What Color Clothes Suit Ginger Hair

by BRENDA L. / SEP 19, 2023

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    You guys know it already – I have widely spoken about the captivating beauty of ginger hair in the past, especially around this time of the year, with #nationalloveyourredhairday coming closer and closer. I have mentioned how to revive red hair color, I have talked about my favourite makeup products for redheads and the best shampoo for ginger hair, but… what about clothing? That’s right, today’s guide will be all about red haired fashionistas and how to choose the best colors to make that fiery mane pop. Whether you have light ginger hair, vibrant red locks, or velvety auburn tresses, I’ll make sure you find the perfect hues to compliment your red hair when choosing your next wardrobe staples! 

    The Science of Finding Clothing Colors that Suit your Red Hair

    Have you ever seen those videos or images about how the color of a lipstick can dramatically change the appearance of your overall makeup look? Colour theory doesn’t apply only to beauty products and hair shades, but also to clothing too. Understanding the color wheel is a great starting point for discovering which shades can enhance your look and make your colour stand out nicely, ultimately leading to you finding the best hues to with your ginger hair. And just like for the Little Mermaid, red hair’s complementary colors are often found on the green side of the color chart.

    What Color Suits Light Ginger Hair Best?

    If you have light ginger hair, consider yourself lucky. In fact, copper and bright ginger hair have the widest range of flattering shades, working exceptionally well with soft pastels, earthy tones, warm neutrals, and pretty much every shade of green and teal. Think of baby blue, mint green, soft yellow, and sandy beige as your best allies! Not a fine of light, pastel tones? Add olive green, khaki and bright coral hues to your arsenal instead.

    What Color Goes Best with Vibrant Red Hair?

    Cherry and vibrant red tones make a bold statement on their own, pairing strikingly with precious hues such as sapphire blue, emerald green, and even amethyst purple in some cases. Black clothing will make your hair stand out even more; teal, mustard yellow and Sienna red are an option too, especially if you prefer a more delicate, old-school aesthetic. Neutrals once again are an optimal choice, although you should pay attention to the intensity of your chosen shades. Consider burnt orange as well, to add vibrancy to your bright red hair with a ton-sur-ton effect. 

    What Color Works Best with Rich Auburn Hair?

    Is your hair tinted in a rich and velvety auburn shade? This gorgeous and warm mix of red and brown tones can be complemented by earthy and autumnal colour – that you can play around with all year round. Bottle and forest green, chestnut brown, chocolate leather details and spicy cinnamon shades can work wonders on auburn hair, creating a flaming hot contrast! Burgundy and deep plum, instead, are the perfect options to bring to life the red undertones in your auburn hair, making your mane pop with newly found warmth.

    Finish Your Look with Red Hair Extensions

    Ready to finish your perfect look? Now that you know how to arrange your outfits, it’s time to think about your hair. Enhance your red tresses’ natural beauty and explore Cliphair’s collection of red hair extensions! Perfect to add volume and thickness for a fuller, dimensional look with improved bounce and extra oomph factor, ginger hair extensions can also be used to add some extra length and recreate the hairstyles of your dreams. 


    So, what colours go with red hair? Neutral shades work universally to bring ginger tresses to life, with jewel tones such as emerald green, amethyst purple, and sapphire blue adding to the roster for those with richer, more intense red hair. Delicate shades of brown, teal, and burgundy fall in this category too, being particularly indicated for deep auburn tresses.

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