10 Hair Extensions Tricks You Didn't Know About

by BRENDA L. / 13. NOV 2023

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    Having hair extensions can be a promising game changer in your hair care routine, giving your hairstyles that extra oomph factor that so many people long for. Thickness, length, volume, bounce, and all the glitz and glamour of big hair… But, what many people out there don’t really know, is that there are a few tips and tricks that can make any hair extensions wearer’s life much easier. Starting from the positioning of your clip ins, that can allow you yo create gorgeous updos and braids instead of sticking to bouncy waves and soft curls all the time, to how to achieve the perfect grip on your tresses when wearing clip in hair extensions. What is the best way to style one’s Remy hair extensions, and how to achieve a seamless blend even in short, blunt haircuts? Let’s see these and more questions answered in the following blog. 

    How To Blend Hair Extensions

    Achieving a seamless blend between your natural hair and extensions is not as hard as it may seem – and yes, it is essential to achieve that flawless celebrity-like look! First of all, make sure that hair texture, hair extensions type, and shade are all matching with your natural hair. You wouldn’t choose bulkier hair extensions that focus on all-round thickness and volume for thin, fine hair, for example. Last but not least, using a color matching service (complimentary with Cliphair) ensures that you can find the perfect match to your hair with no hassle! 

    Heatless Styling

    Human hair extensions, just like natural hair, are quite sensitive to heat and the damage it can cause. Learning a few heatless styling techniques can significantly improve the longevity of your hair extensions and make your life much easier (also sparing you the painful experience of having to deal with dry, brittle, matted hair extensions – or having to buy a fresh new set prematurely). Love those trendy beach waves but want to give your hair a break from heat styling? Try simple heatless methods such as the sock curls, wave makers, or flexirods. On top of that, if you wear permanent hair extensions, a timeless classic such as braiding your hair and extensions overnight will make you wake up with a flawless wavy hairdo.

    How To Get More Volume With Hair Extensions

    Craving extra volume? I know, that’s completely understandable. Doubling up on hair wefts can help you give your tresses a kick and boost volume and thickness in your mane, for the ultimate glamorous finish. Depending on your hair type and density, choosing options such as double weft hair extensions or even the pumped up ultra volume hair extensions can help you achieve that fuller, bombshell hairstyle you’ve been longing for.

    On top of that, there are many ways you can create the illusion of bigger hair, especially if you’re looking to recreate a glamorous hairdo for a night out, for example. Using velcro rollers is one of the preferred options, as more and more users are getting into this styling technique. You can read more about it in our dedicated blog: Curls For Days: The Ultimate Velcro Rollers Guide.

    How To Do A Ponytail With Clip In Hair Extensions

    Achieving a voluminous ponytail or an elegant updo can be done with clip in hair extensions too, in case you don’t have your wrap around ponytail hair extensions set yet. Applying your clip ins upside down is an optimal solution to hide the seams and attachments in your hair whilst boosting length and thickness that you can use for your designed hairstyle.

    Start by sectioning your hair at the nape of your neck, securing the lower part with a hair clip (or even better, using alligator clips!). Attach the clip-in wefts upside down, clipping them to the under-layers of your hair. This way, the attachments will stay hidden in your natural hair whilst giving you a boost and making your mane appear fuller, for that sophisticated finish that is perfect for occasion hairstyles and elegant updos. You can then use your favourite clips, scrunchie, ribbon, or whatever hair accessory you have in mind to finish the look and securely hold it together.

    Can You Add Colour To Your Hair With Extensions?

    Yes, that is something that you can do. Whilst you technically can’t completely alter the entirety of your look in terms of colour (the upper layers of your mane will always be visible, unlike with a wig where your whole head is covered), you can certainly add a pop of colour or even gorgeous highlights or lowlights. Experimenting with products such as balayage hair extensions is the best way to try on a new look without committing to bleach jobs that could potentially damage your hair, irreversibly. For a festival look, adding a dash of daring pink, sultry blue, or other funky shades to spice up your look can be done by using funky coloured hair extensions without committing to a shade that you wouldn’t necessarily be comfortable with full-time. 

    How To Use Hair Extensions For Braids

    When it comes to braids, adding volume and length can take your style to the next level – especially if you’d like to rock a set of waist-grazing Dutch braids, but your natural hair is barely making it past shoulder length. In this case a lot of people enjoy the versatility of switching from short to long hair whenever they’d like – and this is where discreet clip ins such as seamless hair extensions come into play. A lesser-known trick is to apply clip-in hair extensions horizontally along the braid line, so that you can boost your hair’s length and thickness for a flawless braid job without making the attachments too obvious.

    Start by creating a thin, horizontal part where you want your braid to sit, and then clip the extensions along this line. As you create the braid, the extensions become an integral part of the style, creating a thicker look. Whether you're going for a classic three-strand braid, a fishtail, or a Dutch braid, this horizontal application method will give it that extra kick for sure. Use braid milk or gel to hold it together and ensure a seamless blend!

    Placement Matters

    Proper placement and securing of extensions are key to a comfortable and natural look, but did you know that it can also be essential to craft more creative and editorial looks? Wearing a set of Remy hair extensions focusing on the center part of your scalp can be a great placement choice to create elaborate fauxhawks, for example. Wearing your hair extensions only on one side can boost an undercut, and so on.

    Be mindful not to attach them too close to the scalp, avoiding unnecessary tension and potential damage to your natural hair.

    Dry Shampoo Can Be A Lifesaver

    Washing your hair extensions too often can severely attack their lifespan and performance, not to mention that it may take longer than expected for them to dry. 

    Dry shampoo can be a great solution to extend the life of your hair extensions! Many dry shampoos nowadays have delicate, clean fragrances, and can boost your hair’s volume too. Using dry shampoo on your natural hair adds a little bit of texture that is just oh so perfect to give your clip ins that extra grip! I have listed some of the best dry shampoos in this blog: Top 10 Best Dry Shampoos And Why We Love Them.

    Nighttime Tips

    The ideal nighttime aftercare for products such as nano ring hair extensions and other permanent solutions is quite simple, and trust me – these simple steps are ideal to extend the lifespan of your precious hair, and have it looking luscious and healthy for as long as possible. Oiling your ends and mid-lengths with a specific hair oil will help seal the cuticles, whilst securing your tresses in a braid or ponytail will prevent tangling and matting. Last but not least, wearing a silk bonnet or investing in a silk or satin pillowcase will help minimise friction.

    Shape Your Hair Extensions

    Even if you’re wearing regular clip ins instead of professional hair extensions, chances are that you’ll need to trim them and adapt them to your current haircut – or at least, give them some shape. Take your hair extensions to a qualified salon professional to get this done, so that you can customise the length and style of your extensions to make them frame your face gracefully. This will not only ensure a seamless blend, but also give you an overall natural and polished finish! 


    Hair extensions are more than just a beauty accessory; they are a tool for self-expression and creativity - but there are many things that people don’t know about how to wear hair extensions the right way, and let me tell you: they’re missing out! By incorporating these 10 tricks into your hair extension routine, you'll not only enhance your overall style, but also discover new ways to rock your extensions and feel more confident in your change of hair. Whether you're a seasoned extension enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of hair transformations, these tricks are sure to help you step up your styling game to new heights.

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