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If you have naturally curly hair, or just love to style your hair this way, our curly hair extensions can give you a boost of volume or give you extra length. Read More


Curly Clip-In Human Hair Extensions are Easy to Clip In and Take Out

The great thing about our range of curly human hair extensions is that they are so easy to use. Even if you aren’t great at styling your own hair, our clip in hair extensions come already styled and after some practice, you should be able to add your clip in curly hair extensions in a matter of minutes. Our website has loads of tutorials, or you’ll find many videos on YouTube that show you different ways to use and style our curly hair extensions.

The clips are already attached to our curly human hair extensions, which means they come out of the pack ready to use. Each clip-in curly hair extension set contains a total of eight wefts. If you have been wanting to try curly hair extensions, this curly clip in hair is the perfect choice for beginners.

Wanting extensions that last longer? If you’ve got a special event coming up like a holiday, our tape in hair extensions may suit your needs. You simply take them to a salon to be professionally fitted, and with the right care, they last for up to 6-8 weeks before needing any maintenance.

Curly Clip in Human Hair Extensions can be styled lots of ways

There are a lot of ways you can style our curly clip in hair extensions and they can be worn by people who have natural curly hair, or those who’ve curled their hair using a heated wand or curlers. Our curly clip-in human hair extensions enable you to style the extensions in the same way you would with your own hair.

Our curly hair extensions in USA are popular for both those who like to wear their hair up or down. If you love having long, swishy hair, our range of cheap curly hair extensions are ideal for when you want to let your hair down and party, with lots of lengths available. Planning a stylish updo? Curly hair is ideal for pinning in all sorts of styles, and our curly clip in human hair extensions give you more hair to work with.

Some curly updos to try using our curly clip in hair extensions include:

  • Messy Bun – an easy everyday look
  • Messy Cascade – this look involves piling hair on your head and letting some of it flow freely
  • Side Twists – ideal for gently wavy hair, this style involves braiding the sides then tucking the ends at the base of your head
  • Braided Bun – this can be done in many ways, from braiding the sides of your hair, to wrapping a braid around the base of your bun
  • Sock/ High Bun – a bun that’s worn high on the head, this can be neat and formal or in a freer style
  • Low Bun – a low bun is perfect for curly hair, especially if you create a vintage-style side bun

Chignon – curly hair looks great in a classic chignon, and is a popular look for weddings and special occasions

Use Curly Remy Human Hair Extensions When You Need More Volume

Hair extensions aren’t just used for additional length, our curly Remy human hair extensions are ideal when you need extra volume and lift. Some women with curly hair find a hair extension set stops their natural hair from looking flat or thin. We have 3 hair curl patterns to choose from, including hair curl patterns (3A, 3B, 3C) and a deep curl set, so you can find the one that most closely resembles your hair for a natural look. Take a look at our curly Remy human hair extensions when you are trying to add more volume.

Human Hair Curly Extensions Come in Many Lengths

Every woman has an idea of the perfect length of hair for them. That’s why we offer our human hair curly extensions in many different lengths, including:

  • 14 inch (110g) – this sits on the shoulders for a classic, day to day look.
  • 18 inch (120g) – sitting on the shoulder blades, this length is ideal for special. occasions
  • 22 inch (130g) – a great length for a dramatic look, these extensions reach past your shoulders.
  • 26 inch (130g) – reaching down your mid-back, this length is ideal for complex updos or for when you want some serious length.

When you buy human hair curly extensions, you should remember that these are made with Remy human hair. Therefore, extensions with a tighter curl will appear a couple of inches shorter than loose, wavy curls, so keep that in mind when choosing your length. You may want to opt for a longer length than usual to get the look you want.

Use Our Colour Match Service to Find the Perfect Hair Extensions for Your Curly Hair

When you’re choosing hair extensions for curly hair, it’s important to get a set that’s the perfect match. That’s why we offer a color matching service so you can find your perfect colour. Whether you’re looking for black curly hair extensions or blonde curly hair extensions, we offer many different shades to match your natural hair. We want you to feel like your extensions are part of your own hair, so if you’re unsure which hair extensions for curly hair to buy, use our colour matching service to ensure you get the right look.

Real Curly Hair Extensions You Can Add or Remove When You Like

While having long, curly hair looks amazing, it can be impractical to have this style day to day, especially when you’re at work, the gym or just doing day to day stuff. Our real curly hair extensions are easy to fit whenever you like, and you don’t have to keep them in all the time.

Our real curly hair extensions are popular for special occasions and for those who like to wear their hair longer from time to time. Our curly clip in hair extensions in USA look natural and give you the look of salon extensions, without the cost or hassle.

Buy Hair Extensions for Curly Hair From a USA Seller

When you’re looking for natural curly hair extensions; you can find them at Cliphair. With a free colour matching service, fast dispatch and much more, we offer excellent customer service and the best quality curly hair extensions around.


What Are Curly Clip In Hair Extensions?

Our Curly Clip-In Extensions are made from permed, human hair that’s made into 8 different sized clip in pieces. The curl pattern is similar to a tight ringlet which works in many different hair types and matches to naturally tight curly hair.

How To Wash Curly Clip In Hair Extensions?

Washing curly hair extensions is similar to normal clip-ins however the drying process is slightly different. Always brush the extensions before washing them and use only sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. After washing give the clip-ins a gentle comb through and scrunch in some curl cream whilst the hair is still wet and allow to air dry to prevent flattening the curl. For more details see our blog “Curly and wavy hair extensions: dos and donts”

Do Curly Hair Extensions Stay Curly?

Human curly clip in hair extensions will slightly drop with each wash, this is why its best to only wash the extensions every 12-15 uses or when absolutely necessary. To encourage the curl to bounce back into shape, after washing scrunch the hair with some curl cream and allow to air dry naturally.

Can You Straighten Curly Hair Extensions?

Its not advised to straighten curly hair extensions as they have already been coloured and permed which can make them feel slightly drier in texture. Adding heated tools to an already delicate hair extension can cause further dryness and decrease the quality, the heat will also reduce the tightness of the curls. If you would prefer to switch up the style on your clip-ins we would advise getting straight extensions like the double weft or the seamless clip-ins.

Who Are Curly Hair Extensions Most Suitable For?

Anyone! As they are super lightweight they are safe to use on thin and fine hair to add length or volume. For thick hair we advise using 2 sets if you are adding lots of length.