Middle Length Hairstyles: 15 Trendy Hair Ideas For 2022

by BRENDA L. / JUN 21, 2022

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    Are you looking for a hair change? Sometimes getting your hair to match your vibe can be a little tricky - especially if your mane is still recovering from a big chop.

    Don’t worry, even if your hair is barely shoulder length - there’s still a lot you can do to switch things up. If you’re looking for some trendy middle length hairstyles to try, look no further - I have personally put together this collection of 15 medium length hairstyles for women to inspire you and give new life to your shoulder length hair!

    1. Medium Length Layered Haircuts:

    The Mane

    If your hair has gone a little past shoulder length but it’s still not there yet to be the long, flowy mane you’re dreaming of, you can still arrange it to look fabulous with the right haircut. You probably already heard of the wolf-cut, a more relaxed variation of the shag - now get ready for “the mane”, aka a 70s inspired wolf-cut that is all about volume (without getting too feathery!)

    The Collarbone Cut

    This hairstyle is the lovechild between a lob and the mane: shorter length, and just two layers. Usually paired with a deep side-part or curtain bangs, the collarbone cut is a classy yet peppy hairstyle that can be worn at any age.

    The Flip

    The flip haircut is a versatile, manageable haircut for those who hate compromises. Why? Well, if it can be styled literally with a flip, then it must be magic! This hairstyle isn’t too focused on layers themselves, but its focal point is on the middle part. It’s the perfect choice for those whose hair naturally parts in the middle, as it requires minimum styling.

    2. Medium Length Curly Hairstyles:

    The Afro

    With this retro revival it’s impossible not to think of the iconic 70s round afro - a magnificent display of naturally curly hair in both black women and men. This hairstyle isn’t just a fashion statement; the afro rose to fame as a symbol of black pride during the 60s. If your hair is naturally kinky and you usually keep it in braids, let it grow free for a change!

    The Shag

    Let’s be real, Zendaya didn’t make the shag famous - we probably owe that to some 80s rockstar! - but she made it look absolutely glorious as if a day hasn’t passed since we’ve been presented it the first time. Let me tell you a secret: nobody can rock a shag haircut like a curly haired person.

    The Rounded Lob

    This hairstyle, specifically designed for curly hair, focuses its volume and layers on the top and middle part of the hair, to create a “halo” effect with your curls. Not quite the long bob, not quite the afro - this face-framing hairstyle can be softened down with a light side fringe to avoid a “full moon” finish.

    For more on matching your face shape to your hair, read our article on 20 Medium Length Hairstyles Based On Your Face Shape For A Perfect Summer

    3. Straight Hair Hairstyles Medium Length:

    The Hi-Shine Lob

    This simple hairstyle is considered royalty within those who are rocking a medium length. Why is it so appealing? Well: it’s neat, it’s blunt, it’s silky. So easy to style, finish with a silk shine spray and voila - whatever the outfit, you will look like a rockstar. Don’t believe me? Then check out how many celebrities have worn this middle-parted lob!

    The 90s Lob

    Friends came out in 2022? Then Rachel would probably sport this modernised version of her homonymous haircut. Slightly layered but kept fairly sleek and topped by long, lived-in curtain bangs - this simple lob will keep things interesting - and mildly grungy!

    The Asymmetrical Lob

    I know, I know: Rhianna did this first! As the Y2K trends spark new interest on social media, the once-iconic asymmetrical bob evolves and lurks its way back to runways, Instagram feeds and more. If you’re looking to grow out a bob in style, why not give this a try before evening your edges out?

    4. Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs:

    Beach Waves And Curtain Bangs

    This is the ultimate, supreme summer look. Usually paired with a middle part, curtain bangs and highlights - this crimpy and wavy hairstyle is the perfect hairdo to channel your inner mermaid. It can easily be obtained by using a hair waver.

    Tousled Hair And Wispy Fringe

    The sophisticated bed-head aesthetic that you see on celebrities - the tousled lob with a wispy fringe. This look is the easiest way to look like you got ready in 5 minutes after a night out, but still “have it”. Perfect for a casual brunch, a day at the beach and drinks with friends. Ready to rock it? Grab your salt-water spray and start styling!

    Waves & Side-swept Fringe

    I always feel kind of guilty when encouraging people to use their heat-based styling tools, but there’s something so youthful and playful about a wavy medium-length hairstyle with bangs that I cannot describe any better - and yet, here I am recommending it to my readers.

    5. Braided Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

    The Double Dutch Braids

    There’s something so seasonally appropriate about double dutch braids - they fit every aesthetic, from the summer country-girl vibe to the winter wonder romantic outfit. The double dutch braid is an all-year-round classic, to sport with confidence. If you feel like you don’t have enough volume or length to pull off this hairstyle, you can always add a few strands of seamless clip-in hair extensions to your tresses (just remember to apply them horizontally!) to get the braids of your dreams. 

    Get more inspiration in our Braided Hairstyles blog.

    The Messy Crown Braid

    Crown braids are a timeless hairstyle, and it’s easy to see why. Also known as the milkmaid braid, this practical and gorgeous hairstyle tucks in your strands and ends, making it rank as a protective hairstyle. Did you know that you can also make a crown braid out of your old hair extensions?

    The Waterfall Braid

    This is literally the hair equivalent of “it seems complicated, but it’s actually effortlessly beautiful”. This easy hairstyle for medium hair is not only simple to recreate, but it will also have an effective stunner effect.

    6. Conclusion:

    These fifteen examples of trendy medium length hairstyles perfectly show how you can make the most of literally any length, whilst waiting for it to grow longer. And even if many people are hating on medium length hair, with the right haircut and/or the aid of perfectly matched human hair extensions you can prove them wrong, in style!

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