20 Scary Cool Halloween Hairstyle Ideas To Slay Your Costume

by BRENDA L. / 24. OKT 2022

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    Have you been invited to the Halloween party of the century? Whether you’ll be attending with your girl squad or your significant other, if you’re still in need of some ideas for your perfect outfit, check out these fabulous Halloween costumes. What do they have in common? But a fabulous mane, of course.

    1. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Harley Quinn

    Love her or hate her, the Joker’s infamous girlfriend knows how to slay an outfit. Whether you’re going for a version more loyal to the comic book original or the one portrayed by Margot Robbie, all you need to slay the perfect Harley Quinn Halloween costume is your biggest smile, red lipstick, and blonde hair extensions to recreate the most iconic pigtails of Gotham City. You can also use temporary hair dye to give your hair the iconic pink and blue dip (be mindful, this type of hair dye may permanently stain your hair/hair extensions).

    2. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Morticia Addams

    Who doesn’t love a good old classic for Halloween? Morticia Addams is the ultimate Halloween icon when talking about cinema. If you’re feeling like going full-on goth this year, make sure you prepare your long, black tresses. Need more length? Morticia’s mane is infamously long and sleek, and you too can achieve this look by adding a set of clip-in human hair extensions in shade jet black. 

    3. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: The Plastics From Mean Girls

    Nobody said that scary has to be dressed in black or wearing a hockey mask, Friday the 13th style. Sometimes the most terrifying evil is a spoiled high school queen bee whose mission is to ultimately ruin your life. Grab your burn book and channel your inner plastic with a couple of friends. The iconic, sleek, blonde, straight Y2K hairstyle of Regina George is only one click away - check out our Barbie Blonde hair extensions range!

    4. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: The Riverdale Girls

    Perhaps Mean Girls isn’t your jam - then why not go as this other high school trio with a couple of trustee friends? Red like Cheryl Blossom, brunette like Veronica Lodge or blonde like Betty Cooper - what’s your style? You can easily recreate Betty’s iconic ponytail with our mini wrap-around ponytail hair extension. Now all you need is to order a set of Riverdale Vixens cheerleader uniforms!

    5. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: The Babysitter

    Samara Weaving’s performance as the babysitter has to be a pinnacle of talent and beauty in the history of contemporary slasher movies. If you love a good light-hearted splatter flick that doesn’t come in too pretentious, then you’re gonna love this one. And if you love a big curly blowout, then you will want to recreate Bee’s hairstyle from The Babysitter! Get your set of Remy hair extensions and check out our blog on how to curl hair extensions to get the most out of your Halloween costume.

    6. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Luna Lovegood

    Harry Potter’s loveliest, most-eccentric character has long, ice blond hair that is hard to forget. If your approach to the spooky season is quirky but gentle, then why not go as Luna Lovegood? Check in with your friends to recreate the ultimate Harry Potter group costume - and make sure you secure a set of Ice Blonde real hair extensions to get Luna’s long tresses. Someone has to find out if this house party is infested by nargles, no?

    7. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Hermione Granger

    If you’re a true Harry Potter nerd, then perhaps you’re keener on recreating Hermione’s curls for this year’s Halloween celebration. Gryffindor scarf? Check. Magic wand? Check. Hair extensions to recreate Emma Watson’s voluptuous and textured blowout? Errr… Almost. Come check out our range of red hair extensions to show this party what a mudblood is capable of.

    8. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman’s jet black hair is almost as iconic as her lazo (or her cheesy outfit). Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman gives things a kick with a luscious blowout, without missing out on the metal tiara. If you’d like your costume to scream “GIRL POWER” this is the halloween costume idea you have to try. You’ll feel absolutely incredible, guaranteed. But what about a superhero’s hairstyle? Ultra volume clip-in hair extensions make the thickest blowout. Try before you deny!

    9. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Wednesday Addams

    Maybe Morticia is not your jam, but what about her creepily adorable daughter Wednesday? As Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday is already the talk of the town (the show is coming out in November on Netflix), you’re still on time to show the world your version of the young Addams girl. The original Wednesday wears her hair in two extra long plaits and a middle part - an easy look that you can recreate with the addition of clip-in hair extensions, but Ortega’s look features a set of dark curtain bangs too. Want to give it a go? Then grab a pair of clip-in bangs to make the most of your Halloween costume without committing to your scissors.

    10. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Arwen Undomiel

    Are you a fan of the fantasy world more than horror movies and comic books? Then you’ll love to buy pointy latex ears and go as Arwen, Aragorn’s love interest and one of the most iconic characters living in Middle Earth. If you have a man to dress up as Viggo Mortensen, then you know you’ve already bagged that “best costume prize”. All elves of Lorien and Rivendell have incredibly long and healthy tresses - the perks of being a nearly immortal being, I guess - but if you haven’t exactly being following the Valar hair care routine then you can always get a set of clip-in hair extensions to recreate this look.

    11. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Daenerys Targaryen

    Is your fantasy style more badass than ethereal? Then Daenerys Targaryen - the Mother of Dragons - from the Game of Thrones franchise is the perfect Halloween costume for you. Not only you will have a range of embarrassingly cool outfits to choose from, but you will also have lots of very cool (and intricate) hairstyles to play around with. The infamously light tresses of a Targaryen make the perfect braided do.

    12. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Cersei Lannister

    Is a Targaryen’s blonde too much? Then go Lannister gold - you won’t regret it. Cersei might not have been the best queen in Westeros - and the incestuous affair surely made it even grosser than it needed to be, but one thing is guaranteed: she knew how to slay a braided updo. The Lannisters were famous for their golden, sandy blonde hair - reminiscent of the mane of a lion, which also happens to be the family’s banner. Check out our range of blonde hair extensions to find your perfect match.

    13. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Rhaenyra Targaryen

    You thought I forgot about the latest Targaryen that everyone is rooting for? Absolutely not. Princess Rhaenyra’s iconic hairdos have already been the talk of the town - so much that HBO’s official TikTok account has also released a couple of interesting tutorials. If you’re feeling brave, go full Targaryen with Ice Blonde hair extensions and lots, lots of patience to recreate the ultimate Iron Throne-worthy braided updo. Want to know more? Check out our House Of The Dragon hairstyles blog.

    14. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Claire Redfield

    Are you the gamer type? Then you’ll love taking inspiration from the iconic horror video game series, Resident Evil. The saga immediately became a sensation all over the world thanks to its intricate enigmas, zombies and evil corporates. Claire Redfield and her ponytail fight biological warfare all-year-round, but you can borrow one of her outfits for one night. Recreate this simple hairstyle with a clip-in ponytail hair extension in size mini!

    15. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Lara Croft

    This badass archaeologist’s hairstyle has probably made history as the most famous braid ever. Angelina Jolie’s version wants her outfit to be total black with a French plait on the back of her head and two tendrils left out, falling free on the side of her face. Whether you’d like to go full Angie or stay loyal to one of the multiple versions that appeared in the video game series throughout the years, rest assured Lara Croft will be the life of the party. Need some help to get that tomb raider-approved long braid? Then grab a set of clip-in hair extensions to incorporate into your mane.

    16. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Chun-Li

    Chun-Li is probably one of the most famous video game characters ever - so much that Nicki Minaj wrote a song after her, and various celebrities such as Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu-Pamyu, Korean MMA fighter Jenny Huang, and Russian bodybuilder Julia Vins also enjoyed dressing up as her. Arctic Monkeys also included a piece called “Chun-Li Flying Bird Kick” in one of their albums. But why is Chun-Li so popular? Well, not only she’s a total badass, but her looks have become such a sensation that 90s Chinese fashion was influenced by her as well. What's the First Lady Of Fighting Games' go-to hairstyle? A set of iconic space buns, of course.

    17. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Kitana

    There’s no way you can mention fighting games without talking about Mortal Kombat! Its viral theme song, the incredible character design and its infamously bloody graphics have made history throughout the 90s and early 00s. This video game was a nightmare for parents, probably second only to GTA San Andreas - and it’s easy to see why. Kitana is one of the best female characters, and her iconic black tresses can be arranged in a series of hairstyles seen throughout the series: braided updos, a sleek bun, or a gently waved blowout. Recreate her looks with the aid of natural black hair extensions.

    18. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Elsa

    If your Halloween celebration this year is all about letting it go, then who else better than Elsa can help you channel the right energy? Disney’s fiercest, independent, blonde ice queen has quickly gained popularity amongst fans. One of her best features? Well, besides her strong will and superpowers, I’d say her iconic side-plait. Check out our range of blonde hair extensions to freeze time when you step in at your local Halloween event!

    19. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Barbie

    As the new Barbie movie is going viral before even hitting the cinemas, why not go as Barbie herself? There are tons of Barbie ideas that you can get from her movie franchise - with plenty of ideas for you and your friends. Our Barbie Blonde hair extensions will be the perfect accessory to match your costume - and you can also play around to make a horror version of the iconic Mattel doll with fake blood and scary makeup. The world is your oyster!

    20. Halloween Hairstyle Ideas: Esmeralda

    Disney and long hair are a match made in heaven! If you have naturally dark tresses, have you considered going as Esmeralda? Her big curls and boho outfit will allow you to enjoy yourself on the dancefloor like never before - swirling in your extra-long skirt and your big, bouncy, curly blowout. Don’t forget to add the perfect pair of earrings to complete the look. Black hair extensions will help you get the curls you need to make sure your heart-stopping Esmeralda will look as real as it gets!

    21. Conclusion:

    I hope these 20 Halloween costume ideas for this year inspired you enough - need some extra accessories? Then remember to stock up on Cliphair heat protectant spray to protect your hair extensions when getting a curly blowout. And don’t forget your detangling brush for hair extensions!

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