Collection: Professional hair extensions I-Tip & Stick Tip Hair Extensions AAAAA Grade Online UK

For professional looking hair extensions, you need a professional product. Cliphair’s Pre Bonded I Tip Hair Extensions (also known as Stick Tips) are made with only the finest 100% Remy, Human hair held together with a keratin tip. Read More


Tubes or Rings: I-Tip Hair Extensions Can Be Applied With or Without Heat

I-tip Hair/Stick Tip Hair Extensions are keratin tipped hair extensions. Just like all of our pre bonded hair extensions this keratin is what holds the hair extension together. With Stick Tip Extensions the keratin isn’t melted to fuse into your natural hair; it only holds the hair strand in one piece. Read more

I Tip Hair Extensions need something to attach them to your natural hair, which can be done with or without a hot extension tool.

  • What are ‘Shrinkies?’: A strand of your natural hair is inserted through a shrink tube, which is then heat-shrunk to hold your extension onto your natural hair. Strong and durable, I Tip Hair Extensions applied with ‘shrinkies’ are easy to reuse.
  • I Tip Micro Ring Hair Extensions: A small metal ring is fitted over the Stick Tip Extensions and a strand of your natural hair is looped through. Using pliers, the micro rings are clamped tight to your hair, holding the extensions on, without needing any heat.

All of Cliphair’s Stick/I Tip Human Hair Extensions can be used with either method. Most often than not, this is decided by your stylist. Salon fitting is recommended for all pre bonded I Tip Hair Extensions, so speak to your hairdresser about the options. Read less

Real Human Hair for Simple Styling With I Tip Hair Extensions

I Tip Hair Extensions are a form of semi-permanent hair extension and could be in your hair for up to six months, so it’s important that they keep their shine and give you plenty of options for styling. Read more

All our I Tip Human Hair Extensions are made with pure Remy hair where the cuticle remains intact and all the hair flows in the same direction. This makes it easy to cut, dye and style so you aren’t stuck with only one look for six months straight.

  • Corkscrew Curls or Straight as a Ruler: Because Remy hair is real human hair it can be styled as you like it. Just keep the hot tools away from the stick tips!
  • Cut Back or Change Colour: Our Remy I Tip Hair Extensions can be cut and dyed, so there’s no need to remove or replace them for a major change of style.
  • Longer Lasting Locks: Stick Tip Remy Hair Extensions can last up to 6 months with the correct aftercare, only needing re-application or touch-ups at 8-12 weeks.

Browse our packs of 1g Stick/I Tip Hair Extensions and find your new hair today! Read less

Jet Black or Ombre Stick Tip Hair Extensions – Cliphair Has Your Perfect Shade

Before you buy I Tip Hair Extensions you’ll want to know that they can blend into your natural hair, and making sure the colours match is one of the most important steps. Read more

Cliphair offers a free colour matching service for just this reason! We even have Ombre and Balayage I Tip Hair Extensions for those who have already dyed their hair! We have a lot of experience with colour matching Stick Tip Hair Extensions in the UK, so you can buy with confidence. Whether you want ice blonde or ombre stick tip hair extensions, we’ve got the right shade for you! Read less

Professional Products for Professional Results with Pre Bonded Stick Tip Hair Extensions

While Clip In Hair Extensions have their advantages, you need to apply larger wefts at a time. With pre bonded I Tip hair extensions your hairdresser will take the 1g per strand hair extension, and attach it to a similar amount of your natural hair. Read more

This strand-by-strand method of applying Itip hair extensions gives your hairdresser a huge amount of flexibility when applying the hair, allowing them greater control as they blend together the pre bonded I tip hair extensions with your natural hair. With 50 strands per pack, using the I-tip pre bonded application method will take longer to apply. Often a salon visit will take around two hours, but the end result will be unnoticeable against your natural hair. Going strand-by-strand also gives you the choice to apply streaks and highlights for a multicolour head! Read less

Remy Stick Tip Hair Extensions Need Love Too!

Taking care of your Remy stick tip hair extensions can help them last up to 6 months, but because they are pre-bonded with keratin you need to be aware of the correct aftercare. Certain chemicals can damage the keratin bonds, causing slippage or even causing hair to fall out from your hair extensions. Read more

  • Hair Products with Harsh chemicals like sulphates and alcohol should be avoided as these can damage the strands of hair extensions, causing fraying and dryness.
  • Coconut Oil should be kept away from your extensions. Some stylists use coconut oil to help remove keratin bonded extensions, so while it has many uses for your natural hair, you should avoid it while wearing extensions.
  • Apply heat protection products while styling your hair extensions. As Remy stick tip hair extensions suppliers, we also stock a range of aftercare products to help keep them in top condition.

We don’t just supply I tip hair extensions in the UK, we have everything you need to make them last! Read less

Alternative Needs, Alternative Applications – More Than I Tip Hair Extension

Along with 1g Remy I-Tip/Stick Tip Hair Extensions, Cliphair stocks alternative methods of applying hair extensions. Your hairdresser may recommend you use U-Tip Hair extensions instead of I Tip Hair Extensions in the UK. Read more

Unlike I Tip Micro Link Hair Extensions, U Tip Extensions rely on heat-melting the keratin bond to stay attached to your natural hair. As with all of our pre bonded hair extensions you will need a professional hair stylist to apply them, so take their advice on what is best for your hair needs. Whichever route you go, you can find an option in Cliphair’s online store. Order your I Tip Hair Extensions today and get longer, thicker hair delivered all over the UK! Read less


How do you apply I-Tip Hair Extensions?

I-Tips are applied to the hair by threading a tiny piece of natural hair through a ring or tube called a micro ring, the tip of the extension is then inserted and the two are clamped together inside the ring. This gentle method involves zero glue and zero heat which makes them even easier to replace and reposition.

How many grams are in one pack of I-Tips?

Our Cliphair I-Tips come in packs of 50 strands, each strand weighing 1 gram. For a half head application which is enough to add volume and colour, 100 grams (2 packs) is enough. Too add more length we advise using 150-200 grams for a natural looking finish.

How long do I-Tips last?

Our I-Tips at Cliphair are made from top quality AAAAA grade, double drawn, Remy, human hair so they are extremely long lasting and cost effective. If looked after well and according to our care guide they can last from 6 months to a year and even longer in some cases. They will need to be repositioned every 6-8 weeks to synchronise with the natural growth of the hair.

What do I need to apply I-Tips with?

1g I-Tips should be applied with a 3-5mm micro ring or copper tube. Silicone lined rings are best as the silicone acts as a soft barrier between the hair and the ring, it also helps to grip onto the hair to prevent them slipping. You will also need a threader tool, pliers or a clamp tool and sectioning clips.

How many lengths are there in the I-Tips collection?

We have the 3 most popular lengths available in the I-Tips which are 18”, 20” and 22”. These lengths range from the mid back area down to below the bra strap.