How To Grow Out Your Bangs In Style

by BRENDA L. / APR 22, 2022

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    At some point, you decided to get the big chop - and no, I’m not talking about a bob, which will grow out before you even notice. No, you got bangs instead.

    And don't get me wrong, they looked awesome for a while – a few weeks precisely, then you had to go for a trim. And then again, and then again. Until you noticed that, without styling, your bangs looked terrible.

    The coup de grace was given to you when you thought of summer: you imagined swimming in the sea or in a pool, and all of a sudden you get out, you go back to soak in all the sunlight and… Your bangs curl up, open in the middle, air dries all on one side. That’s a nightmare. But how can you grow out your bangs without looking like a cockapoo in the meantime?

    The “grow out phase” can be quite annoying, no matter if you had light, side-swept bangs or thick, blunt ones - but with the right accessories and a bit of patience, you can go through all the phases of the grow-out process whilst looking stylish. Let’s see together how.

    Have Patience

    Yes, unfortunately, this will be the biggest struggle. If you had the infamous “above the eyebrows” bangs, it may take up to six months of having a wonky quiff to deal with. It’s either this or keep them short forever. You choose.

    Accessorise Your Bangs

    Just because you decided to get rid of 'em, it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to show them some love. Especially this year, hair accessories have made a huge comeback, and they’re all of a sudden back in.

    The time for minimalistic hairstyles has come to an end, or so it seems. You can use accessories to mask your “I’m growing out bangs” stages. A few examples? Think of strategically placed bobby pins, snap clips and headbands.

    Cut Them Again… But Differently

    I know this may sound like something that goes against your goal but hear me out. If you go to your trusty hairdresser and tell them your intentions, if they truly want to help you, they will tell you that one of the most controversial but effective ways to start the process is to trust the scissors once again.

    This way you can cut your bangs in a shape that will help you blend them into your hair as they grow.

    Cover Them Up

    Here’s an option you may like; keep pretending you have bangs, whilst your natural ones grow out on their own.

    With clip-in bangs hairpiece you can keep on rocking this hairstyle on and off, whenever you want, without committing to the scissors for good - and without having to go through this growing out bangs phase or struggling with finding different ways to style them whilst they're growing out.

    Change Your Hairstyle

    You may want to ease the process by wearing the rest of your hair differently, too. One of the most common ways is to start wearing a side part, which slowly masks the appearance of blunt bangs into a side-swept quiff, minimising the “grown out” look.

    Braid 'em Up

    If you’ve been asking yourself how to style bangs that are growing out, let me tell you a secret. One of the easiest ways to hide them is to incorporate them in Dutch braids! To prevent little spikes and flyaways, glue your tresses together with pomade as you braid them.

    Get That Texture

    Remember how I said that you may want to start wearing your hair differently as you deal with outgrown bangs? Well, there are a few steps that you can follow if braiding your hair every day is not an option and you’re not exactly a fan of the side part.

    First things first, think of tousled hair as a potential look. Sea-salt spray might just be what you were looking for and you didn’t know it; it can pimp up your regular hairstyle and give you a newly found beachy look whilst you grow out your front hair.

    Once your bangs have grown out enough to be properly styled, you can also look into turning them into a gorgeous pair of curtain bangs, a timeless look sported by many celebrities over time.

    Finally, another option would be to layer the rest of your haircut and temporarily ease your growth into a hair shag. Stars like Zendaya and Taylor Swift have both worn it with great results, and so could you - after all, it’s one of the most popular hairstyles of 2022!


    It’s a long process for sure but have faith: your hair will grow on its own, so all you have to do is to get creative in the meantime. If you want to accelerate the process, make sure you’re eating the right foods to support your hair’s natural growth and keep it healthy with regular hair masks. And now? Wait!

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