Top Tips: How To Fix A Bad Haircut

by BRENDA L. / 10. MAI 2022

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    We've all been there at some point (and if you haven't, you're part of a lucky elite): the bad haircut. Whether it's the result of some creative, DIY hair frenzy or your trust being put in the hands of an amateur hairdresser, you've been left with a bad haircut and you wish you could just grow it out overnight - but you know you can't. 

    For future reference, the oldest trick in the box is to always be very clear about what you'd like and the final result overall; a good hairdresser will be able to make all the adjustments necessary to take your photo of reference and match it to your face shape, traits, color and general preferences. 

    Length, shape, styling; all of these features have a huge impact on what a haircut looks like - so when in doubt, don't be afraid of speaking out. Hairdressers are not mind-readers. If you couldn't find the right words and the scissors already did the damage, don't worry - I've got your back! Thankfully,  bad women's haircuts are much easier to fix and conceal compared to men's haircuts gone bad. Are you a victim of a haircut disaster? Read on to learn how to make the best of a bad hair situation.

    How To Fix A Bad Haircut: Tell Someone, ASAP!

    When the hairstylist says “so what do you think?” and you are horrified, don’t say “fine” if it isn’t. First of all, this might be your only chance to tell your hairdresser where and how the final result looks wrong, and get them to make any adjustments you may request.

    Also, you can use this opportunity to ask for styling tips on how to try and manage your new cut at home. If you were clear and it really was their fault, then they will more often than not fix the problem for free. Remember: this is not a moment to stay silent; just politely explain what the problem is or you will be kicking yourself all day (or more). Mark my words: don't try and fix it yourself with your kitchen scissors!

    How To Fix A Bad Haircut: The Waiting Game

    If you managed to get your bad haircut fixed there and then, good for you! Chances are it's probably still shorter than what you wanted. This is the beginning of what I like to call "The Waiting Game". Which is, if you ask me, one of the worst games ever.

    If you couldn't ask your hairdresser to fix your haircut and you went home with a haircut you hate, the worse thing you could do at this point is try and trim it yourself. The good thing is that with a cut, your hair grows healthier and with no split ends in sight. Sometimes looking for a silver lining is all you can do.

    In case the mistake happened with your bangs, the waiting game doesn't necessarily have to be painful: check out our guide on how to grow out your bangs in style.

    How To Fix A Bad Haircut: Make Do And Mend

    Changing the way you style your hair can make your haircut look completely different. And when your hair has reached that awkward length or you have a haircut that you hate, then that can be a good thing. If your hairstyle is uneven, then make the most of it. How about turning it into a relaxed, wavy beach style?

    Tousled ends are all the rage for the warmer seasons! Changing your hair’s texture can completely change the way it sits, so straightening it if naturally curly and curling it if naturally straight are also valid options. Why not incorporate clip-in bangs to revolutionize your look? Changing your make-up too can go a long way to help out with a bad haircut.

    Feel free to experiment and try to rock what you've got. You may find you actually really like your new cut once it is styled differently or you have dyed it a different color.

    How To Fix A Bad Haircut: Change Your Hair Color

    About changing your hair color: this might be the touch your new haircut is missing. You’d be surprised to see how an undesired hairstyle can completely change its look if you pair it with some strategically placed highlights or a totally different hair color!

    Lowlights, highlights, balayage… There are plenty of choices! If you’re not ready to fully commit to bowl, brush and bleach – consider hair extensions your new best friend – not only to revive your hair’s length and volume, but also to spice up your hair color and experiment with subtle highlights to blend in with your tresses.

    How To Hide A Bad Haircut With Hair Extensions?

    As I said before, if your haircut is just too short or simply too awful to handle for months, then there is another solution you should try: hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are a lifesaver when it comes to instant transformations. You can play around with them to add highlights, volume, and length - allowing you to change your hairstyle whenever you want in a matter of minutes. Perhaps you can't fix a bad haircut instantly, but if you ever wondered how to hide a bad haircut - then hair extensions are what you're looking for.

    By adding texture and width instantly, hair extensions is the perfect solution to make your hair feel (and look) like your own again. Choosing the right clip-in extensions means choosing instant gratification without long-term commitment - always go for Remy quality human hair extensions, and match it to your natural hair texture and hair color.

    Thinking of going for a more long-term option? Then consider tape-in hair extensions as your semi-permanent best friend. This type of hair extensions is the best for those that don't want to go for complicated and time-consuming installations such as nano-ring hair extensions or i-tips, but also don't want to put their hair on and off on a daily.

    Tape-ins offer you the best of both worlds with a temporary duration of circa 8 weeks, a wide range of shades. Not sold yet? Then let me also tell you that tape-in hair extensions are also the least damaging semi-permanent option!

    In Conclusion:

    From adjusting your haircut to changing your styling technique or adding a hairpiece, there are many different options to salvage a poorly executed haircut. If you need any more inspiration, feel free to check out these 2022 trendy hairstyles!

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