Twisted Ideas: 15 Braided Hairstyles For Summer

by BRENDA L. / JUN 6, 2022

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    Some people naturally like to braid their hair, some others do it for cultural reasons, and some people resort to braided updos and such mostly when the temperature rises.

    No matter what category you belong to, you may want to look into new braided hairstyle ideas to show off your locks this summer! As per usual, you know I got you. Here’s a list of 15 cute braid ideas to try this season, regardless of your hair type!

    1) Braided Hairstyles For Short Hair

    If you decided to chop off your tresses last year following the 90s bob trend, don’t fret - there’s still hope for you to braid your hair and get that cute hairstyle you’ve been longing for this summer.

    Braided Tendrils

    If the majority of your hair is too short to allow you to braid it properly, you can still get these flirty, trendy braided tendrils (as seen on tv)!

    This style made its way to us all the way from the early 2000s, and since the Y2K aesthetic has been taking over, chances are you’ll be one of the most fashionable beauties at the party!

    Braided Bangs

    Whether you’re trying to grow out a fringe or simply want to get a different look for a day, braided bangs could be a true life saver. Easy to achieve, this look is perfect for a cheeky but subtle temporary makeover. If you want to Instantly achieve bangs try our clip in fringe hair extensions

    Side Braid

    The side braid is a simple way to let your hair scream: “It’s summer, and I’m ready to party!”. You can keep it simple and add only one, or go more dramatic and set your hair in a couple of twin side braids over your ear.

    Half Up, Half Down Braids

    Braiding the top of your hair and letting flow the rest of it freely is a concept that the 90s used and abused. At some point, all the kids had rocked this hairstyle with colourful accessories such as butterfly clips and rubber hair ties. As the retro hairstyles make their comeback, this cute hairstyle makes a valid statement for an unforgettable summer. Read more about this beautiful hairstyle in our Top 15 Hair Extensions Hairstyles

    Dutch Braids

    The Dutch braid is the ultimate summer hairstyle, and even if you have short hair you can achieve it too. If you’d like to add some volume to make them stand out even more, try adding seamless clip-in hair extensions; fit them horizontally and braid them in with your natural hair. Voila! Summer hair goals.

    2) Braided Hairstyles For Medium Hair

    Medium length usually indicates a mane that is around shoulder length; it’s a good compromise between longer tresses that require a lot of attention and care, and shorter hairstyles - which may or may not be everyone’s preference. If you’re growing out a short haircut or simply like this average length, know that there’s a lot you can achieve with it - including these 5 braided hairstyles for summer!

    Top French Braid

    Some people simply don’t like exposing their face and neck too much, and any half-up, half-down hairstyle is their perfect match. This one in particular features a top French braid, that turns your regular “bump” into a classy and sophisticated ‘do.

    Braided High Ponytail

    Medium length-haired people often struggle with achieving a full, textured ponytail - and that’s where a clip-in hair piece comes in handy. With a clip-in ponytail you can create a braided updo that will leave everyone speechless - including yourself - in a matter of minutes. All in the comfort of your home! Alternatively, try this reverse braid ponytail. 

    Find out step by step how to create this gorgeous hairstyle in our How To Braid Hair Extensions 3 Popular Hair Braid Styles blog

    Double French Plait

    The double French plait is one of the most popular braided styles, together with their cousins - the Dutch braids. Easy and romantic, this hairstyle is the perfect choice for a beach date but also for a cheeky festival look. A must-try!

    Braided Space Buns

    Space buns are one of those hairstyles that seem to be designed for medium length hair. Youthful, playful and peppy - this cute look is not only a celebrities favourite (looking at you, Miley Cyrus) but also a popular, trendy summer hairstyle. Braiding the top of your hair to go towards the buns adds a sophisticated yet flirty touch.

    Waterfall Braid

    If your haircut is even enough to allow you to, you should definitely try to work out a waterfall braid in your mane. Simple yet extremely elegant and romantic, this hairstyle is so classy that it made it to the list of the top 10 braided looks that people rock at weddings and formal events.

    3) Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair

    Congratulations, you are part of the elite of people that managed to grow their tresses long and healthy over an insane amount of time and money spent in your hair care routine. I applaud you. But most importantly… I give you 5 stunning hairstyles to try on your gorgeous locks. Thank me later!

    Fishtail Braid

    The fishtail braid became internet famous before it was cool. So it’s not surprising to see that hipsters and cool peeps around the world have tried it at least once. As the most popular festival hair trend, this cute plaited hairstyle has risen to the top loved braided hairstyles category and never left. Want to add drama? Incorporate hair jewels in your braid. 

    If you love the fishtail braid hairstyle then you'll love our Top 10 Fesitval Hairstyles to try in 2022 blog. 

    Figure 8 Braid

    This is one of the most complicated braided styles, but it’s so fierce and effective that it’s definitely worth a try. The figure 8 braid can be mixed with other hairstyles too, such as the French braid, to create incredibly visual, stunning looks.

    Crown Braid

    Also known as the milkmaid braid, this hairstyle originates in the Dark Ages to protect women from yet another absurd accusation of witchcraft - and to keep annoying tendrils and flyaways from their faces. These days, it’s a popular choice for those who want to achieve the “that girl” aesthetic, pairing it with long, loose skirts and sandals on a casual summer day.

    Braided Bun

    This hairstyle is not exclusive to summer days at all - matter of fact it’s an all year round favourite and a wedding events superstar! As length doesn’t always equal volume, you can make this big braided bun as dramatic as you want by adding single clip-in hair extensions as you braid your way in.

    Fauxhawk Braid

    If like me you love the punk aesthetic of a mohawk but shiver at the thought of a clipper coming close to your hair, then allow me to welcome you to the family of fauxhawks. By braiding your hair the correct way and focusing all your volume on the top centre of your head, you can achieve the same edginess of an undercut with the glamour of a trick braid.

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