear a high ponytail. Big quiffs also scream glamour and look gorgeous paired with statement jewellery.

    Cliphair sell 20 inch clip-on ponytails in a range of shades which are made from 100% Remy human hair and can be curled, straightened and styled just as you style your own hair. These can be clipped on in a matter of minutes and guarantee fast glamour!


    Full Fringe


    Why not surprise all of your friends with a transformation at prom? Full fringes can totally change your look, and you’re bound to be the centre of attention with a new hairstyle. Favoured by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, clip-on fringes are a fabulous way to gain a fringe without having to pick up the scissors! Cliphair sell 100% human hair fringes which look gorgeous paired with either a stylish up do, or loose locks. Perfect if you’d like a fringe but are a little nervous about going for the chop!



    Pretty Up-Do


    The traditional prom hairstyle is of course a pretty up-do, as seen here on Demi Lovato. You don’t need to fork out a fortune at the hairdressers to achieve this look, it’s easer than it looks.

    Firstly apply your extensions. Apply them upside down, gripping to the hair above the parting, rather than below as usual. This will ensure no lumps and bumps appear. Make sure that when clipping them in, you don’t place any too close to the bottom, sides or top of your hair – so that they won’t be seen when your hair is up.

    Next tie your hair in a ponytail at the height you’d like it. You could even place it on the side of your head for a funky twist.

    Take small strands of the ponytail one at a time and pin in loops with grips that match your own hair colour when your whole ponytail has been done, the hairband will no longer be visible! This style can be worn slicked back at the front, with loose waves or a big quiff! Don’t forget to apply plenty of hairspray to keep your style in place all night.



    Tumbling Waves


    Soft, loose waves look ultra sophisticated and stylish, especially when worn with an on trend centre parting. These are really easy to create with your Cliphair hair extensions, using either your straighteners in a waving motion along the length of the extensions, or using a curling tong. The method with the straighteners will create more of a beach wave look, while the curling tong will provide more of a ringlet curl which can be brushed to relax.

    Alternatively, you might like to try ready-made wavy hair extensions from Cliphair. These are hair extensions which have been cured to create pretty waves, which will stay even after washing. Perfect if you have trouble getting curls to stay in your hair!


    How will you be wearing your hair for prom? We would love to see your styles and hear what you’re planning to do with your extensions for prom! Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest or Google +!

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