The Top 10 Strawberry Girl Aesthetic Hairstyles

by BRENDA L. / 22. AUG 2023

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    Taking inspiration from beauty queen Hailey Bieber, TikTok is back at it again with yet another trend: the Strawberry Girl Aesthetic. Yep, you heard that! Move along, Vanilla and Latte, It’s time to glow with the rosy tones of summer fruits, thanks to the whimsical vibe brought by Strawberry girls.

    But what is the Strawberry Girl Aesthetic exactly, and most importantly: how to achieve it? Let’s have a look together. 

    The Strawberry Girl Aesthetic In A Nutshell

    Glazed, glossy complexions accompany slightly reddened lips and “sunburn effect” blush, but it doesn’t stop here. Implementing elements from balletcore and coquette, the aesthetic blends in delicate, rosy tones and colourful, bright red hues for a fun, lively, and vibrant finish. Think of it like the peppier sister of cottagecore, reminiscent of open-air picnics, walking barefoot in your backyard, and a vintage Americana feeling. Makeup is minimal, preferring the no-makeup-makeup style that favours cream blush, rose-gold highlighter, rich lip oil and strawberry  or blush-tinted lip stains. Fashion happily welcomes gingham prints, knitted goodies in rosy, red, and neutral tones. But what about hair?

    Strawberry Girl Aesthetic Hairstyles

    The perfect hairstyles to channel the whimsical, hopelessly romantic Strawberry Girl vibes are rich in waves, soft curls, long and free-flowing lengths, delicate tendrils, and voluminous plaits that you can boost and create by using clip in hair extensions. Let’s see them together:

    Floral Crown Braid:

    Flowery details and crowns are the perfect accessory for the Strawberry Girl ready to take over the world with her romantic, gentle, and almost fairy-like energy. Adorning your hairstyle with dainty flowers (even better if in the tones of pink or red) will make you scream “Strawberry Girl Aesthetic” without even trying! They can go on a set of softly curled Ultra Volume hair extensions for a glamorous, bombshell-like hairdo, or an expertly crafted milkmaid braid. 

    Half-Up Space Buns:

    This dreamy hairstyle presents itself as a mix of sophistication and playfulness: no wonder it’s one of the most popular festival hairdos! Soft, dainty buns paired with half-down, flowy lengths will help you achieve an ethereal, delicate, and feminine vibe that will work wonders with your Strawberry Girl Aesthetic outfit ideas. For a carefree, playful finish, top it off with cute little accessories – such as strawberry-themed hair jewellery or a cute pair of small statement earrings. If you miss the right amount of volume and thickness in your tresses to pull off this look, you can always resort to products such as Seamless hair extensions to achieve a fuller look even if half of your hair is up!

    Baby Doll Pigtails:

    Pigtails are a popular choice for the coquette style aficionados, and it’s easy to see why. Not only are they incredibly easy to recreate, but they are universally flattering and can be styled in so many ways! Wavy, curly, sleek, accessorised, braided… You name it. Clip in hair extensions provide an excellent solution to those whose hair isn’t long or thick enough to bring two full, voluminous pigtails; then, you can style them in soft waves or bouncy curls for a glamorous, sophisticated finish. Channel your inner doll with this adorable, timeless classic!

    Ribbon-Tied Ponytail:

    Upgrading your ponytail game sometimes doesn't require much effort; for example, by adding a soft ribbon tie you can elevate a simple ponytail and turn it into a deliciously retro, romantic hairstyle in no time! Using a wrap around ponytail hair extensions set will make sure you make the most out of a ponytail hairstyle, gifting you with a voluminous, silky, and shiny hairdo that you can personalise with a cute ribbon for a vintage finish.

    Messy Milkmaid Braids:

    The milkmaid braid – sometimes also called the crown braid – is a popular hairstyle tracing back to mediaeval times. Nowadays it’s mostly seen on hipster girls and fashion addicts, but a Strawberry Girl knows that its power doesn’t stop there at all; in fact, it can be adapted to so many different styles! Wearing it slightly unkempt with loose tendrils or hair jewellery will make an incredible contribution to your whimsical aesthetic; you can also curl your tendrils for a furtherly romantic finish. Ideal for casual gatherings and afternoon strolls, but also a date night or a brunch day with your friends.

    Soft Waves With Hair Pins:

    Creating soft waves and bouncy curls has never been easier. Sure, it requires some time and patience, but the results are swoon-worthy, guaranteed! You can do this in multiple ways; check out our dedicated blog “How to Get Heatless Curls in 12 Easy Ways” to find out how to do it without damaging your hair. Last but not least, you can always add human hair extensions to give that extra “oomph” factor to your mane, and finish your brand new hairdo with themed hair pins and clips. You can opt for rose-gold metallic accents or, why not? Strawberry-shaped ones, to name two!

    Cute Headband:

    Channel your Strawberry Girl vibes with a themed headband or bandana. This type of hair accessory is a must not only to look super glamorous, but also to protect your Remy hair extensions and your scalp from the sun, the wind, and other damaging factors. And they aren’t a fashion accessory just for the summer – they work all year round! 

    Side-Swept Bangs with Loose Curls:

    Want to try bangs? Perhaps you don’t feel like committing to a big chop yet, or perhaps you wonder if you’d look good in it. What if I told you there’s a way for you to experiment safely and switch from one hairstyle to another? Clip in bangs (also known as a clip in fringe) are the perfect way for you to change your look in a matter of minutes, wait, even seconds! At home, at the office, wherever you’d like: pop it on and you’re good to go. Romantic and delicate, a side-swept bangs style can soften your features and enhance some others.

    Voluminous Bubble Ponytail:

    For the Strawberry Girl that wants to channel a fiercer, artsy vibe: what about a gorgeous bubble ponytail? This hairstyle can easily be achieved by using a wrap around ponytail hair extension and a set of hair ties. Pull each section a little to boost it with volume, giving it that bubbly finish, et voila – you’re all done! Bubble ponytails can be adorned with flowery accents, small hair clips, or you could also implement a few strands of hair tinsel to give it a shiny, playful finish. Whatever works for you. 

    Messy Bun:

    Last but not least, the messy bun is a must for all these delicate, artsy aesthetics. Like the Latte Girl and Vanilla Girl, the messy bun works to give you that effortless, slightly undone and laid back look, giving you an easygoing aura that is very much in theme with the rest of this style. You can make it yours by pulling your hair up in a bun and securing it with a hair tie or your favourite scrunchie – don’t bother making it look too put together. Matter of fact, the more tendrils you leave out, the cuter it looks. 


    The world of a Strawberry Girl is made of the sweetest things in life, and takes elements from nostalgiacore, vintage Americana, Barbiecore, balletcore, cottagecore and coquette – allowing you to explore the more stereotypically feminine aspects of beauty, makeup, hair and fashion. From floral crowns to messy buns adorned with scrunchies, big fluffy plaits and gorgeously accessorised ponytails, these hairstyles will help you channel your Strawberry Girl Aesthetic in an easy, glamorous and stylish way!

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