Not For The Faint-Hearted: Deep Red Is Our Hottest Shade!

by BRENDA L. / SEP 15, 2022


    Caramelised apples. A sultry lipstick. Roses on Valentine’s day. A Taylor Swift’s album. Have you noticed that some of the best things in life are red?
    It’s no wonder that we wanted to include this punchy, romantic and electrifying shade in our flaming hot roster of human hair extensions. Say hello to Deep Red, the fiercest hair color in our red hair extensions category!

    1. Deep Red Hair Extensions: red, Red, RED! (back to index)

    We thought of the innate glamour of redheads and decided to give it some extra kick. This is how our Deep Red shade was born! Designed for those redheads who are not scared of standing out in the crowd, Deep Red brings the concept of redhead to the next level. Vibrant, metallic and punk-ish: welcome to the hottest shade ever!

    2. Deep Red Hair Extensions: Availability (back to index)

    You can now get Deep Red on the following types of hair extensions within our range:

    • Tape-In Hair Extensions
    • Double Weft Clip-In Human Hair Extensions
    • Clip-In Bangs Hair Extensions
    • Weave

    But let’s move onto who wears this shade, and how does it look in real life?

    3. Deep Red: Celebrity Color Match (back to index)

    Vivacious, peppy, romantic and adventurous: red is the color for people that reject labels, break the mold and naturally stand out. Rebels, but also nostalgic and romantic souls embrace the redhead style with class and glamour by wearing their hair in the color Deep Red. A few examples? Think of actress Bella Thorne, or singer and businesswoman Rihanna.

    4. Deep Red Hair Extensions: The Perfect Hairstyles (back to index)

    There are many ways that you can wear your hair extensions in, and ginger shades in general do work really well with braided hairstyles and waves, for example. Let’s see three hairstyles that will bring Deep Red to life like no one else!

    Hollywood Waves

    This glamorous hairstyle sees your hair crimped in glossy, soft waves. It’s a beautiful, timeless classic that has been trending in Hollywood and the celebrity showbiz for a long time - hence the name! With this bright, vivid shade of red, Hollywood waves will stand out and give a diva effect that is going to be hard to forget.

    Perfect for: square face shape, oval face shape

    Mermaid Hair

    Mermaid waves are the perfect look for when you want to appear effortlessly put together; it’s a playful, flirty, yet classy hairstyle that keeps on giving (even when summer is over)! Perfect for a day out brunching with the girls, or a dancing night full of shenanigans. You can either bring your natural mermaid curls to life with a sea-salt spray for some serious texture, or play around with a hair waver. 

    Perfect for: diamond face shape, heart face shape, oval face shape

    Fishtail Braid

    The fishtail braid resembles a French braid in its smoothly woven appearance – however, it only divides the hair in two sections instead of three. It can be incorporated in any of the styles above (think fishtail pigtails, fishtail crown braid, fishtail messy bun…) and it’s been a timeless classic since ancient Greece. A deliciously crafted fishtail braid on a redhead gives a unique sense of authenticity with a warming, rustic and boho-chic vibe.

    Perfect for: oval face shape, round face shape

    5. Deep Red Hair Color: Trends (back to index)

    Red hair has its own, unique energy - you cannot simply just dye your hair orange. Being a redhead is more than that, it’s a true lifestyle and there are different aesthetics that you can try and embrace as a redhead. When it comes to trends, it’s hard to know if they’re going to work out well on our hair, especially if we recently changed our hair color, length and/or style. Luckily, there’s quite a few recent trends that will work wonders on bright red locks.

    Money Piece Hair

    Are you into chunky highlights? Then you will love this trend, coming back to us from the 90s queen, Geri Halliwell from Spice Girls. Geri has red hair, and bold face-framing highlights made the look quite iconic (so much that people are still wearing it thirty years later).

    Butterfly Clips

    I’m picturing: pale yellow and turquoise butterfly clips, in lovely contrast with the copper tone of your new hair. Think of them as a cute accessory for your half-up, half-down hairstyle - perhaps with the addition of a few crimped strands.

    Glass Hair

    When it comes to shiny, spaghetti-like straight locks, the glass hair trend is the perfect technique to follow for a sleek, classy result. Its effects are best known for making darker hair colors pop, and hair stylists such as Chris Appleton from Color Wow taught us that there’s something unique about sleek, silky straight dark locks. After all, there’s a reason he picked this style for one of the most famous women in America - Kim Kardashian herself. Read more about this on our blog: “What Is Glass Hair And How To Get It”.

    6. Deep Red Hair Extensions: Who Can Wear It? (back to index)

    This is always the one million dollars question: technically, the answer I would love to always give is “everyone can wear whatever they want”. Which is true, to an extent.

    Luckily, Deep Red is one of those universal shades that works well with any undertone!

    7. Conclusion: (back to index)

    Vivid, vibrant and punchy - Deep Red exceeds any expectation and by adding volume and length it will bring your red tresses to a whole new level of sass. What are you waiting for? Shop the shade now from our range.

    Not sure this is the colour for you? Then get in touch for a free colour-matching chat with our in-house hair experts.

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