The Very Best Of #hairtok September 2022

by BRENDA L. / SEP 16, 2022


    Hi gorgeous! And welcome to a new chapter of our Best Of #hairtok! If you’re new here, welcome - this is where, once a month, we talk about the hottest trends on TikTok - the ultimate Gen Z bible for anything fashion, beauty, skincare and haircare.

    If you’re a seasoned reader of our blog, then you know you’re in for some interesting content. So, what does #hairtok have to say about hair care tips, trends and unconventional DIY methods this month? Let’s find out together!

    Braided Hairstyle Ideas

    It’s good to see that waves, braids and plaits hairstyles are still going strong even after summer has come to an end! This super cute hairstyle is perfect for a back to school look, but even for a night out with your friends or a romantic date. 

    @thepamperedskin_ Another fave go-to hairstyle!!!! 🤩 #hairstyles #fyp #hairtutorials #y2khairstyle #schoolhairstyles #hairinspo #summerhairstyles #hairtok ♬ first class - favsoundds

    Hair Parting Tips

    Well, I hope that none of you is doing this, for real. Always use a hairbrush and - even better - a rat tail comb to part your hair! Not your fingers, big no no for me. And this TikTok user agrees!

    @audreyvictoria_ The difference is shocking 🤯 #hairtok #hairparting ♬ original sound - Esteve

    The Secret To A Shiny Blowout

    Are you looking forward to trying the infamous glass hair trend as seen on Kim Kardashian? This hair look needs your cuticles to be laying down and be perfectly sealed. You can use some products to help you achieve this during the process, however your blow-drying technique is essential, especially if you’re wearing human hair extensions! This TikTok user knows - and on the video, you can also see the difference between hair that has been blow-dried properly and that didn’t. If you’d like to know more about how to get glassy hair, check out our dedicated blog: Friday On Trend: What Is Glass Hair And How To Get It.

    @golabbeauty #shinyhair #healthyhair #hairtok ♬ blood sweat and tears by BTS - Tik Toker

    The Clean Girl Slick Bun

    Everyone is falling in love with the clean girl aesthetic, and it’s easy to see why: neutral colors, simple outfits, minimalistic makeup and clean haircuts are the definition of “that girl”, the one that keeps a deliciously crafted journal, has expensive scented candles in her apartment and has a customized water bottle. You get the type. I have talked more in detail about how to get the clean girl aesthetic here, and this TikTok user shows how to achieve one of the clean girl essential hairstyles: the slick bun.

    @ashlynnrudzinski #slickbun #hairtok ♬ original sound - Lily Kincade

    Killer Ponytail

    TikTok brought the world a tutorial on how to get a voluminous, bouncy ponytail in a matter of minutes. For some, unfortunately, this is not so simple. Sometimes you miss the right length and thickness in your hair to simply resort to this trick for a fluffy ponytail. But what you can do is get a wrap-around ponytail hair extension! Grab your clip-in ponytail hair extensions here. High and fierce, bubble braids, space buns, messy bun, low-pony: the world is your oyster with this incredible hair piece!

    @quintymirjam Follow 4 more hairstyles 🤍 #hairtok #hairstyle ♬ It's Corn - Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy

    Hair Rollers Hairstyles For Life

    We’ve seen how big, bouncy blowouts have been on the rise lately, and retro blowouts followed right after. Inspired by 90s supermodels such as Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford, these hairstyles have all of a sudden comeback. You can read more about how to curl hair extensions here.

    @sofiagrindelandd take my hairrollers out with me again🌸 #fyp #viral #hairtok #hairrollers ♬ original sound - lanasmonkeys

    The Importance Of Scalp Treatments

    Everyone declares this crazy love about their hair, but almost nobody seems to be thinking of their scalp. Scalp treatments such as oiling and detoxing are extremely important to your hair’s health and beauty. Find out more about how to detox your hair here.

    @kayli.boyle for shiny healthy hair🤎 #hairtok #haircareroutine ♬ this is love - whosjoody

    How To Oil Hair

    What do you mean “I don’t oil my hair, since it’s already greasy?” nonsense my dear - my scalp has always been so greasy I had to wash it every day (that was, obviously, before realizing that I was simply not following the correct hair care routine for my scalp!). Either way, oiling your tresses (and sometimes your scalp!) is a real game changer. Find out what hair oil is the best for your hair here.

    @thepurebeauty Why haven’t you tried oiling your hair to grow your hair?! 😭#HowDoYouMist #hairtok #tiktokmademebuyit ♬ Jiggle Jiggle - Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux

    Hailey Bieber Hair Tutorial

    Hailey’s looks go easily viral - and honestly I don’t blame TikTok users that take her looks as an inspiration. Simple yet elegant and sophisticated at the same time, Hailey Bieber is the epitome of classy and it’s easy to say that perhaps she’s unknowingly been the trailblazer for the clean girl aesthetic trend. 

    @nitsanraiter @Hailey Bieber thank you queen 🤍 #hairtok #haileybieber #hairtutorial #dyson ♬ About Damn Time - Lizzo


    Thank you for reading yet another #hairtok dedicated post! Stay tuned for the latest viral hair hacks and tutorials. As a new season approaches, I’m curious to see what will pop up on our next dedicated post and what new trends will arise from the depth of the internet… I’m still waiting for an 80s revival!

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