10 Adorable Flower Girl Hairstyles For Your Little Ones

by BRENDA L. / 13. APR 2022

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    You will probably agree with me on this one: the best way to keep children entertained at a solemn ceremony like a wedding is to get them involved. And what’s better than doing your daughter’s hair to get her ready to become a flower girl?

    As a flower girl, your little one will play an important role in the ceremony, accompanying the ring bearer down the aisle and, most importantly, adding the “awwww” factor to a wedding function. And just like finding a good hairstyle for the grown-ups that is suitable for a bridal event, looking for a good flower girl hairstyle can be a real pain. But don’t worry my dear reader: here’s a selection of 10 lovely flower girl hairstyles to try on your little princess for a special day.

    Loose Curls

    If your flower girl doesn’t have natural curls, you can resort to loose waves to change her looks for a special day. As you may want to avoid heat-based styling methods, try to resort to heatless curling techniques such as Velcro rollers or flexirods - then, when the day comes, loosen up those ringlets with the aid of a detangling hairbrush.

    Half Up, Half Down

    This is a timeless classic for anything remotely formal, but not exclusive to that environment. The half up, half down hairstyle works wonders on any type of hair with the right styling technique, and it leaves room to different hair accessories, braiding styles and curls. On children, this is also an effective way to keep their hair out of their face!

    Crown Braid

    This hairstyle, also known as the milkmaid braid, is one of the most elegant and effective braided protective hairstyles - suitable for many occasions and gorgeous on anyone, regardless of their age or style. When it comes to wedding hairstyles, the crown braid is a popular choice for everyone. Whether you’re going to be the one that walks down the aisle or have a daughter that is going to scatter petals all over it, the crown braid is a solid choice.

    High Ponytail

    Little girls are usually familiar with all sorts of ponytails, pigtails and braids, as they are all very cute and practical hairstyles that will help protect their hair and keep it out of the way when playing, studying, practising sports and more. If your daughter’s favourite hairstyle is a ponytail, you can turn her go-to daily ‘do into a fancy ponytail for a special occasion. From blending it in with a French braid to giving it tousled ends, the choice is yours!

    French Braids

    Okay, hear me out: two loose French braids, sealed by two cute little bows. Why not? The French braid is an elegant hairstyle that works with many different styles and is both classy and fierce on anyone. Like the Dutch braid, it quickly became a popular option for many occasions, including weddings, ceremonies and other formal events.

    Bow Pigtails

    This is an unusual but adorable hairstyle that I found whilst scavenging the depths of Instagram, looking for flower girl hair inspiration. If curling is a no-go and braiding is not your favourite thing, two simple pigtails can suddenly become a quirky but classy hairstyle for your child to wear at a wedding party.

    Fishtail Braid

    The fishtail braid broke the internet a few years ago and peaked in terms of popularity on social media around 2015. Its peculiar look and versatility make it a popular choice for different types of events, in particular festivals and summer events or ceremonies on the beach. If you’re attending a summer wedding on the seaside, this may be a valid option - and if you’re a fan of hair accessories, know that it works really well with hair rings!

    Space Buns

    Space buns look adorable on anyone, and on a little girl scattering petals down the aisle? Absolutely adorable. This modern hairstyle was made popular on Instagram by e-girls during the golden era of Tumblr divas, together with glitter roots and feathered eyebrows. Its popularity skyrocketed when people started wearing them at music festivals and last but not least even stars like Miley Cyrus have adopted the look for their music videos and red carpet appearances.

    Classic Chignon

    When it comes to bridal hairstyles, the classic low chignon is a go-to hairstyle for many people - especially if they’re feeling particularly traditional and or practical. The classic chignon works on everyone, from flower girls to the mothers of bride and groom, and last but not least it’s also a popular choice for bridesmaids. It can be adorned by hair jewels or left as it is. As a last step to add some wow to the hairstyle shine factor, use some silky moisturising spray for a clean, polished finish.

    Hair Accessories Spree

    Not exactly a hairstyle per se, but you may be interested in letting your child’s hair flow freely and adorn it in style. From baby breath themed flower crowns to sparkling jewels, hair tinsel, hair rings and silky ribbon bows - the world is your oyster! Hair accessories work perfectly with both straight hair, curls, braided updos and loose waves. The perfect opportunity for your little one to feel like a princess!

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