Seamless Clip-Ins VS Double Weft Clip-Ins: Pros & Cons

by ABBEY WILSON / NOV 18, 2022

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    One of the main questions we get asked about our Clip-Ins is: “What is the difference between the Seamless and Double Weft?”. Although the finished look is almost identical after they are applied to the hair, the individual features and how they are made set them apart. In today's blog we will explain the pros and cons of each and who they are best suited for.

    1. What Are Seamless Hair Extensions?

    Seamless hair extensions are the most recent innovation of clip-ins. Rather than a traditional stitched seam, the hair is held together with a thin silicone strip that lays flat on the head. The seamless technology means the extensions are 3 times less likely to shed and tangle as the seam is much more secure than a delicate thread seam. At Cliphair, our Seamless hair extensions are made with AAAAA grade, double-drawn, human hair - making them super long-lasting and luxurious.

    2. What are Double Weft Hair Extensions?

    At Cliphair, our Double weft clip-in hair extensions are made with the original stitched seam which is then neatly covered with a lace strip. The double-wefted part means that there are 2 wefts of hair sewn together to make the pieces which gives a thicker finish than single-wefted sets like the Classic full head. Our Double Weft is made from great quality AAA-grade human, Remy hair.

    3. Seamless Hair Extension Pros

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    • Super discreet. Thanks to the thin, flexible strip that lays flat to the shape of the head they are the most invisible clip in hair extension. This makes Seamless extensions the best option for thin/fine hair.
    • Very robust. Because the hair is held together with a silicone strip it's far less fragile than lace and thread which can be broken when brushed, washed and handled.
    • Long lasting. As the seam is 3 times stronger than standard stitched clip-ins it’s almost impossible for the hair to shed from the seam which keeps the extensions thick on the ends.

    4. Seamless Hair Extension Cons

    • More expensive. Due to the better quality and longevity of these Clip-ins, they tend to cost more than the standard stitched products. Even though the initial purchase may cost more in the long run it could save you money as they do not need to be replaced as often.

    5. Double Weft Hair Extensions Pros

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    • More affordable. As the product uses the original stitching technique it costs less to manufacture making them cheaper than other silicone strip options.
    • Comfortable. The traditional, lace seam is very flexible and soft against the head which gives the feeling that you aren't even wearing extensions.
    • Thicker. As its 2 wefts sewn together, Double weft human hair extensions are thicker than single sets. The use of both wefts gives more volume at the root plus extra density through the ends of the hair.
    • Good for hair-ups. As the seam is so flexible it can be manipulated into many different shapes making it a top product to use to bulk out buns or ponytails.

    6. Double Weft Hair Extensions Cons

    • More fragile. The delicately stitched seam is more prone to damage than a seamless extension, it's often caught during brushing and washing which can lead to some shedding.

    7. Are Seamless Extensions Better?

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    Seamless Hair Extensions are the better option if you’re looking for very long-lasting clip-ins that will not shed or tangle too much. They are a great choice if you have finer hair and like to wear your extensions daily or quite often.

    8. Is Double Weft Better?

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    Double Weft Clip-Ins are a fantastic alternative to Seamless if you are on a budget. The overall finish is almost identical when applied to the hair however Seamless will last you longer. If you only wear your clip-ins occasionally, maybe only for special events, Double Weft stitched extensions are the most cost-effective option.

    9. Who Are Double Weft Hair Extensions Best Suitable For?

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    It’s no surprise that the Double Weft Full Head is our top-selling product at Cliphair. Not only is it super easy to apply and affordable, but it’s also a solid all-rounder that can be used on almost all hair types. The only times these clip-ins would not be suitable is if your hair is extremely thin/fine or if you are trying to add lots of length to a very short haircut. As the Double Weft has been around for so long it has the most variety of colors and lengths than any other product in our collection.

    10. Are the Clips Used On Double Weft Clip-Ins Different To Seamless Clip-Ins?

    No, we use the exact same clips on all of our products. All of the clips found on our hair extensions are lined with a small silicone layer, almost like a tiny pillow which protects the hair from catching or breaking.

    11. How Much Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Cost?

    Prices of clip-ins will vary depending on the color, quality, length, style, and weight. In short Seamless Extensions tend to be pricier as they have a longer life span than stitched options. Lighter colors and longer lengths will also have a higher price tag as they are more difficult to manufacture and use more expensive raw materials.

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