Why Are My Nano Rings Falling Out?

by ABBEY WILSON / 24. MAI 2022

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    Nano Ring Hair Extensions are one of the newest and most discreet extension methods around today. Due to their minuscule size and gentle application, they are virtually invisible in even the finest of hair; however like everything, they do have one small disadvantage. Because of the tiny nanobeads and delicate application, they are slightly less secure than other methods, hence why they are also the least damaging. The good news is you can reduce the amount of slippage and fallout by following the correct aftercare. Read on to find out what causes them to slip and how to stop it!

    What are Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

    Nano ring hair extension

    Nano Ring Hair Extensions are the smallest and most discreet method of ring/bead extensions. The accurate name for the hair is actually “Nano Tip Hair Extension” but most people recognize them as Nano Rings which is why ours are named like this. They consist of a small pre-bonded individual strand of hair with a tiny metal tip at the top which fits snugly into a 2-2.5mm silicone lined nano bead.

    Below we have listed all the possible reasons why your Nano Rings may be slipping or falling out and how to avoid it in the future.

    Why do Nano Rings fall out?


    Conditioner image

    Conditioners and Hair Masks are an absolute necessity to ensure healthy and shiny hair extensions; however, if used incorrectly they can interfere with the keratin bonds and cause issues. When applying conditioner to the hair you should avoid the root area and the bonds of your extensions, stick to the mid-lengths and ends. If the conditioner comes into contact with the Nano Beads it can lubricate them causing the hair to slide out of the rings.

    Hair Brushes

    Hair brush image

    It is essential when wearing any permanent hair extensions to use the correct hair brush and tools. We recommend our Cliphair Detangling Brush which is specially tailored to be suitable for use with hair extensions. Brushes that have very fine teeth or bobbles on the ends of the bristles, like paddle brushes, can snag on the seams or rings and pull the extensions out. A hair extension brush for nano rings will have plastic spikes that glide over the attachments rather than catching inside the knots; they are far less damaging.

    Incorrect Application

    Nano ring application image

    The amount of hair that is put into the Nano Bead can have a big effect on them slipping out. If too much hair is put into the bead it will not be as secure and will eventually slip out as the bead cannot hold that weight. At the same time, you need to make sure there is enough hair in the bead or the ring will not be full enough to hold tight against the hair. This is why it is super important to have any professional extensions applied by a qualified extensionist as they are trained to know exactly how much hair needs to go into each ring size. By having your hair applied professionally you will also ensure there is no damage to your natural hair.

    Wrong Hair Products

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    As with all human hair extensions, you need to use specialized products that are sulfate and alcohol-free. Sulfates and Alcohol in hair products can be damaging to extensions even if they are made from human hair. These ingredients are cleansers that will strip away natural oils and residue from the hair, they can also degrade the keratin that your bonds are made from over time causing them to break or crack.

    Wrong Hair Type

    Hair type image

    Unfortunately, if you have a very greasy or oily hair type Nano Ring Extensions aren't suitable for you. Just like with conditioner, the natural oils will add too much lubricant to the delicate rings and eventually cause the hair to slip out. You can still use hair extensions though but we would advise Clip-Ins as they do not stay in the hair permanently.

    Wash It Right: Quench The Thirst: Deep Moisture Shampoo And Conditioner For Hair Extensions

    best shampoo for hair extensions

    When it comes to washing a precious investment such as nano ring hair extensions, you should never compromise on finding the perfect products. This is why Cliphair designed the Quench The Thirst haircare line: a 100% sulphate-free, paraben-free trio of shampoo and conditioner + the best hair mask for dry hair extensions that you’ll ever try. Tested and trusted by hair professionals, this trio works in harmony to rebalance the moisture levels in your tresses, taking care of your hair in the shower for flawless results.

    Infused with Shea butter – a world-renowned ingredient, popular for its miracle moisture properties – and other precious ingredients such as Baobab seed oil, rice proteins, fig extracts, coconut oil and silk amino acids, the Quench The Thirst hair care for hair extensions line works to replenish, rebalance, and revitalise your tresses with intense moisture, locking the hydration within your hair fibres for long-lasting shine and manageability, and transforming dry and parched strands into a perfect canvas for long-holding, flawless styling. What’s not to love? 


    How many Nano Rings should fall out in between applications?

    Like with all Micro rings extensions you can expect to lose up to 12-15 individual strands between applications. This is a normal amount of loss and nothing to be concerned about, with Nano bonds you can sometimes even expect to lose more.

    Can you dye your hair with Nano Ring Extensions?

    It is not advised to dye your hair when you have any form of hair extensions attached as it will degrade the attachments. Another risk is that the residue can gather inside the rings and cause irritation or infection on the scalp if not properly removed.

    How to sleep with Nano Ring Hair extensions?

    We advise to loosely braid or wear a low ponytail to bed with hair extensions. This stops the hair from matting and knotting when you move around in your sleep. It also leaves you with lovely, beachy looking waves when the braids are untied.

    What could be causing my nano rings to fall out?

    Nano ring extensions may fall out due to several reasons, including improper installation, using incorrect size rings, or applying too much tension during installation. Additionally, hair growth and natural shedding can also contribute to nano rings becoming loose over time.

    Can I prevent nano rings from falling out?

    Yes, you can take steps to prevent nano rings from falling out by ensuring they are properly installed by a trained professional using high-quality materials. Avoiding excessive tension on the hair and following recommended maintenance practices can help prolong the lifespan of nano ring extensions.

    What should I do if my nano rings are falling out frequently?

    If your nano rings are falling out frequently, it's essential to consult with your hairstylist to assess the cause of the issue. They can determine whether adjustments need to be made to the installation technique, or if maintenance practices need to be modified to ensure the longevity of your extensions.


    Understanding the reasons behind nano rings falling out is essential for maintaining the longevity and integrity of your hair extensions. At Cliphair, we provide premium nano ring extensions designed for secure and comfortable wear. Trust Cliphair to offer high-quality extensions and expert guidance to address any concerns about nano rings falling out.

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