Which Red Is Best For You?

by BRENDA L. / DEC 16, 2022

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    Are you looking to hop on the red train? Being a redhead is a full-time commitment, that’s true, but once you treat your tresses to a fiery shade rest assured, it will be the present that keeps on giving. Going red will surely make you get noticed, and although it’s a very demanding shade I have to admit, there’s something absolutely unique about a woman that rocks red hair.

    1. How To Choose A Red Shade?

    When choosing a red shade, it's mandatory you keep in consideration a few key points that will make your new hairstyle pop and go in harmony with the rest of your complexion, fashion style, and makeup preferences. Your skin undertone, for example, is the one thing to start with - as it will define how your new hue will complement your natural palette. Last but not least, your eye color, a few wardrobe changes, and ultimately your budget will help you make the right decision.

    2. Cool Undertones

    If your skin has a cool undertone (the veins on your wrists tend to look blue rather than green, and silver jewellery looks divine on you), you can easily warm things up with flaming hot shades meant to give you a glowing, healthy look. Consider deep and rich in colour shades such as copper, strawberry, deep red or a warm mix of cinnamon tones. These types of reds make cool undertones look naturally brighter and lively, and are suitable for lots of different hairstyles to spice things up on a special occasion.

    Strawberry Blonde

    This shade is the perfect mix between blonde and ginger, to keep things light and easy, but with a slight kick to it. Sydney Sweeney, Emma Stone and Bella Thorne are three celebrities that have been spotted rocking this romantic shade, and look absolutely lovely in it! If you’re a blonde looking to go red without making a dramatic change, wearing this blushy, peachy shade will do the trick without missing out on being trendy. Explore our range of strawberry blonde hair extensions to bring your natural tresses to life with new hairstyles, adding volume and/or length.

    Cinnamon Swirl

    Cinnamon Swirl was born mixing the creamy, punchy and spicy x factors present in two of our best-selling red shades - designed for those who want to look natural but without settling for flat, 2D finish in their hair. This scrumptious-looking shade will look deliciously extra on its own, and brings wonderful texture and depth on bouncy blowouts in an authentic way, making you look and feel like a redhead celebrity. Gorgeously texturized with a fusion of sultry auburn and bright flashes of Strawberry Blonde, Cinnamon Swirl human hair extensions will bring your curls and bouncy blowouts to life like nothing else. 

    Autumn Spice

    Here's to bright, natural shades that keep a sassy attitude without missing out on looking classy and sophisticated. This authentic blend of red undertones maintains perfect balance in harmony with the naturally deep, fiery intensity and a paler saturation, resulting in an ethereal, foxy finish that will leave you (and everyone else) stunned. Zesty and with a velvety look to it, Autumn Spice is the perfect redhead shade that will look as natural as possible whilst bringing you that glossy glamour with a multitude of hairstyles, from classy Hollywood waves to thick, fluffy retro blowouts a la Farrah Fawcett.

    3. Warm Undertones

    Flip the script with sultry shades such as Cherry Red, Dark Auburn and Bright Red to make your complexion pop, giving you a naturally flushed, romantic look whilst looking drop-dead gorgeous and trendy. These are the shades seen on celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Doja Cat and Kim Kardashian.

    Cherry Red

    This is an old school shade of red, inspired by fruit such as plums and cherries (hence the name). If you’re a 90s kid just like me, you’re probably extremely familiar with such color - it was, after all, one of the most popular hair color options in the early 00s. Back in the days, if someone said they wanted to dye their hair red, rest assured that this was probably what they meant. It’s good to know that Cherry Red is back! To add a touch of glamour to your hair, try adding Cherry Red hair extensions for the ultimate hairdo.

    Dark Auburn

    Dark auburn keeps the sultry look of a deep, metallic scarlet shade and mixes it with the naturally mysterious appearance of a dark-haired redhead. This shade is perfect for those who'd like to experience the warmth and foxiness red hair can bring, without going too light or bright. If you're a brunette considering red as your next jaw-dropping makeover, this famously popular shade could be what you're looking for. Even in cinema and TV, dark auburn tresses have often been adopted as the final design for incredible characters such as The Scarlet Witch and Black Widow from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Get a ravishing red makeover that doesn't scream for attention: get your Dark Auburn hair extensions to step up your red hair game.

    Bright Red

    When red isn’t red enough, bright red sets the record straight and pushes the limits for you. This punchy, lively shade will function as an unapologetically loud business card. If you’re looking for a hair colour that naturally draws attention without making an effort, rest assured Bright Red will get the job done in a stylish, avantgarde way. Chosen by celebrities such as Dianne Buswell, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, Bright Red is a great hair colour to wear and have fun with. Definitely not for the faint-hearted. Feeling brave? Arrange this shade in all of your favourite hairstyles, and see how even the simplest ponytail gets a whole new flavour. Grab your Bright Red hair extensions and get your “Look At Me, I’m Famous” look now!

    4. Neutral Undertones

    People whose skin has a neutral undertone or have that have been blessed with olive skin have access to an extended palette of colours to choose from. They can never go wrong with pretty much any shade they choose, and are particularly suited for those hues that have an ashy feeling to it. Because of its naturally warm look, red hair is extremely versatile and leaves neutral-undertone people with lots of options.

    Light Auburn

    Light Auburn is a light and delicate red shade with paler intensity and a blushy, ethereal feeling to it. Some say that red hair naturally stands out during the colder days, but this romantic and adventurous shade proves them wrong by looking flawlessly trendy 24/7, all year around. Creamy and compact, light auburn hair has been the shade of choice for numerous celebrities across the world, such as runway icons Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner! Ready to feel like catwalking your way into a new hairstyle? Get Light Auburn hair extensions now.

    Mahogany Red

    Are you in love with red hair but don't like the idea of going light? Think of Mahogany Red as your next move and embrace its sultry, mysterious and witchy vibe. Its vibrant mix of red and violet looks unapologetically glamorous and fabulously retro, with a somewhat 90s or even Y2K energy. Sold yet? Add body and thickness to your mahogany mane by wearing Mahogany hair extensionsIf you're trying to find out where does this deja-vu feeling come from as you lay your eyes on the glossy, metallic vibrancy of this shade, let me remind you of old-school Ariana Grande at the beginning of her career, but also Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and Lily Collins - to name a few.

    Flaming Ginger

    Step into a wild redhead fantasy with this gorgeously fiery and peppy shade. If you're the type of person that associates redheads to elves and adventures in snow and wood, this flaming hot type of shade will fulfil your need to escape reality and dive straight into a new world. Either that, or perhaps you're not into the eye-punching bright red and want to keep things a touch more natural. flaming ginger hair is the key to a kickass coppery look as seen on Emma Stone and Isla Fisher, well-known cinema redheads who went unapologetically bright with this daring, flashy hair colour.  Flaming Ginger hair extensions are the perfect way to add volume to your red hair, or to pair rockstar-worthy touches of light to naturally dark tresses.

    5. Conclusion:

    Being a redhead doesn’t stop at dyeing your hair red: it’s a lifestyle! Red hair is highly demanding, and you will probably need to adjust a few things here and there, such as making room for new makeup and clothing colors. Make sure you keep on top of your maintenance routine with color-specific hair masks accordingly and ultimately… Enjoy the power of being a fierce, elegant and gorgeous redhead!

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