Hair Hacks: Hair Extensions In A Ponytail? Yes Please!

by BRENDA L. / 19. JUL 2022

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    Every hair extensions wearer has, at some point, had the impellent desire to tie their hair up in a gorgeous, long and full ponytail. If you’re using clip-in hair extensions, chances are that putting your hair up in a ponytail is going to end up looking like a clippy disaster, with your hair attachments all of a sudden getting exposed to the public and becoming way too obvious. So, can you do a ponytail with clip-in extensions?

    1. How To Put Extensions In A Ponytail

    The short answer is yes, you can wear a ponytail with hair extensions - but there’s a few adjustments that you need to make. Let’s see together how to put clip-in hair extensions into a ponytail without making it undeniably evident.

    • Start by brushing your hair. Whether you’re going for a sleek ponytail or a puffy, messy, and chic one, it’s always best to work with untangled hair.
    • Focus on sectioning, as you would do with a half-up, half-down hairstyle.
    • Concentrate your hair extensions in a section of hair. To gain height, you can create a mini-ponytail as base for your hair extensions to hold onto.
    • Put that section up in a ponytail
    • Cover the attachments with the rest of your hair
    • Secure your ponytail with a scrunchie or hairband of your choice.

    2. What Are The Best Hair Extensions For A Ponytail?

    There are other options for you to create a ponytail with hair extensions and help blend your natural hair in with the added hair pieces.

    For example, did you know you can braid your ponytail and add single hair pieces to it to create more volume?

    If you’d like to spare yourself the hassle of applying single hair extension hair pieces to your mane, opt for a wrap-around clip-in ponytail and marvel at how this simple hair accessory will be a game changer for your style.

    So, in short, you can:

    3. Tips & Tricks To Achieve A Killer Ponytail

    How do you make your ponytail stand out? There’s no simple answer, but there are a few simple solutions you can resort to to step-up your ponytail game, depending on the occasion.

    • Texturize your ponytail: tousled hair is all the rage, and why shouldn’t this apply to a fierce ponytail? Using a texturizing spray, mousse or cream can help give your ponytail that extra kick that you were looking for. For more details, check out our style guide: how to get tousled hair!
    • Curl your ponytail: a soft, bouncy, and curly ponytail is the perfect, romantic look - either for a date or for a ceremony such as a wedding. Either way, this versatile aesthetic can be used for many occasions, and will always, always hit the right spot. You can curl a real hair extensions ponytail with the aid of a hair straightener. Check out our guide on how to curl hair extensions and how to curl with a hair straightener.
    • Puff your ponytail: a Y2K must, the puff ponytail is coming back. This look is all about looking big and fluffy, creating volume on top of your head in the fashion of a modern-day beehive.
    • Flip your ponytail: another early 00s look that crawled its way back to flood your Instagram feed. Made famous by the ever-trendy Bella Hadid, this retro-glam look is giving Barbie vibes. Best paired with a side part! Not too sure about that? Check out our blog on how to part your hair and find your perfect style.

    4. How Do You Style Ponytail Hair Extensions?

    Besides the ways you can style your ponytail hair extension by keeping it long and flowy, there’s other ways to get creative with this unmissable hair accessory. Let’s see together how many styles you can achieve with clip-in ponytail hair extensions!

    5. Messy Bun

    The messy bun is cute, classy and chic - but also boho and artsy. This hairstyle is an evergreen that you can rock on a hot, lazy summer day or on a cozy day-in during winter, in front of a hearty hot chocolate whilst warming yourself up in front of your fireplace. No matter what your aesthetic is, this hairstyle will never get old.

    6. Fierce Braid

    There’s a lot that a fierce, long braid can tell about someone. If you’ve ever secretly wanted to rock a hairstyle a la Lara Croft, then this is your sign to give it a try by using a wrap-around ponytail clip-in hair extension. Ideal for a night out but also for a beach day - to enjoy naturally-curly beach waves on the same night.

    7. Half-up, Half-down Ponytail

    If someone like Ariana Grande gave it a go, it must mean something. The half-up, half-down ponytail is an incredible hairstyle that looks flowy, youthful and romantic at the same time. If you love the idea of wearing a ponytail but don’t want to give up on a long, flowy mane then this is the perfect hairstyle for you! Get more inspiration from the queen of ponytails herself, Ariana Grande, by checking out our dedicated blog - Celebrity Lookbook: Ariana Grande.

    8. Bubble Braid

    Another hairstyle that comes from the past, the bubble braid is the closest you’ll ever get to Disney princess Jasmine. Trendy, playful and somewhat fierce - the bubble braid ponytail is part of the big Y2K revival we’ve been witnessing for the past year and a half. Superstars such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande all gave it a go - now it’s your turn!

    9. Sleek Ponytail

    Sometimes less is more - and Kim Kardashian knows it perfectly - have you ever seen her house? - hence her love for the sleek ponytail, worn either high or low.

    Low-key and shiny, this silky look keeps things simple and orderly and allows you to focus on breathtaking outfits and fearless make-up (another good example: Julia Fox and her bold eyeliner!). Want to know how to make your hair shine like glass for the perfect sleek ponytail? Then look no further than our guide on how to get glassy hair.

    10. Conclusion:

    No matter what your idea of a ponytail is, with real human hair extensions you can achieve incredible and natural results in a matter of minutes. Real hair extensions can be arranged and styled to switch things up according to your mood, your aesthetic and the occasion. Get your clip-in ponytail hair extension from our range - available in 3 lengths and over 60 shades, this simple hair accessory will make you say goodbye to bad hair days forever.

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